From older times to the modern world, Gothic fonts have always maintained their iconic popularity, thanks to their amazing designs and creative shapes that make them extremely appealing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a goth person or not; you can’t ignore the beauty of gothic fonts no matter what happens. However, since all the old Gothic fonts were inspired by the blackletter style, it’s quite easy to get bored of them quickly.

That’s why, in this article, we are going to introduce some of the best modern Gothic fonts you can use for your upcoming projects. An interesting fact about these fonts is that they are all a combination of black letter style and modern Gothic style, which gives them a really creative design that will fit perfectly in most of your projects!

So, without wasting any time, let’s get straight into the world of modern blackletter fonts. Lastly, make sure to read this article till the end, since skipping can make you miss many valuable Gothic fonts!

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10 Best Gothic Fonts For A Modern Look

We have mentioned many remarkable modern Gothic fonts in this list! Some are free, some are paid, so make sure you check out each font’s license before use.


Starting with XStreet, a funky modern Gothic font inspired by edgy and blackletter style! XStreet may be a Gothic font, but its looks are inspired by streetwear style as well, which easily allows it to be a part of a variety of projects. Normally, this typeface is used for merchandise, posters, wall art, and other types of fun or edgy designs.

But since it has a touch of streetwear style, maybe you can try this font for fashion projects too! Lastly, it’s a paid font, but currently, it’s on a discount, which makes it an extremely affordable pick, so don’t miss this chance.

ED Celandine

ED Celandine by Emyself Design is a blackletter typeface that has been updated with a modern style and minimal looks to help it fit in this new world! However, even with multiple modifications, ED Celandine hasn’t lost its classical charm, so maybe you can still use this font for retro projects.

ED Celandine possesses a great design along with great readability, making it a good choice for posters, t-shirts, tattoos, and different types of cards. It’s a paid font, but buying It gives you access to its outline version too, so get it right away!

Angel Wish

Angel Wish may be a modern Gothic font, but its design is completely inspired by the traditional blackletter style! It’s developed by StringLabs Creative Studio and has a flowing look, so it doesn’t look exactly like the blackletter style. Angel Wish can be a great choice if you want the modern world to experience the fun of traditional blackletter style and show them how perfect it was. So, feel free to use it for tattoos, logos, and advertisements, as it’s completely free to use.

Seagram TFB

Seagram TFB is just like Angel Wish, as it also takes the design directly from the original blackletters. However, it has developed its own simpler style, which makes it a good pick for modern projects. It’s hard to notice flowing designs or sharp edges in this typeface because of the simple look, and that’s a good thing as it allows this font to be used for professional work.

Maybe it’s the first Gothic font that can help you design projects like business logos or fashion designs! So try it out soon; it’s totally free and can help you create some iconic designs.


When you combine a Gothic font with a techno style, you get only one answer: Abkad by Limitype! It’s a perfect combination of both styles, as it provides an edgy yet bold and confident result that can be used for a variety of projects.

You also get a masculine feeling from this font, so maybe just like Seagram TFB, Ablad is another font that can be used for business projects like logos and website designs. Abkad is also a paid font, but you will never regret purchasing it, so don’t miss it.

ED Lacour

ED Lacour by Emyself Design is a feminine take on the Gothic style, but that’s not the only change you will notice while using it since it offers rounded letters too which look extremely adorable! This new look for the Gothic style fits really well in this modern era, and if you are a goth girl, this font can be an amazing pick for you. It will be a great idea to design your room with this ED Lacour and give it a feminine gothic touch to make your life more enjoyable!

Gotika Strict

We talked about many modified modern blackletter fonts, so now let’s go back to the traditional designs with Gotika Strict! It’s designed by Mans Greback and takes inspiration from original blackletter fonts, which explains its dark and edgy design.

However, Gotika Strict’s design is too edgy to be used in the professional world, which is why it’s better to use this typeface for formal works like tattoos and posters. But if you want to use it for rock music album covers, then do not hesitate, as it can work perfectly in such places.


Ever wanted black lettering to look more stylish? If so, then it’s time to take a look at Avestrava by Ilhamtaro. This font is simply a more stylish and fancier version of the traditional Gothic design that perfectly fits the modern world. You should use this typeface if you miss the old Gothic style and want to reintroduce it to the world in a new form.

It will surely be loved as people go crazy over fancy and beautiful fonts in this advanced world. That’s why you should start now, as it’s completely free to use!


Of course, you are here for modern fonts, but did you know vintage fonts work well even today? If you want to test it yourself, then check out Killuminati by Ikiiko. It’s a vintage blackletter font that was used often in the past for a variety of designs, and since you are about to start the Gothic trend with your amazing designs, why not try it out as well? It may be a Gothic font, but it has a pretty simple design, which allows it to fit pretty well in many projects.

Cambrydge Gothic

What if Gothic fonts weren’t edgy and dark? If you also ask this question often, then you must check out Cambrydge Gothic, since it’s a stylish Gothic font with an extremely fancy design! It’s developed by Microtypestd, and while using it, you may forget it’s a Gothic font because of its cheerful look. It looks this way because it was designed for advertisements and flyers, and since it works well there, maybe you should try logo and poster design with it.


Gothic fonts are irreplaceable, as there are no other fonts that can provide such a dark and edgy look, which is why they are popular even today. Above, we have mentioned some of the best modern blackletter fonts; check out each, as they are all appealing enough to be a part of your next project!

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