Scratched fonts aren’t like any other fonts; they are rough and messy, and add a spark of energy to designs, which is why they can be a great choice for many types of design projects. From punk and rock designs to simple and normal designs, somehow they manage to fit in everywhere. This explains why these fonts have never gone out of style, and they never will! So why not try to design something cool with scratched-letter fonts?

However, looking for some good scratch handwriting fonts at the moment can be quite daunting because, to find the best ones, you need to do hours of research. That’s why we have already gathered some of the best scratched-letter fonts available on the internet.

Whether you just want to design something to test out these messy fonts or are a professional designer looking for scratched fonts for your next project, these typefaces will help you create some of the most astonishing designs.

That’s why you should make sure to stick with us till the end, or you will miss out on many amazing things!

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10 Outstanding Scratched Letter Fonts 

Scratched fonts fit everywhere, which means you can use them for flyers, greeting cards, logos, and even headings, so use your creativity and try out every scratched handwritten font listed below!


The first Scratch font we are introducing to you is Scratch! Pretty creative name, right? Scratch is a handmade sans-serif font and provides a spooky and sketchy design, making it a good choice for Halloween and horror designs already. Although it’s a scratch letter font, it has decent readability, which allows it to be a perfect fit for projects like logos, headings, flyers, and advertisements since readability plays an important role in such works. Lastly, Scratch is a paid font, but spending some dollars on this outstanding font is totally worth it.

Atalon Pro

Atalon Pro is another handwritten scratched font; however, it’s inspired by chalk writing, which is why its design is quite simple and doesn’t have messy or tough looks. This font can be an ideal option for you if you want to create a school project or any school-related design. Maybe you opened up a new stationery shop, so why not design its logo with Atalon Pro? Its school-themed and chalk-styled design will attract students to your shop. Just like Scratch, this font is also paid.

Jo wrote a lovesong

Jo wrote a lovesong that is completely opposite to Atalon Pro, as this font is pretty creepy. It’s designed by Lars Manenschijn and can remind you of things written by anxious, depressed, or suicidal people. Such a writing style is often used in horror movies too, as it adds a scary vibe. So feel free to use it for your next horror project. Also, it’s good enough for a rock album cover too! Lastly, it’s free, so try it out right away.


PWChalk is yet another chalk font to add to the list, but unlike Atalon Pro, it’s a bit messy and doesn’t give off the same peaceful vibes. PWChalk is designed by Peax Webdesign, and it can still work for school designs despite having a grunge look. It’s a good choice for designing book covers and logos. But that’s not all; this font can be a good pick for tattoos too because, although it’s inspired by chalk writing, it still has a bit of a rough design.


Scratch fonts are fun, but what happens if we combine them with doodles? Here’s Handodle, a font inspired by scratch and doodle designs! It’s a hand-designed font that can add a sweet, scribbly look to your projects. Whether you are writing some school notes or want a beautiful-looking doodle font for your next video, this font has everything that can make your work look clean and unique. So, purchase it soon, as it’s a paid font!

The Unseen

The unseen is the third scratch font inspired by chalk writing on the list, and fortunately, just like the other two, it has a unique design as well. It is designed by Brittney Murphy and focuses on a scary design rather than a simple and smooth one. Also, unlike the other chalk fonts, it’s better to use the unseen for some scary or spooky designs since those are the only places where it can fit.


Kvltura is one of those fonts that can be used when you just want to have fun or want to design some funny art. It’s inspired by pen scribbles and has a decent scratch design, which is why this font is on this list. While it may not be the best option for professional works like logos, it’s still a great option for some informal designs like homemade wall arts or crafts. So make sure to have fun with it, but purchase it first!


Diediedie by Mike Emory is one of those fonts that represent scratched fonts very well. From rough, and grungy, to messy, it has everything a scratched handwriting font needs because it’s inspired by the handwriting of depressed teens. If teens are suicidal, they might write in such a style and might even write about things like death, which is why the font is called Diediedie. This font is a decent choice for rock albums and some grunge design, so check it out soon as it’s free!

Family Annihilator

We had chalk and pens but didn’t have any scratched fonts inspired by crayons. That’s why here’s Family Annihilator by Font Monger. However, don’t let its looks deceive you; it may be inspired by crayon writing, but still, its design is quite depressing and scary, so it might be a good choice to use this font for horror designs and movie posters. Fortunately, it’s also a free font, which means you can try it right now.

Help Me

Last but not least, Help Me by GGBotNet is an iconic scratched font because it’s inspired by writing on steel, which is developed after scratching it. It’s also a horror font, because if someone scratches steel and writes “Help Me”, then it probably means they are in trouble! Help Me is a decent scratch handwriting font and can be used for logos, headlines, advertisements, and flyers, but if that’s not where you want to use it, then try some horror projects with it.


Scratch fonts are amazing as they can add a lot of personality to any design and make it look even more fun, so giving them a try is worth it! Fonts like The Unseen and Diediedie are some great choices if you are looking forward to trying some scratch handwriting fonts. Also, most of these fonts are free, so check them out soon!