Graffiti art is always appealing, but sadly, it cannot be seen on the streets or on walls anymore because it’s illegal. But fortunately, this didn’t put an end to graffiti designs, thanks to graffiti fonts! With their attractive and eye-catching design, they are keeping street and graffiti art alive on the internet. 

Graffiti fonts usually have vibrant colors, overly exaggerated looks, and unique shapes, which easily make them stand out from the crowd.

Gradually, they are gaining a lot of popularity, which is why many businesses, companies, websites, and brands can be seen designing their logos with graffiti fonts. Also, these fonts perfectly fit the modern world, which is one more reason it’s common for them to appear in the designs of popular brands!

So do you want to become popular with graffiti fonts too? If yes, then this article is for you, as in this article we are going to introduce you to 12 free graffiti fonts that will help you design some eye-catching projects! Just make sure to read the descriptions of these typefaces so that you can easily understand how they work.

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Free Graffiti Street Art Fonts

Below, we have listed the top graffiti fonts you should use for your designs. The most appealing fact about them is that each font is free to use, so make sure to check them out soon.

1. Attack Graffiti

free graffiti fonts

As the starter, we have Attack Graffiti by Wep, a display graffiti font inspired by the brush art of the streets. Its letters look like they are handwritten, which adds a decent personal touch to the designs. Not to mention, this font has a dripping effect or colors too, which makes your designs really unique. 

Those who have actually done graffiti art on walls will really love this font, so it’s better to use this typeface for teens or designs for young people so that they can relate to your designs!

2. Next Custom

free graffiti fonts

Next Custom is a decent display graffiti font with unique and over-exaggerated shaped letters, which easily make your design more appealing. 

The shape of these letters may look unusual, but the best thing about them is that they have great readability despite their shape, which makes them a good choice for logos. Whether movie, game, or music album posters, Next Custom works for every fun design.

3. Spray Letters

free graffiti fonts

Do you miss the designs made with spray paint? If yes, then Spray letters is the perfect font for you! This font has the same look that sprays paint would have when letters are written with it. 

When letters are designed with Spray Letters, they have rough surfaces and paint-dripping effects, which make designs look even more realistic. That’s the reason you should get this font right away!

4. Docallisme on Street

free graffiti fonts

Professional street artists drew many amazing works on walls; they looked so beautiful and even had shadow effects, which helped them easily stand out! If you are looking for a font with such styles, Docallisme on the Street is ready to work with you. It’s a graffiti bold font, with strong letters and bold shadow looks!

Its design looks like retro logos too, so if you are a fan of vintage fonts, then try it for your designs too.

5. Drip October

Halloween graffiti arts were truly amazing; they had the best combination of spookiness and beauty at the same time. That’s why here’s a font inspired by them. It’s called Drip October and was designed by CreativeTacos.

It’s a brush font inspired by the scary style of Halloween that can be used for logos and display designs. If Halloween is coming soon or you want to add a scary graffiti effect to your brand’s logos, then it’s time you use Drip October!

6. Don Graffiti

free graffiti fonts

Here’s another graffiti typeface inspired by spray paint designs of street art, which is known as the Don Graffiti by Don Marciano. A unique fact about this font is that it looks completely different from Spray Letters, although both typefaces are inspired by spray paint.

Don Graffiti is way more smooth and more modern, which makes it a good choice for futuristic and informal designs. It’s great for logo and branding designs, so do not forget to try it.

7. Street Soul

free graffiti fonts

As the name suggests, Street Soul is another typeface inspired by the Street arts. Street Soul was designed by Endie, and the quick graffiti arts were its original inspiration. 

Quick arts are made fast; that’s why they have weirdly shaped letters, and that’s the reason Street Soul looks so unique. One more interesting thing about this font is its “O,” which will always have two eyes that resemble a soul.

8. Another Tag

free graffiti fonts

Liked “Street Soul”? If yes, then here’s Another Tag, one more font inspired by the quick Street art! It’s designed by Wep, and the great thing about it is that it looks nothing like Street Soul, which makes it a completely different typeface. 

Although this font is a display font, it doesn’t have really good readability, which is why people often use it for cool designs or logos. If you also have some designs that don’t require readability, then Another tag is a good way to go! 

9. Ghoust

free graffiti fonts

Need a decent graffiti display font? If so, then here’s Ghoust, an amazing display for logos, titles, and headlines. Furthermore, Ghoust has three different versions, which are: solid, outline, and shadow!

Each version is a good choice for displaying or branding purposes, and the bold letters of this font make it stand out too, so get ready to design some company or website logos with it.

10. Smasher 312 Custom

graffiti fonts free

Those who liked Next Custom should check out Smasher 312 Custom as well! Because both fonts are based on over-exaggerated letters with eye-catching designs that help you easily become the center of attention. 

Just like Next Custom, Smasher has some decently designed letters too, which aren’t only unique in the current era but give off a classical vibe too, which is loved by a lot of graffiti art lovers.

11. Bomb Da Gone

free graffiti fonts

Let’s not forget Bomb Da Gone; it’s one more graffiti typeface you should be using in your design because of its impactful design. It’s inspired by the quick and spray arts of graffiti designs, which look really attractive and appealing. 

This typeface easily grabs people’s attention, which means you should use it for display purposes. T-shirts, invitations, websites, and store signs are some places where this font can easily shine!

12. Marsneveneksk

free graffiti fonts

As the last typeface, we introduce you to Marsneveneksk, a signature typeface with a graffiti style. When graffiti arts were a thing, artists would leave their signatures on walls, which became the inspiration for the Marsneveneksk font, and that’s why it can be used for designs now.

It may not have good readability, but it has a good design, which will help you get attention with ease, so try designing some advertisements or t-shirts with it.


Graffiti fonts never go out of style because of their unique and stylish looks. Whether projects are formal or informal, graffiti fonts are perfect for every design with their vibrant and eye-catching colors, so consider using them for your designs too—you will surely grab your audience’s attention soon!

1. What are graffiti fonts?

Graffiti fonts are those typefaces that are inspired by street arts and designs. These fonts have bright colors and eye-catching designs because they are designed especially for a young or teen audience. All the fonts mentioned above are good examples of graffiti fonts.

2. Where can I find free graffiti fonts?

Although there are many graffiti fonts available on the internet, this list has the best graffiti fonts you will ever need.