Black metal fonts, inspired by heavy metal music and horror design, are aggressive and violent-looking typefaces. They have gained popularity since the early days of rock music because of how well they represent heavy metal music. But they didn’t limit themselves to the music industry; their rugged and distressed designs were so perfect that they gained fan bases even in the horror industry.

This is why even in today’s modern world, they aren’t forgotten and aren’t dethroned from the title of one of the best fonts.

The best part about these fonts is that they add a dark and strong vibe to your design, which is extremely important for heavy metal music or horror design.

Furthermore, a surprising fact about these fonts is that they are the best choice when you want to add a perfect brutal font because their dark and aggressive looks can surpass even the scariest typeface.

In this article, we will go through some of the best death metal fonts available on the internet. Feel free to use them for your heavy metal music album design, horror art, and Halloween decorations!

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What are Black Metal Fonts?

Black metal fonts, also known as dark metal fonts, are a group of typefaces that usually have aggressive, dark, and strong aesthetics. They are easy to recognize as they have characteristics like rugged and distorted looks.

You will often notice these fonts have sharp and angular edges and outlines, which helps them stand out from the rest of the crowd. They may also represent Gothic culture and have bold and heavy shapes. But unfortunately, they always don’t have the best readability as their purpose is only aesthetic.

10 Dark Metal Fonts You Must Try Out!

Here are the 10 best black metal fonts:

1. Deadwax

Whenever people look for brutal-looking fonts, they are often disappointed with uninteresting fonts, but that’s not the case here. Today we are introducing you to Deadwax, a bloody and dark font by Prioritype Co.

Its design is extremely dark and brutal, so you can use it for your horror and heavy metal music projects. While this font will look great in many color combinations, it will be a good idea to use red for it, as it will allow you to add an actual violent look to your designs.

2. Sabersong

Sabersong by Madhaline Studio is probably a combination of tattoo design and heavy metal, as it provides you with an aggressive design no one has ever seen before. Of course, it doesn’t have great readability, but that doesn’t matter as it’s only the main design of your project. So, if you want to use it, then some heavy metal album covers, horror designs, t-shirts, or logos are some projects you should start with.

3. Black Dread

Black Dread is one of those fonts that can bring fear into a viewer’s heart with just one look. It’s designed by Ardana Creative and features the dreaded branches of a tree, which looks pretty creepy. This font also has some sort of thorn-like design, which adds an extra layer of horror, all of which makes this font a perfect pick for scary designs. So make sure to use it for your next horror movie or heavy metal music poster, as it’s free to use!

4. Pink Punk

Don’t let its cute name deceive you; it may sound like a normal font, but its design is based on flames that keep burning, which is something really scary. It was developed by Prioritype Co. and is a display font with a fierce and strong look. It’s an extremely good choice for your heavy metal album covers, as its vibe perfectly matches their rocking style. Download Pink Punk

5. Nightcrow

As its name suggests, Nightcrow by PutraCetol Studio is a dark and horrific font that was designed especially to be used for metal band designs. If you look closely, then this font has an almost identical design to Deadwax, which can make them each other’s alternatives. Aside from music albums, Nightcrow can help you make good Halloween decorations too. So once you feel like you need something spooky, try Nightcrow right away, as it’s free.

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6. Richflame

Pink Punk didn’t sound really brutal, right? That’s why here’s Richflame, an actual violent font by Prioritype Co. It’s inspired by the eternal flames of hell, which can cause tremendous pain and keep burning for years. And since things like flame and hell are mentioned often in heavy metal songs, maybe you can use this font for your next poster or cover design.

7. Pagan Winter

Every font mentioned in this list till now was extremely aggressive, so here’s Pagan Winter by Roland Huse Design. It’s not as aggressive as the other typefaces available in this list; however, it’s inspired by blackletter writing, which looks dark and edgy; sometimes it also fits the heavy metal theme. So maybe you can start using Pagan Winter too. The best part about it is its readability and the fact that it’s free to use.

8. Gorezack

We are back to distorted fonts with Gorezack, and as its name suggests, it’s a gory and dark metal font, ready to add some fear to our hearts. It’s designed by Madhaline Studio and provides you with an extremely complicated yet satisfying design. It may be hard to read, but like always, readability doesn’t matter on heavy metal designs, so let’s just focus on its beauty!

9. Art Dystopia

Sometimes it’s really not good to use fonts that can’t be read by others, but simple fonts don’t fit heavy metal songs either, so in such cases, you should use Art Dystopia. It’s designed by ART Dystopia, and it focuses on its looks as much as it does on its readability. Using this font adds a decent dark and spiky look to designs, which can fit any horror or heavy metal music design with ease. It’s a free font, so do not hesitate to try it out now.

10. Big Fish DD

Let’s end this list with one last Death Metal font, known as the Big Fish DD, designed by Doffdog. Big Fish DD’s letters look like they were written by scratching something, which already adds a distressed and scary vibe. It also has pointed and sharp edges like a real black metal font, which means it’s yet another dark metal font you need to add to your collection.


Black metal fonts are strong and aggressive and always keep building hype in the heavy metal industry, which is why everyone loves them. Above, we have mentioned the best dark metal fonts available; make sure to experiment with each to find the one that works best for you!