Goodnotes has many amazing features, like pen settings and the ability to organize your notes, that can help you make your notes even more aesthetic and attractive than before. This improves the note-taking experience even more and makes the task really interesting, which is the reason many people are moving towards digital notes nowadays.

However, there’s one more important feature you need to know about if you want to keep improving at note-taking and want your notes to look better than anyone else’s. This secret feature is choosing the best Goodnotes color palette! Yes, you read that correctly. Fortunately, now it’s possible to change the color of your pen, which means you can use many vibrant colors and create some promising notes that will surely impress everyone.

But since everyone has different choices, and they even use different colors of paper for their notes, it’s hard to pick the best Goodnotes color palettes. That’s the reason in this article we have listed some of the best color palettes you can use for your Goodnotes. Make sure to check out each of them and choose the one that works best for you.

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Finally, here’s the list of some Goodnotes color palettes you should be using for your upcoming notes. All of them are beautiful and will make your notes look just adorable, so keep reading.

1. Pastel Tones


It’s hard to not love pastel colors; they are just adorable and sweet, which makes them a perfect choice to be one of your Goodnotes color palettes. Most of the time, pastel colors include lighter tones of pink, lime, sky blue, and even purple. 

If you are a person who loves aesthetic designs and colors, then pastel tones are probably for you because they match your personality well. Just make sure you use these fonts on black or dark paper since they are light and won’t look good on white paper at all.

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2. Minimalist Greyscale (For Black Paper)


Fan of black and its shades? If yes, then Minimalist Greyscale is the color palette you should try out right now. They look extremely beautiful, and strong, and add a clean look to your notes, which will help you understand them very well.

These colors are Ideal for taking organic chemistry digital notes, with dark background and white text.

Minimalist greyscale includes colors like black, grey, and white and their shades. One thing to keep in mind is that darker shades tend to work better on white paper, while lighter ones look good on black paper. This feature helps them become one of the best Goodnotes color palettes for black and white paper at the same time. 

3. Bold and Vibrant


Bold and Vibrant is a palette of some high-contrast colors; you can take red, blue, purple, and green as some good examples. These colors have really high contrast compared to other colors, which makes them look extremely vibrant and bold.

The best part about such palettes is that they are good on both black and white paper, making them really versatile to use. Not to mention, these colors are really eye-catching, which can help your notes look really different than others, and if used for headlines, they will make it easy for you to find your notes.

4. Earthy Tones


Earthy Tones is yet another amazing color palette that works best for those students who want something simple and not too vibrant. This color palette includes some beautiful shades like tan, dark green olive, and rosy brown, which are all inspired by soil colors.

Using the Earthy Tones color palette will make you feel attached to nature, which can make your botany and agriculture notes look just beautiful. Therefore, do not forget to try them out soon, as they are the best Goodnotes color palette for black paper and even white paper if you are using lighter shades like tan.

5. Bright and Fun


Last but not least, Bright and Fun is one more color palette you should take a look at before choosing a color palette. The Bright and Fun palette contains the colors of the rainbow, which look really magical, bright, and fun to use. No matter how boring the lecture is, it becomes really interesting and fun if you are using the Bright and Fun palette for your notes. 

From diagrams to texts to headlines and titles, these rainbow colors are ready to make every part of your notes colorful, so do not hesitate to use them. Lastly, feel free to use this palette on both papers, as their contrast is just perfect for every type.

Tips for Using Color Palettes in Goodnotes

Follow these tips about Goodnotes color palettes if you want your notes to look even more aesthetic!

1. Use Darker Shades For White Page And Vice Versa

Darker shades can never look clear on black pages because they have similar colors. They may look cool to you, but in reality, they will not be readable at all. Therefore, always remember that it’s better to use opposite pages for opposite pen colors.

2. Use Bright And Vibrant Palettes For Headlines

A headline or title should be eye-catching and recognizable so that it can easily grab attention. However, if you use pale shades for titles, then it will be hard for you to find your notes at the right time. That’s why you should always use dark or bright shades for titles.

3. Use Different Colors For Different Purposes

Using the same color for the entire page isn’t a good idea, as it can make your note look extremely boring. Therefore, try to use different colors for diagrams, headlines, texts, and even bullet points. This way, you will be able to identify specific sections of your notes with ease!


Colors make our lives fun, and if you add them to Goodnotes, they will help you enjoy note-taking as well! Above, we have mentioned some of the best Goodnotes color palettes; give them a try and make your notes colorful. Don’t forget to try out the tips too, because they are really useful as well.

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