Yee-haw designers! Did you know cowboy fonts are one of the best types of fonts available on the internet? They don’t only emit the retro or vintage vibe, but add a strong and stunning impact to designs as well! 

Which makes them a good choice for many kinds of projects. Need classic designs? Cowboy fonts are ready! Want some bold fonts for logos? Western typefaces are a perfect choice! This easily proves how versatile they are and why you should use them soon.

Therefore, are you thinking about trying them out? If yes, then we have got you covered since even before you ask, we have compiled a list of some of the best cowboy fonts for your western designs! 

Due to their cowboy and western designs, these fonts are very popular among modern people, which means using them in your designs will only benefit you and help you become popular as well.

So let’s giddy up and take a look at this list to create some country designs for your projects!

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What Are Cowboy Fonts?

Cowboy fonts are typefaces that are inspired by the unique style of cowboys. They emit retro and vintage vibes, and they often have strong and masculine looks to add good impact to the designs. Any project designed with such a font can easily remind you of country life and take you back to the wild west.

11 Western Fonts Perfect For Western Designs 

Below we have mentioned all the cowboy fonts you will ever need for your projects! So make sure to create some impactful designs with them.

1. Santa Rosa 

Say howdy to Santa Rosa! The vintage sans-serif typeface was designed by Molly Suber Thorpe. This font is inspired by the wooden boards of Western shops, which will add an amazing classical look to your designs. Also, it’s a bold font, which means it’s good for display purposes too. But what makes this font unique are its two different styles, which are smooth and rough.

Smooth is the regular version, while rough is the more grainy version; if you want to add a dusty look to your project, then make sure to use it.

2. Texas Tango

Here’s a font directly from Texas, known as the Texas Tango! It’s a display typeface designed by Billy Argel Fonts. Texas Tango can remind anyone of the movie posters or bar logos of the 1980s, which means for projects related to vintage designs, there can be no better choice than Texas Tango.

Lastly, the best thing about this font is that it’s free to use, so go and try it out right now!

3. Shelton Slab

Miss the retro posters and their unique designs? Here’s the Shelton Slab to save you! 

It’s another display font to the list that is completely inspired by the poster of West. Its beautifully designed characters already make it look charming, but it is even more beautiful because of its printed look, which adds a decent vintage touch to projects.

This font is good enough to be used for logos, headlines, or any display design, as that’s what it’s made for!

4. Montrena

Montrena is one font that can easily remind you of every cowboy thing at once! Its design is super unique, nostalgic, and completely based on cowboys. From horses, deserts, cacti, and cowboy hats, once you see this font on a design, you will find yourself in the classic west, which will surely make you feel happy and relaxed.

which is why it’s really important to have this font in your collection, so don’t waste time and purchase it soon!

5. Rio Grande 

Cowboys were stylish too, and that’s why they used fonts like the Rio Grande when they wanted to get attention for their design. Rio Grande is a free display font inspired by the stylish designs of West, which were mostly used on bar or shop logos.

Surprisingly, this style still works because it’s really attractive and gives many people a sense of nostalgia, making it a great choice for any design that deserves a lot of attention.

6. Carnevalee Freakshow Font

Need some more rough font to add a dusty cowboy look to your designs? It’s a rough vintage typeface designed by Christopher Hansen.

It works perfectly as a display typeface, but something that makes its design even more interesting is that the first letter of the word will always be larger than other letters. It gives it amazing readability and can help your designs get noticed.

7. Calvous

As we mentioned before, cowboys were really stylish, and that’s why here’s Calvous, another stylish typeface designed by the beauty of the wild west! An interesting fact about Calvous is that it’s not a single font, as it has three other versions that are equally beautiful as the original version.

Their beauty and gorgeous design make them a perfect choice for display purposes, so make sure to use the one that suits you the best.

8. Stud

Stud is a slab serif font with lots of confidence within it. It’s a wide typeface, too, which is really popular nowadays because of its unique looks. 

Furthermore, the best thing about this typeface is that it’s perfect for both texts and headlines, so you can use it however you want. Its versatility will help you create some designs that will surely be loved by your audience.

9. Cowboys

It’s impossible to not have the Cowboys font in a list of cowboy typefaces! Cowboys is a bold display font with a strong design, like real cowboys, to add an impactful effect to the projects designed with it. Its design is retro and can remind anyone of vintage posters. 

Cowboys font has an eye-catching design that can help you stand out of the crowd, so use it for display purposes right now, as it’s also a free typeface!

10. Bradrock

Bradrock is an all-caps font that represents strength, confidence, and power; if you want your design to have such vibes, then it’s time you started using it! It’s designed by Arterfak Project and is an old-school typeface that represents the cowboy lifestyle. 

If you want a good country font for display purposes for your upcoming projects, then why not try Bradrock? It’s just amazing and will not disappoint you, so make sure to try it out soon.

11. Cowboy Movie

This is a Cowboy font list, and that’s why we cannot forget to add the Cowboy Movie font! One more decent printed font ready to remind you of the relaxing vibe of the countryside!

Anything designed with this typeface looks exactly like printed text, which means this font may be the best choice for classic projects. 

Posters, logos, headlines, and even t-shirts will look great with this font, so try it out right now because it’s free.


Cowboy fonts are the best when it comes to displaying! With their strong, retro, and full-of-confidence designs, they will make your projects easily stand out from the crowd. The country vibe will be loved by your audience too, so don’t forget to use the fonts listed above!

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