Harry Potter was an important part of almost everyone’s childhood. The movies were so amazing that people would get lost in their magical world for hours. It’s been a while since this fascinating movie series ended, yet its fans still enjoy the movies and keep the community alive. And why shouldn’t they? Those movies have shown us many amazing things, like magic, wizards, imaginary creatures, and even some dazzling fonts.

From the logo to the minor texts, many iconic fonts were used in this movie, and fans keep thinking about many of these fonts even today. That’s why, in this article, we are going to talk about some of these Harry Potter fonts. Whether you need Hogwarts fonts for your design work or just want to know about them, take a seat since this is going to be yet another fun magical chapter about Harry Potter!

Lastly, just remember that the fonts listed here are inspired by the fonts used in the movie since the originals are probably custom works! However, be assured that they are designed by talented Harry Potter fans like you!

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10 Hogwarts Fonts You Need Right Now! 

Finally, here’s the list of the most appealing Harry Potter fonts! Make sure to check out each to find out which ones are familiar to you, and download them if you like them!

1. Harry P

Do you know the most iconic logo in the entire movie? Of course, the one used for the logo is probably the identity of the movie in this font. And if you love that font, then here’s Harry P for you! It’s designed by GemFonts and looks almost identical to the original font, but since it’s custom work, it can’t be completely perfect. Still, it’s a good choice for a variety of projects, like logos. If you have any Harry Potter-themed designs on your mind, then you should try out Happy P soon with them.

2. Magic School

Hogwarts was a magical school where we all wished we could study. While that dream is not possible, we can still think about it while designing with this amazing font, Magic School! It’s developed by FontMesa and comes in two interesting versions. The regular style offers the normal design of Magic School, while the second version is inspired by the popular logo of the movie. So you will really enjoy designing your projects with this typeface.

3. Parry Hotter

Introducing Party Hotter, yet another font inspired by the iconic logo of the movie that comes with a really funny name. Anke-Art is its designer, and in terms of design, this font provides you with a really good display option. However, just like the other fonts in the list, it doesn’t look exactly like the original logo but can still work for many projects like Halloween decorations, fancy dress designs, and website designs. So, get it right away, as it’s free, and start your magical journey soon!

4. LumosLatino

Need something other than the Harry Potter font logo? If so, then try out LumosLatino by FZ Fonts. LumosLatino isn’t an original font from the movie, but it’s inspired by the many fonts used in the movie. Similar fonts like LumosLatino were used for the end credits, which makes this font worth checking out.

It’s good for spooky designs, so maybe you should try it out for your next horror design or Halloween decoration. But if not, then you can use it for retro and vintage designs as well, since it has a good classical vibe.

5. Wolfpack Halloweed 

Harry Potter was a movie about magic, but it introduced us to horror stuff too, and after being inspired by that, the Afterthem Studio created Wolfpack Halloweed. It’s a bold display of Hogwarts font with a pretty creepy design that might even remind you of a few monsters from the movie. This font can be a good choice for logos thanks to its readable design. But if you want to use it to its true potential, then try some movie posters with it.

6. Magic Owl

At some point, all of us wanted an owl like the one Harry had with him in the movie, but sadly, it’s not possible. However, you don’t have to get sad about it since at least you can use the Magic Owl font! It’s designed by Shaped Fonts and is a bold, bubbly font with an adorable design just like a real owl.

It’s a display font, so it should be a good pick for logos, but there’s a lot this font can do; you can use it for greeting cards, labels, advertisements, stickers, and many more adorable projects. If you think a design needs to be cute, like an owl, then make sure you use this font!

7. Dumbledor

The principal of Hogwarts and father figure of Harry; Dumbledor, is a character everyone loves, so why not appreciate him by using a font based on him? It’s designed by GemFonts and comes with a really unique design, which isn’t common in many fonts nowadays.

Also, downloading this font will provide you with its multiple versions, which can help you with a variety of projects. Maybe you won’t even need to look for fonts for a while with the huge variety of styles Dumbledor provides.

8. Parseltongue

Which Hogwarts house was your favorite? If it was Slytherin, then you should try out Parseltongue, as this font is based on a snake design. Parseltongue is designed by CarpeSaponem and looks as cunning as every student in the Slytherin house.

If you like sharp and slim fonts, then this typeface is probably for you, because its snake-like design allows it to fit in that role really well. However, this Hogwarts font may not be an ideal choice for formal designs, so it’s better to use it for some informal and fun projects. Therefore, try some scary designs with it soon.


A little magic everywhere can make things really fun, so let’s take a look at Magik, which is yet another beautiful display font ready to make your work look more magical than ever. Furthermore, it’s also a stylish display typeface with a retro touch, so if you like vintage and classical fonts, then you must try it out soon. It’s good for tattoos, stickers, and many other fun designs that can add magic to your life!

10. Mugglenews 

We all wanted to read newspapers like the Daily Prophet, but it’s still not possible, sadly. However, at least we can have the font used in it, which is known as Mugglenews! It’s designed by Nathanthenerd and has a decent retro look, just like it did in the movie.

So, if you have waited all these years just to use this typeface, then here’s your chance: this decent Harry Potter font isn’t going anywhere and is always ready to add great classical vibes to your every single design.

What Font is Used in Marauders map?

The Marauders’ Map is one more iconic thing from the Harry Potter movie, and it also had amazing typography, so how can we forget it? Unfortunately, the original work was a custom work, but here’s a similar font, Wizard Hand. It’s a perfect Marauders map font, and if you like such an ancient letter design, then it’s worth giving it a try.


Whether you need some decent Harry Potter fonts or a good Hogwarts font, we have mentioned everything a Harry Potter fan needs in this article! So, check out typefaces like Dumbledor and Magic School so that you can create some of the most mysterious and full of magic-designs soon!

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