Superheroes are everywhere! Since the debuts of popular characters like Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman, the comic industry has gotten just better and better over the years.

Because of this, you can see them just everywhere nowadays, whether it’s on a popular brand, movies, games, websites, or even typefaces! There are thousands of fonts based on comic effects, super hero comic styles, and super hero designs that do an amazing job of helping superhero and comic projects improve and look better than ever.

That’s why in today’s article we are going to look over some of the best Super Hero fonts on Canva! Whether you need them to add a cool new look to your comic website, add new effects to your own comics, or just for some personal projects, the Comic Canva Fonts mentioned here can help you out with anything related to comics! So, let’s not waste lots of time and get straight into the list of Canva Super Hero fonts right now!

10 Spectacular Comic Canva Fonts 

Fortunately, all the fonts mentioned here are completely free to use on Canva, so feel free to check them out. Every font featured a unique superhero comic style, so have fun with them!


Based on mid-20th-century comics, Bangers by Vernon Adams has become a really popular comic font over the years because of its striking and dynamic design. This font features a bold and slightly tilted style, which makes it more like a comic font and gives it a unique design. It’s so good that this font isn’t limited to comic design since it’s often used on YouTube video thumbnails, magazines, and even product logos as well.

Cosmic Octo

Cosmic October is a font based on the early Superman and Spider-Man comic fonts. These types of fonts were often used on covers because they worked well with vibrant colors and had great readability.

It’s designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil and may not be the best font for this modern world, but you can still use it in a variety of ways. If you want to add a retro reference to your comic, want to design a vintage-looking scene, or are looking forward to creating a retro comic T-shirt, you can effectively use this typeface!

Luckiest Guy

Did you like Bangers? If yes, then you should try out Luckiest Guy too! It’s a popular font designed by Astigmatic that is often used outside of the comics industry. If you want to use this font, then you can use it just like Bangers, but since it’s not tilted, you may find even more places where Luckiest Guy can be useful.

You can even use it for comic logos, text effects, covers, and non-comic designs like t-shirts and advertisements, so become lucky with Luckiest Guy now!

Lilita One

Unlike every other superhero font on Canva, Lilita One looks like it’s made for softer designs rather than dynamic ones, which makes it a great choice for casual comic projects. It’s designed by Juan Montoreano and is a rounded, bold font with a pretty cute look that can work with a variety of comic designs.

Whether you want to design your favorite superhero with a bright dialogue or want a sweet-looking typeface for your comic-related product, Lilita One can easily help you out with its unique style!


Introducing Noot, a bit of a funny and fancy-looking comic Canva font by Amos Jerbi. Noot may not look like it has come out of a superhero comic, but it can actually be used on many occasions because no comic uses one single font. Noot can be used to express humor and fun moments, but if you aren’t looking for it for comics, then it’s an amazing choice for many personal designs, such as comic-based wall art, fancy-looking coffee mugs, or even t-shirts.

One Little Font Full

As mentioned before, comics use a huge variety of fonts, and one of them is hand-drawn, which looks extremely adorable and cute. That’s why we are introducing you to One Little Font, which is based on hand-drawn fonts or the writing of little kids, making it the best choice for kids’ comics!

But that’s not all; if you want, then this font can be used in many more places, like schools, classrooms, t-shirts, stationery products, and toys. If your targeted customers are kids, then one little font can be extremely useful to you.

Cabin Sketch

Scribbled fonts are often used in comics to give a rough and hand-drawn look, and if you are looking for a font like that, then you should try out Cabin Sketch by Impallari Type. It’s a retro-looking hand-drawn font with a scribbled design, which can remind you of old comics that didn’t have any colors at all. These designs aren’t used in comics anymore, but still, Cabin Sketch can work well for other projects such as website designs, t-shirts, stickers, and more, which makes it extremely worth it!


We previously talked about bold Canva superhero fonts like Bangers and Luckiest Guy, but they were based on retro designs. That’s why here’s one based on the modern era! It’s known as Bungee and was designed by David Jonathan Ross.

This font has an urban design and can fit well with futuristic and modern-themed comics. Just like the other bold font, you may use this for text effects, covers, or posters. Outside of comic use, you can try designing some brand logos and website logos with it.

BP Diet

Introducing BP Diet, an extra-bold Super Hero font on Canva by Backpacker. If you aren’t satisfied with the previously mentioned bold fonts, then BP Diet is best for you, as it’s extra bold and features impressive readability, which is extremely easy to read even from long distances. If you are a fan of comics and want your brand to be comic-themed, then start working with BP Diet now, as it’s an excellent font for such work.


Last but not least, we have Wedges by DM Letter Studio, which is another bold Comic Canva font! However, what makes it different is its rounded and adorable look, which can help you craft some of the most eye-catching comic designs. It’s good on the side of readability and is a perfect font for display work, so why not use it for some logos, headlines, branding, or comic cover designs?


Despite the modern age, comics and superheroes are still popular, and they will continue to be. That’s why it’s a great idea to use all the Super Hero fonts on Canva, as we have mentioned in this article! Their unique and retro style can help you get a lot of recognition, so check them out soon!