The worst part about being a designer is continuously creating attractive and eye-catching projects; of course, it’s not always possible, especially if you run out of ideas or have no inspiration. However, what if we told you there’s something that can instantly get rid of this problem? Introducing the best fancy Canva fonts, which are some of the most captivating and engaging fonts you will ever find on the internet.

Whether it’s a business startup or a well-known beauty brand, these fonts excel at helping you catch attention with their fancy style. Furthermore, despite their good-looking appearance, they still have decent readability, which allows them to project your message and a good design at the same time.

So, if you have made up your mind and don’t want to waste time looking for ideas, then feel free to check out our list of 10 fancy Canva fonts. Luxury or not, anyone using these typefaces is sure to get popular, so stick with us till the end for the best choices!

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10 Fancy Fonts in Canva for Sophisticated Designs 

The best part about these fonts is that they are completely free, so make sure you try them out and pick the ones that work best for you!

Brown Sugar

Do you need a fancy font that makes you feel like you own a luxury place or a famous fashion brand? If so, then better take a look at brown sugar! This sophisticated font comes with a pretty modern and stylish design that can make any newbie business look professional in no time. Its bold yet thin design not only doesn’t attract people but also has amazing readability, which is a rare thing in such a font. So, feel free to use it for display works like logos for the best results.


Here’s Harmonie by Metafontsy, a calligraphy font with a retro design that may be inspired by theater fonts, which explains its elegant and attractive look. Such designs were a popular choice for wedding cards, restaurant designs, movie posters, and invitation cards, so maybe you can use Harmonie for the same purposes even today.

Furthermore, since this font depends on its design too much, it doesn’t have great readability, so it’s better to use it for projects where readability doesn’t matter.

Higuen Elegant Serif

Higuen elegant serif is a vintage font that was designed to fit in with the modern world, so if you like the previously mentioned font, you should try out Higuen Elegant instantly! It’s a beautiful-looking font that would be instantly chosen by some popular fashion or jewelry brand, which explains how good this font is! But it’s not limited to that; you can use the typeface for health, fitness, or well-being websites too since it’s pretty sophisticated and looks peaceful.


Rasputin by Jehoo Creative is an amazing choice for people looking for something that isn’t too fancy but still looks eye-catching. It doesn’t have any excessive swashes or fancy designs, but instead, it has a solid professional look, which makes it good for businesses and companies that want an attractive yet professional font that doesn’t look extremely fancy.

Rasputin can be a great choice for book covers, artistic presentations, and posters. So, what are you waiting for? Pick it up and create some beautiful professional designs!

Noto Serif Display

Rasputin was pretty basic and simple, and if you are looking for some more fonts like it, then it’s time for you to meet Noto Serif Display! Just like Rasputin, this fancy font in Canva features a much simpler-looking design compared to the other fonts on the list.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not attractive or eye-catching; it looks equally beautiful but is mostly used for professional work since fancy designs are preferred less there! Its bold design is good at giving the message, while the minimal, fancy style keeps it the center of attention.


After these professional-looking fonts, how about taking a look at some street typefaces? Because even there, you can find fancy and elegant designs that can leave people stunned! Introducing Gagalin, a rugged and comic-like street font that easily becomes the center of attention! Gagalin can even remind you of comic texts as it’s inspired them, which can be fancy to comic fans. It’s a good way to attract such an audience, especially if your work is related to books and comics!

Boston Angel

The Boston Angel is here, Filled with love and fanciness, this font will help you shine the brightest! Its design is quite bold, and each end has some beautiful swashes that increase its beauty and prominence. Boston Angel would be most useful for romantic and love designs because of its lovely look, so feel free to use it for wedding designs, anniversary decorations, or some Valentine’s letters. Just express your love; Boston Angel would do the rest like a cupid!


If you are disappointed with the previous professional fancy fonts, then here’s some good news for you: Notable by Eli Block! This old and wide typeface is known for its beautiful display design that easily captures anyone’s attention with its cool and luxurious design! It’s advised to use Notable for masculine designs because it’s so bold, but you can use it however you want! It’s good for websites, businesses, and even t-shirts too, so have fun with it!

Diplomata SC

Liked Notable? If yes, then how about trying something similar but retro? Here’s Diplomata SC by Eduardo Tunni; it’s also a bold and wide fancy Canva font, just like Notable, but instead it gives a vintage design, which just increases your choices! Such designs were extremely popular in the 1990s; whether it was for movie posters or logos, you would see them everywhere. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to see retro fanciness rise again, you should try out Diplomata SC.

Inlander Texture

Let’s end this with Inlander Texture, an iconic fancy Canva from the past known for its rugged and bold design! Inlander texture is a popular choice when it comes to such designs, thanks to its versatile design and multiple styles, which include regular, smooth, rough, and texture. You can easily create the most creative and attractive designs with such a typeface, so pick it up now and get ready to create some fancy projects!


Fancy fonts can never be beaten at attracting people with their amazing looks and designs, and if you are just starting, then they can be an amazing choice! So, consider trying out all the fancy fonts in Canva that we have mentioned here so that you can create some masterpieces soon!