Have you ever been stuck in an endless loop when selecting a font? We know how time-consuming finding the best font can be as a designer. This article will put an end to your quest if you’re looking for the finest calligraphy fonts. 

Calligraphy fonts have continued ornating designs for a long time. Their delicate, flowing, handcrafted organic look makes many crave these fonts. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to look beyond Canva to find all your calligraphy font needs. Canva is a storehouse of fonts, and calligraphy fonts are no exception. Canva calligraphy fonts are free, so you can use them whenever you want.

So, to end your quest, we’ve listed the 10 best calligraphy fonts in Canva. Let’s dive in.

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What Make Calligraphy Fonts Special?

Calligraphy fonts hold a special place in every designer’s heart. These fonts give a stylish and exquisite look many fonts fail to. 

These fonts often have a thin, sleek look and handwritten feel. From logos to brand typography to wedding invitations, the best calligraphy fonts in Canva never fail to weave aesthetic looks. 

But what features make calligraphy fonts so special?

  • They’re designed to imitate the appearance of handwritten letters. This hand-drawn nature gives them an organic look other fonts lack.
  • Their flourishes, swashes and ornate letterforms add a decorative element and a touch of elegance.
  • The strokes and lines of calligraphy fonts are often fluid and flowing, creating a sense of movement and rhythm in the text. It’s what makes them visually appealing.
  • Being used for centuries, Canva fonts for calligraphy can evoke a sense of tradition and cultural heritage in designs.
  • Calligraphy fonts can be used in various design applications, from wedding invitations to logos to book covers. They can express various feelings and moods, from sophistication and elegance to playfulness and whimsy.

Find the right Canva Calligraphy Fonts for Your Projects

Before we see each Canva font for calligraphy in detail, let’s have an overview of the best Calligraphy fonts in Canva that’d suit your projects.

FontFont typeBest suited forBest paired with
Playlist ScriptScriptLuxury brands, fashion brands, wedding and event planning companiesLato, Montserrat, Open Sans, Raleway, Roboto
ApricotsScriptFood and beverage brands, cafes and restaurants, organic and natural productsPoppins, Oswald, Lora, Merriweather, Quicksand
BrusherBrush ScriptBeauty and cosmetics brands, fashion and clothing brandsRoboto, Bebas Neue, Open Sans, Playfair Display, Lato
Alex BrushBrush ScriptLuxury fashion brands, high-end beauty and skincare products, jewellery brandsMontserrat, Playfair Display, Lato, Merriweather, Raleway
MistrullyHandwritten ScriptLifestyle brands, personal blogs, handmade and artisanal productsLato, Open Sans, Montserrat, Poppins, Source Sans Pro
BellabooScriptChildren’s brands, toy companies, party supply companiesRaleway, Lato, Open Sans, Montserrat, Roboto
DaydreamCalligraphy ScriptPersonal blogs, spiritual and wellness brands, handmade and artisanal productsNunito, Montserrat, Playfair Display, Source Sans Pro, Merriweather
Amsterdam FourScriptFinancial and legal services, luxury hotels and resorts, high-end fashion brandsLato, Roboto, Montserrat, Poppins, Open Sans
YellowtailDecorative ScriptMusic and entertainment brands, event planning companies, nightclubs, and barsMontserrat, Lato, Open Sans, Roboto, Playfair Display
HarmonieModern SerifHome decor brands, luxury furniture brands, interior design firmsMontserrat, Raleway, Lato, Merriweather, Playfair Display

10 Best Canva Calligraphy Fonts

1. Playlist Script

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

A script font by Arendxstudio, Playlist Script is a modern calligraphy font having handwritten characters. Its slant and legible letterforms resemble a handmade note with a paintbrush stroke texture. 

With its round edges, clean strokes, and slight loops, Playlist Script looks like beautiful medieval handwriting. 

It doesn’t need the bold and italic emphasis to increase its beauty, but a slight underlined emphasis completes Playlist Script’s signature look.

That’s not all! Playlist Script comes with multilingual support to help you make your signature stand out in your language. 

2. Apricots

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

Want some whimsical feel in your design? Check out Apricots. A handwritten script font, Apricots is designed by KA designs. 

What gives Apricots its playful look are the uneven and varied strokes. Letters with slightly slanted angles connected with flowing curves and loops give Apricots its signature look. The edges are rounded and smooth, adding to its playful appearance.

