Gothic fonts are one of the most iconic types of fonts, as they have been there from the start yet are still popular. Normal fonts manage to remain popular for a short amount of time, while Gothic fonts are in the same position as they were centuries ago, which easily explains why they are so good. However, since they are this popular, it’s guaranteed that the internet will show you a variety of Gothic fonts when you look for them for your projects.

And during that search, you may even cross paths with terrible Gothic fonts, which may ruin your mood and waste your time. That‘s why we have already done this work, and today we are introducing you to the best Gothic Canva fonts. Feel free to use them for aesthetic purposes, logo designs, or fun projects, as they are good enough to work well just about everywhere!

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10 Best Gothic Canva Fonts

Here’s a list of 10 medieval gothic fonts on Canva ready to help you with your upcoming projects. So, check out each to make sure you don’t miss out on the best ones.

1. UnifrakturMaguntia

Let’s start off with a stylish Gothic font, which is known as the UnifrakturMaguntia and was designed by J. “mach” Wust. It’s a bold display font with a really charming design that can remind you of medieval writing or traditional blackletter writing. So, if you are someone who enjoys using ancient or retro fonts, then you should go for it. From designs to visibility, everything about this font is perfect, which can allow you to produce many quality designs with ease.

2. Obra Letra

Need something a bit different than the original blackletter design but still with a Gothic vibe? If yes, then check out Obra Letra by Lorenzo Martinez! It’s a modern Gothic font with a clean and sharp design, so it can fit well in this modern era because not all vintage fonts attract attention nowadays.

Thanks to its clean design, Obra Letra is an ideal pick for designs like logos, headlines, and advertisements. It’s also a good pick for lyric videos because of its fun design, so do not miss it at all!

3. Rakkas

Rakkas is another decent, bold display to add to the list, which is designed by Zeynep Akay. A surprising fact about this font is that it supports two languages, which are Arabic and Latin. Both versions have their own style; the Arabic version is based on Egyptian typography, while the Latin one focuses on a blackletter design, which makes it a perfect pick for gothic designs. Also, since this font is made for display, use it for flyers, packaging, posters, and t-shirts.

4. Copperplate Gothic 30 BC

Looking for something simple? Then why not try out Copperplate Gothic from 30 BC? It’s probably the most simple medieval font on Canva because both its design and style have decided to remain as minimal as possible. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any gothic features at all; if you look at the ends and edges of this font, you can easily see the dark and edgy style seen in every gothic typeface.

5. Halja

Gothic style is often used for tattoos, and if you like that, then here’s Haljia by T-26, a geometric gothic typeface that is known for its tattoo-like design. It’s bold and good for displaying works like t-shirts, print work, and labels. But if you need a good tattoo font, then you can consider using it too, since it’s based on tattoo designs after all. This font has one more version known as Halja Illuminated, which is just a more stylish and fancier version of this font.

6. Blak

Need more fancy Gothic Canva fonts? Then here’s bLAK! It’s a gorgeous and modern Gothic font that can even be considered a techno typeface because of its advanced designs. Though it has a unique design, it still has decent readability, which makes it a great choice for any project like a logo or advertisement.

Not everyone likes the retro look of Gothic fonts, and that’s okay; feel free to use Agents as it’s just the most advanced version of your favorite style.

7. Doppler

Liked Agents? If yes, here’s Doppler, another modern blackletter font ready to bring back the gothic trend in a new style! It was designed by Jorge Mercado and is inspired by urban life. Doppler has an amazing design that looks really suitable for many modern designs, so whether it’s a business logo or an advertisement, you can easily make it look cooler with Doppler.

Lastly, this font looks good in black, but trying out different color combinations can make it look even more vibrant.

8. Celandine

The modern Gothics haven’t ended yet, as we are introducing you to another Gothic Canva font known as Celandine. It’s designed by Emyself Design, and rather than a stylish look, it has focused on being simple and minimal. However, even with this simplicity, it looks exquisite and would be a perfect fit for many feminine designs. Normally feminine designs don’t use gothic fonts, but Celandine is an exception, so try to use it for your fashion brand logo.

9. Engravers Old English 

After taking a look at all these modernized fonts, let’s jump into the past to check out fonts like Engravers Old English! It’s a vintage black letter font that is inspired by the writing of the medieval era. This writing was used almost everywhere in the past, from letters to schools to shop logos. So, if you are someone who thinks retro designs should come back, then Engravers Old English is ready to work with you!

10. EFCO Brookshire

Last but not least, EFCO Brookshire is one last font you must check out, as it’s not only gothic, but it’s vintage, stylish, and romantic at the same time! It’s designed by Ephemera Fonts and will remind you of lots of shop logos from the 1990s. It’s true that shops don’t use such logo designs anymore, which is why using them for projects like posters and signage would be a great idea.


Ancient or modern-era Gothic fonts are always good. They never go out of style and always come with iconic designs that can attract lots of attention. Therefore, don’t forget to try out the medieval fonts on Canva we have mentioned in this article. Their amazing designs and styles can help you create some astonishing designs.

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