Masculine fonts have been a part of the typography world since the start, and after all these years, they have evolved so much to become even more confident, strong, and impactful. Which is why they are the top priority of many designers whenever it comes to displaying projects.

Their bold and clean bodies can easily display your work, while their confident and impactful looks make the designs stand out even more. This easily explains why no one fails to get attention when they use decent masculine fonts.

However, since they are this popular, their quantity has increased a lot too, which can make it difficult for designers to pick the right fonts. This is why in this article, we’ll be going through the best masculine fonts on Canva.

They are designed by professionals and have really impactful designs, which will help your designs become the center of attention. So, make sure you read this article till the end, as missing this great chance wouldn’t be worth it at all.

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What is a Masculine Font?

A masculine font is usually a typeface with characteristics like masculinity, strength, boldness, and impactful looks. These fonts are used most often for display works because of their strong personalities and confident designs. If you want to easily find masculine fonts, then just think about something completely opposite of feminine fonts.

Since these fonts are so great at displaying every type of media, whether it’s a business or a movie, if masculine fonts suit their theme, then they won’t hesitate to use them. And you shouldn’t too, so check out our Manly Canva fonts!

10 Masculine & Manly Canva Fonts

Do you want your designs to look professional and strong? If so, then make sure to check out these masculine Canva fonts!


Introducing Norwester, an amazing condensed geometric sans-serif font by Jamie Wilson. Although it may look like a normal bold font at first glance, you will eventually start loving it once you notice the geometrical design, which looks absolutely awesome.

Norwester comes with both upper and lowercase letters, which provides just more versatility. And if you are looking forward to using it, then this font can be an amazing pick for sports projects such as jersey or team logo designs.


Horizon is an amazing masculine font on Canva as it has a decent professional look, which can make it the ideal pick for many brands and businesses. It’s designed by Fontense and is known for its cold and impactful look that makes the designs stand out.

Furthermore, Horizon comes with an outline version as well; combining both can provide you with some great results, so consider giving it a try soon. And if you are looking for its use, then add it to projects that require professionalism.

Lava Pro Grunge

Did you know masculine fonts aren’t always clean and professional? Sometimes they can be rugged and brutal-looking, just like Lava Pro Grunge! It’s a wild font with a decent distressed look, which feels amazing to look at.

If you also love such designs, then make sure to check them out, as they can be a good choice for movie posters, action logos, or wildlife designs. You can even use it for retro or country designs, as dull fonts suit such themes really well.

Cooper Hewitt

Here’s Cooper Hewitt, a contemporary sans-serif with beautiful curves that has allowed it to be a part of this list. It’s designed by Cooper Hewitt and has multiple versions, but from the thinnest to the boldest, each font is great to be used for your masculine project. If you want to use the bolder ones, then consider using them for website headings and logos, as their designs can fit very well there.

Bebas Neue

If you are even a bit familiar with fonts, then you must have already used Bebas Neue, as it’s a popular masculine Canva font, but still, there’s nothing wrong with knowing more about it.

It’s designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and is an all-caps font, which is why it can be considered the ultimate masculine font. Bebas Neue fits almost every kind of project, so don’t stress about using it and add it to projects that need a good masculine touch.

Bank Gothic

Need modern and futuristic Manly Canva fonts? Well, here’s Bank Gothic by Morris Fuller Benton! It’s a masculine Gothic font with a geometric design, which looks really great when used for tech or futuristic projects.

This font is clean and sharp, just like a masculine font should be, and if your project is related to the future, then this font is probably for you. It can work well even for metal designs like steel product logos, so try it soon!


Like Lava Pro Grunge? If so, then checking out Bernier is a must for you, as it’s also a good retro distressed masculine font! Designed by Ryan Pyae, this amazing masculine font on Canva comes in three unique versions: regular, lowercase, and uppercase.

Each version is unique and presents a new design, so feel free to use each and create some amazing masculine designs. Most of the time, this font is used for retro designs, so if you want to add a good vintage look, then Bernier will be a good choice.

TT Mussels

Bank Gothic was a great font, which is why here’s a similar one, known as TT Mussels by TypeType Foundry. It’s also a bold geometric font with a metal-like design, which looks so great and masculine.

So, take advantage of this design and craft some metal or future based designs. Businesses or companies that sell metal projects can also benefit from this font because of its design, and let’s not forget that it will work well for tech projects too.


Just like Bebas Neue, Anton is another popular masculine font that has been used by a lot of people, both intentionally and unintentionally, thanks to its popularity.

It’s designed by Vernon Adams and has a minimal design, which means you don’t need to stress about finding a place to use it since it will be good in a lot of places. Lastly, since it’s inspired by retro sans-serif fonts, feel free to use it for vintage work.

Archivo Black

Last but not least, Archivo Black is also a famous choice among masculine fonts on Canva. It’s designed by Omnibus-Type and was designed for print and digital print designs, but it turned out to be a good display font as well. Its thick letters easily work with many kinds of designs, especially fashion and clothing ones. And it’s still a good pick for printing designs, so do not forget that!


Masculine fonts are popular but not easy to find, especially the best ones. But don’t worry, as here we have mentioned the best masculine fonts on Canvas! Each is unique and works well with a variety of designs, so get ready to add a cool Chad vibe to your projects.

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