Compared to other industries, fashion fonts are the hardest to pick as there’s a huge variety in fashion designs. Sometimes you may need edgy, sometimes elegant, or sometimes sophisticated fonts, which can make fashion design an annoying task.

And with so many fashion font choices available on the internet, this just becomes harder. However, you can’t pick any random font and use it for your brand, since if it doesn’t match the theme, your audience won’t like your designs, and your efforts will be wasted.

That’s the reason we are here with good news, which is our list of fashion Canva fonts! Whether you are working on a fashion project for the first time or are a professional, this list of the best clothing Canva fonts is ready to help you out with everything you will ever need for your designs. You will also find a huge variety of typefaces that can help you out with multiple designs, so consider staying with us till the end!

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10 Perfect Canva Fonts For Fashion Brands

The best part about these fonts is that they are from Canva, which means they are completely free to use for all your works, so feel free to check them out!

Dream Avenue

Fashion fonts are all about being elegant and stylish, so let’s start with Dream Avenue, which has both of these qualities. With its sleek and beautiful design, it can easily remind you of any popular fashion or cosmetic brand! Also, it’s made especially for modern projects, so if you are someone looking forward to sticking with trends, then using Dream Avenue can be a great idea. You can use it for logos, headlines, or any design that’s supposed to be used for display since it’s amazing at catching attention!

TAN Pearl

TAN Type always has the most beautiful and stylish fonts, so let’s take a look at one of their fonts for fashion, which is known as the TAN Pearl! This font isn’t only elegant and smart-looking, but it has a professional side too, which makes it an amazing choice for big brands! But don’t worry if you don’t own a big brand; you can use this font even for your new start-up and become successful eventually! Its readability is amazing, which isn’t common with fashion fonts, so do not miss it out!

Noto Serif Display

Do you like luxury fonts? They are also part of fashion designs, so why not use one? Here’s Noto Serif Display, a modern and elegant typeface that represents both modern and ancient typography!

Most of the time, Noto Serif Display is considered an excellent choice for professional and fashion designs because of its unique letter design, which is actually pretty impressive. Keep in mind that it works for all kinds of displays, whether they are text designs or display ones!

Black Mango

Looking for something feminine? Well, here’s Black Mango by Creative Medialab! This font is known for its unique design, which isn’t seen in many clothing Canva fonts nowadays.

If most of your fashion designs are for women or you own a feminine clothing brand, then do not hesitate to use this font, as that’s what it’s made for! Of course, it will be used for your brand’s logo, but feel free to use it for advertisements and flyers too if you want to gain more and more attention quickly.

DM Sans

Do you remember the Y2K era? The golden days on earth? Although it’s gone, the fashion of that era is still going on, and maybe you can take advantage of this by using DM Sans! This font is designed by Colophon Foundry and is based on old and retro posters, which fit extremely well with the fashion sense of that period.

Therefore, designers looking forward to designing some retro or Y2K-themed streetwear should check out this font! It’s cool and easily pulls out nostalgia, which can make you even more successful!

TAN Nimbus

Psychedelic Canva fonts for fashion brands are always great and loved by many people, so why not try out Tan Nimbus? This bold yet elegant-looking font will bring you joy with its unique appearance, which is good for both your brand and your fashion designs. Furthermore, do not worry about its readability, as despite having a psychedelic design, it’s extremely clear and readable, making it the perfect typeface for your next fashion-based project!


We had too many modern-looking Canva fonts, so let’s focus a bit on the past with Mestizo by Chris Torregosa! This font was made especially for fans of vintage designs, especially the Western ones. It’s true that retro fashion isn’t that popular nowadays, but still, there are many fans of it, which can make Mestizo!

Feel free to take advantage of its bold design, which draws a great deal of attention, and its attractive style, which will make your retro collection much more eye-catching than before!


Introducing Horizon, a professional bold font loved by many! This font has a modern design, which works really well for urban clothing. Whether it’s a bomber jacket, ripped jeans, or just t-shirts, Horizon looks amazing with any urban clothing you might be releasing.

Also, it has a pretty masculine look, so you might want to try it out for men’s clothing too! Lastly, it’s got an outline version too, which just increases the use of this font and makes it more versatile, so do not miss it out!

TAN Twinkle

Did you like TAN Twinkle? If so, then consider trying out TAN Twinkle too, which is also from TAN Type! This is much thinner but also has an elegant look, which doesn’t only work well for fashion designs but does extremely well for jewelry brands and designs too! You may think its only purpose is display or headings; however, if you want, you can easily use it for descriptions and text fonts without any problems either!

Yeseva One 

Last but not least, we have Yeseva One by Jovanny, which is known for its feminine and cute design. When it comes to fashion, the majority of designs and clothing are made for women, which is why having this typeface is a must! It’s a short yet elegant design that easily makes some of the most eye-catching designs, thanks to its bold style as well! Feel free to use it for both offline and online advertisements and prints; you will eventually gain a good following.


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for fashion fonts for some clothing projects or just for some personal designs; our list of Canva fonts for fashion brands is ready to help you out in every way. Choose from choices like Black Mango and TAN Twinkle to create the most beautiful fashion designs!