Ornate with the underline emphasis; Apricots supports several European languages. 

3. Brusher

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

Like in the name, Brusher font is a bold, expressive font with letterforms looking like brush strokes. Designed by Vlad Cristea, Brusher looks chunky with its thick and highly uneven strokes. 

With a hand-painted appearance, Brusher nails this look with varying degrees of roughness and texture. 

If your design needs you to bring the hidden painter out, Brusher’s slightly slanted letters connected with jagged curves will do the job for you. Packed with the underline emphasis, Brusher looks irregular and rustic. 

Paint your thoughts out with Brusher’s multilingual support!

4. Alex Brush

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

After the playful and bushy fonts, behold Alex Brush, a sleek calligraphy font brimming with elegance. A font by TypeSETit, Alex Brush is a script display font. 

Its strokes are smooth and flowing, with delicate curves and tapered ends. The slightly slanted letters are gracefully connected with thin strokes. Its sophisticated appearance comes from its clean and sharp edges. 

Packed with multilingual support for European languages, Alex Brush looks classic with the underline emphasis.

5. Mistrully

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

If you want your brand logo to give off a hand-signed note vibe, Mistrully is for you!

Designed by Creatype Studio, Mistrully has a handwritten flow. It has slightly tapering but rounded edges and straight, raw strokes. 

The uneven letter widths and spacing give Mistrully a handmade and homely feel, making it look approachable. 

This font would look best in your logos to give your branding a personalized feel.

6. Bellaboo

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

Have you ever thought of giving your designs a comic-book feel? Bellaboo is your answer. A font by Marcelo Reis Melo, Bellaboo is everything quirky and fun. 

The letters have a slightly slanted angle and are connected with irregular lines. The edges are rounded and smooth, giving it a friendly and approachable appearance. 

With multilingual support and underline emphasis, Bellaboo is your jam for children’s products and brands. 

7. Daydream

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

A script font by NendesKonbet, DayDream is a dream come true for your feminine-centric designs. 

Its thick and thin strokes, round edges, and smooth loops make Daydream a go-to choice for any feminine brand carrying sophistication in its personality. 

But sophistication doesn’t mean Daydream’s not lively. Its free-angled and rhythmic letterforms give Daydream a full-of-life look. 

If you’re looking for a fun, graceful, refined, and sharp look all in one font, go for Daydream!

8. Amsterdam Four

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

The youngest sibling in the family of four fonts, Amsterdam Four resembles a smooth signature made with a felt-tip point pen. Designed by Letteriso 2017, Amsterdam Four has a contemporary feel. 

Its strokes are thick and geometric, with clean, straight lines and sharp edges. The letters are slightly condensed and square-like, giving them a modern and minimalist appearance.

Packed with multilingual support, this font is ornate with an underline emphasis. The underline strokes also have a thick and thin variation to add to the beauty of the font. 

If your designs speak the modern language of tradition and innovation, choose Amsterdam Four to get your message out effectively. 

9. Yellowtail

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

Are you looking for Canva calligraphy fonts to light up a party or music night? Yellowtail is here for you.

A hand-drawn, decorative font, Yellowtail is designed by Astigmatic. Though a calligraphy font, Yellowtail has evenly spaced letterforms and even strokes. The gentle slanting letters and thick strokes give Yellowtail a casual appearance. 

Yellowtail looks chic despite its clean and curvy edges, perfect for a party-themed brand or designs. 

Take this multilingual font to party with you and bring out the fun and lively personality. 

10. Harmonie

Calligraphy Fonts on Canva

After a thick-stroke font, meet Harmonie, a thin and elegant calligraphy font in Canva. Artem Nevsky designed Harmonie with delicate lines and sweeping flourishes. 

The edges are smooth and precise, giving the font a polished and sophisticated appearance.

These features make Harmonie a favorite font for home decor and furnishing brands. Showcase your brand’s elegance with Harmonie’s finished and regal look.


The toolkit of a designer is incomplete without Canva calligraphy fonts. And from advertising to branding and from stationery to invitations, designs are incomplete without a touch of the best calligraphy fonts in Canva to ornate their look.

If you were looking for the best calligraphy fonts in Canva, you now know which fonts to choose to elevate your designs. 

Get the best Canva calligraphy fonts and start creating exquisite and organic-looking designs. 

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