In today’s modern world, cursive and handwritten fonts are fading away slowly, which gives a good chance for Art Deco fonts to take their place! Why? It’s because art deco fonts have everything a normal typeface needs to stand out. From legibility to cool designs to become the center of attention, they perfectly fit in every position, making them the best type of fonts right now!

Usually, Art Deco fonts are used for display projects because of their large and attractive looks, but few of them are good for text too, which is why many businesses create their advertisements, logos, and product designs with them. This amazing value provided by Art Deco fonts helps many designs become popular with ease, which is why you should start using them as well.

Therefore, if you want to start right now, then continue reading this article because below we have mentioned some of the best Canva art deco fonts! They are available on Canva for free, so take advantage of them and design some promising typographic works!

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What Are Art Deco Fonts?

Art Deco fonts are easily recognizable because of their unique and cool styles. Most of the time, they come up with geometrically rounded shapes, elongated letters, and decorative designs. All of these features make them really different from normal fonts because they are not plain or simple but really stylish and detailed, which helps them stand out as well.

Lastly, Art Deco fonts were inspired by the art deco-styled buildings of America in the 1930s, and this is one more reason they are so popular nowadays.

10 Art Deco Fonts On Canva For Aesthetic Designs!

Art Deco fonts are unbeatable, and here’s a list full of them; choose the one that works best for you. Lastly, what makes them even more exciting is that they are available for free on Canva!

1. Limelight

Limelight is a popular Art deco font canva designed by Nicole Fally. It’s inspired by the art deco-styled buildings of the 1920s and the film industry, which is why it has a really impressive design. In projects, you will see that the straight lines on this font are extremely thick. 

This boldness gives good readability to the typography and makes the look unique as well.

Therefore, feel free to use this font for luxurious designs; you aren’t going to regret it at all because its design will handle everything.

2. Notable

Notable, designed by Eli Brock, is a really special font on this list because it’s based on letters from US currency. It’s also a display sans serif font, which means if you want to work with it, it’s better to design display designs like logos with it.

The bolds are insanely bold, which will look good only on single-word projects, so always avoid using them on projects where you will add more than two words.

3. Cinzel Decorative

Who doesn’t love ancient typography? That’s why we have bought Cinzel Decorative, an art deco display font inspired by the ancient writing of Rome! Cinzel decorative is designed by Natanael Gama and has two interesting styles, regular and bold. 

Regular styles provide you with the thinner version of the font, which looks so clean and smooth. While the bold version is obviously bold, it is good for displaying things like advertisements and logos.

4. Lucidity Condensed

Lucidity Condensed is a display font and is a perfect example of how Canva art deco fonts should look. When looking at its design, you can easily point out rounded and elongated shapes, which make Lucidity a good Art Deco font. 

Its design is surprisingly aesthetic; you can design some cool modern designs with it or use it to create your brand’s logos.

Just make sure you use it for displaying works; it will never disappoint you at all.

5. Lovely May

Lovely May is a unique duo font that uses two different styles at once, which are art deco and signature styles. This makes Lovely May an amazing choice for both small and large designs. Whether it’s a logo or an advertisement, with this font you can create really interesting designs that will easily catch everyone’s attention.

Since this typeface is so stylish, it’s better to use it for fashion brands and hotel designs, because those are the places where aesthetics are needed most.

6. Meteoritika

Meteoritika is a retro art deco font for Canva inspired by old science fiction movies and posters. It has a decent letter design, with bold and thick lines and retro looks that will suit many types of display designs well.

If you are working on a project about retro designs, then consider using Meteoritika there because it’s one of the best you can ever find to add a vintage touch to typography works.

7. Metropolis

Introducing Metropolis, a minimal geometric font made especially for multiple types of typography projects. Whether you want to create text or a logo, Metropolis has everything in its kit to help you out.

Its simple design allows it to fit in between any kind of project, which can save you time from a search for new fonts too. That’s why feel free to use it for descriptions, invitations, logos, or any creative work you like.

8. Donau

Donau is yet another Canva art deco font you should add to your list before we move further. It’s a display font with elongated letters and unique geometric shapes that add a great modern look to lots of designs. Not to mention, Donau gives off a professional vibe too, which means adding it to company logos or masculine projects will be a perfect idea.

What makes this font even better is that it can be used for both small and large texts, so get it right now and design some creative projects.

9. Cheque

Need an interesting geometric font? If yes, then take a look at Cheque; it’s a vintage Canva art deco font created for display purposes. Like many other art deco fonts on this list, Cheque also has two styles: regular and black! 

In the regular version, you will receive empty spaces between lines that add a professional and Art Deco look. The black version has spaces filled with black, which will make it a good choice for logos and posters.

10. Alta

As the last typeface of the list, we are introducing you to Alta, yet another decent art deco font canva for all kinds of typographic works. It’s designed by Hermann Zapf and has elongated letters with unique and charming looks. 

Any project lacking elegance or beauty should surely use Alta, because it will help them turn into iconic pieces of art with ease.

Alta is a perfect choice for headlines, posters, invitations, and even logos if used in larger sizes.


Art Deco fonts are just amazing when it comes to designing modern projects, and eventually, they will be on top of other fonts as well. Which is why it’s better to start using them right now. Above, we have mentioned the best art deco fonts on Canva! If you liked them, then feel free to start designing with them right away.

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