Everyone knows how important it is to pick the right fonts, as they can either make or break your project. However, many don’t know this at the start because they are beginners, which sometimes leads to unsuccessful results.

This is common, especially with businesses, because a company or business must look professional and formal from the first day; otherwise, no one will consider them a trustworthy partner.

If you are also a beginner and are thinking about starting your own business soon, then do not make this mistake and design your logos and other designs with some good professional fonts.

Wait, you can’t pick the right professional fonts for your work and don’t know which ones will be the best? Well, that’s okay, as everyone can get overwhelmed at first. That’s why in this article we are going to share some of the best Professional Fonts on Canva.

Whether you need them to start a business, design a resume, or create a portfolio, they are just perfect for every formal project you want to finish.

That’s why you should read this article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any Corporate Canva fonts and can create some of the most professional-looking projects.

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Best Professional & Corporate Fonts on Canva

The best part about all these Corporate Canva fonts is that all of them are free to use, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing them or licensing them at all. That’s why feel free to check out each!


Inspired by old posters and signs, Montserrat has been a popular pick for a huge variety of professional designs for a long time. It’s designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and features a pretty clean and minimal design and letter structure that can fit in almost any professional design.

Whether you need a heading for your resume or text for your documents, Montserrat is perfect for everything you want to design with it. Many businesses and companies use Montserrat regularly for their various works, so what are you waiting for? If you want to be successful like them, start designing now!


Poppins’ name may make it sound like another overly designed display font, but that’s not the truth, as it’s the opposite of that. It’s designed by Indian Type Foundry and has a gentlemanly style, which makes it a perfect Corporate Canva font.

If you are looking for a font that can work well as body text for your website or newspaper, then Poppins is something you should try out soon. It’s extremely readable and works well as both headings and text.


Are you looking for something professional that can be used, especially for display designs? If yes, then Roboto by Christian Robertson is something you must try! This design was designed especially for display purposes, but not fancy ones, as it always sticks to professionalism and formal designs.

So maybe you can call it the most perfect font for many of your formal designs. From business logos, newspaper headings, and company advertisements, you can use it on every display design that needs a professional look.


Arial is a pretty old sans-serif humanist font, as it was designed decades ago by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders. In the past, this font was a popular pick for printing work, but since that work has decreased a lot, it now fits in display designs for professional projects.

Although it’s an old font, it has a clean and modern-looking design that makes it useful in this new world, so why not use it soon? It’s good for headings and main texts; it can even display designs well!

Helvetica World

Introducing Helvetica World, an updated version of one of the most popular fonts, Helvetica. It’s designed by Linotype and is a pretty smooth font that feels good to use and look at. If you are a fan of clean fonts, then this font can be great in your hands, as it’s a good choice for almost all types of display work, whether they are professional or not.

So, make sure to experiment with it, as it has some more versions that are better than the previous one and work well for a good number of projects.


Since all the popular professional fonts have made it into this list, we couldn’t forget Gotham, which also belongs to the group of famous fonts. It’s designed by Hoefler & Co., and it’s much thicker than the other fonts in this list, and that’s what makes it a good professional font.

Because bold and strong-looking fonts tend to make a good impression on the audience, it shows confidence. So, if you need a font that can add some confidence to your designs, Gotham should be your go-to choice.


Inter is another addition to the list. It may look like yet another normal font, but what makes it unique is its variable style. Yes, you read that right. Inter is a variable font that was designed by Rasmus Andersson, especially for computer designs.

This easily tells us this font is a perfect choice for digital designs such as websites and advertisements. If you are starting a new business online or want to create a website, then Inter can be a good choice, as it’s professionalism and variable abilities will help you gain an online presence pretty quickly.

Tenor Sans

Looking for a good body text font that has professionalism in each letter? Well, here’s Tenor Sans by Denis Masharov. This font was designed especially for body texts, but you can use it even for headings; just avoid putting it in display designs.

From screen to paper, this text font is good everywhere, so consider using it if you need an attractive resume for your next job application. It’s good for news websites too, thanks to its professional design.

Calibri MS

Who doesn’t know Calibri? It’s probably the most popular text font to ever exist; no matter where you go, texts will be designed with this font. It was designed by Microsoft Cooperation and is considered the perfect text by millions because of its amazing design and simple characteristics.

It’s used in documents, resumes, notifications, apps, websites, and almost every place that requires texts, so you can’t refuse to use it!

Canva Sans

Since we are talking about Corporate Canva fonts, how can we forget Canva Sans, a font designed by Canva itself? If you are someone who enjoys using Canva and wants to support them more, then using this font can be a good idea. As this font works well with many projects too, from texts to headings, you can use it everywhere. The results aren’t going to disappoint you, so try it out soon!


Canva has a good collection of professional fonts, and in this article, we have mentioned the best ones. From Calibri MS to Montserrat, each font is well crafted and leaves a good impression on your customers, so take advantage of their professional looks and design some amazing projects.

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