There are a variety of classical and vintage fonts, but none of them are like Victorian fonts! These fonts are based on the Victorian era, a time when Queen Victoria ruled over Great Britain.

During this time, Britain went through a huge amount of revolutions, from modernization and technological revolutions to graphic design revolutions! Which gave birth to many beautiful Victorian fonts we can use today!

Although this great era ended in 1901, Victorian fonts are still used from time to time because of their whimsical and elegant looks that instantly take you back in time.

Whether projects are personal or professional, people love seeing these typefaces to remember their past and feel nostalgic. This is why today we have brought you a list of the best Victorian fonts on Canva!

These fonts are still part of the trend, have great design, and never fail to attract crowds, so why not give them a try? Their aesthetic style makes them an amazing pick for projects like invitation cards, branding projects, book covers, theatrical designs, and website headers as well!

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10 Canva Fonts for Victorian Designs

Always remember that all the fonts listed here are from Canva and are completely free to use, so try them out and design some astonishing Victorian designs!

EFCO Brookshire

Our first font on the list is EFCO Brookshire by Ephemera Fonts, which is known for its unique classical design! This font is very likely to remind you of romantic designs from vintage movies or even old-school love designs as well!

This makes this font an excellent choice for wedding designs, especially if they have a vintage theme, or maybe you can use this font for your anniversary. Or maybe you are an old couple looking forward to enjoying Valentine’s Day in classical style. If any of these cases match your situation, then do not hesitate to use EFCO Brookshire and design something lovely.


Kundiman is our next elegant Victorian font on Canva and features a unique design never seen before. It’s designed by Deane Miguel and introduces you to an interesting, bold design that looks simply amazing!

If you are a fan of classically bold fonts, then you will surely love it, as it can even remind you of retro movies. Although this font looks amazing, it doesn’t have good readability because of its uncommon design. That’s why you should use it only for display or decoration purposes rather than the actual text.


Cinzel is a popular font, but did you know it’s based on the Victorian style? It was designed by Natanael Gama and is based on the minimal lettering used in classical times for legible texts; however, it still has a bit of a stylish look, so you can’t consider it a boring font.

Cinzel gets better as you start checking out its bolder versions since they help you understand the real design of Cinzel and allow you to use it for display projects. It’s a good fit for both, so it all depends on how you use it.


Sancreek is based on those Victorian text designs that became pretty popular worldwide because of their interesting looks. This font was designed by Vernon Adams, and it’s often used to indicate Britain and its culture whenever it’s mentioned in movies and videos.

This font is also often associated with knights and medieval texts, which means there are just so many ways to use this unique font! Its readability is good and it works well for display purposes, so consider giving it a try soon!

Cinzel Decorative

Remember when we mentioned how minimal Cinzel is compared to the other Victorian fonts on Canva? So, if that simple design appeals to you, then maybe you should try out Cinzel Decorative! It’s also designed by Natanael Gama but provides you with a stunning updated design that looks extremely attractive.

This style is often used on book covers to make them look more dynamic, so feel free to do the same. It can also work for perfumes, masculine designs, and business logos. It has many uses, so it all depends on how you utilize it!


Alegreya is up next, and it’s yet another simple Victorian font on Canva. It doesn’t feature any special designs but still gives off decent Victorian and retro vibes, which allows you to enjoy it! This font’s main purpose is as text or a subheading, so avoid using it for displays because it’s pretty simple and you may find it hard to attract customers. Therefore, it can be a great text font for books, subtitles in videos, or even texts on websites related to history.


Introducing Meteroritika by Shimanov Types, which is actually not a Canva font for Victorian designs but is inspired by them. This font is also inspired by 90s modern designs, which were often used in movies and tech companies.

Meteroritika is pretty easy to read and gives a great amount of nostalgia because of its retro-modern design filled with Victorian vibes, which makes it an amazing choice for movie posters, product logos, and a few more Victorian designs.


Alta by Aaron Amar is a humanist Victorian font designed especially for those who are looking for some modern style even in these classical typefaces. It’s sleek and elegant, gives off a good Victorian vibe, and can help you gain a good amount of attention with its elegant design.

While it may not be the boldest font, it’s still good for display purposes because of its ability to be attractive. This means fashion brands, beauty brands, invitation cards, t-shirts, and a variety of project designs can benefit from this typeface!

Inlander Texture

Even during the Victorian era, stamps were used a lot, and inspired by those stamps, we have Inlander Texture! This font is pretty bold and looks as if it has been freshly stamped, which gives a good sense of nostalgia. But that’s not all; Inlander Texture has three more versions: smooth, rough, and texture. These versions work just like they are named, which can help you add more personality to your designs, so do not miss them!


Remember Sancreek? The Victorian font that got really popular worldwide? If you liked it, then we have Rye for you, which is simply the upgraded version of Sancreek. From design to readability, Rye has upgraded everything you would want in the better version of Sancreek, which just makes it a better font. However, it can be considered the modernized version, as it lacks a little bit of a retro vibe.


Are you looking for Canva fonts for Victorian designs? If yes, then consider checking out the list mentioned above! You will find many amazing choices, like Alta, Sancreek, and Inlander Texture! Each font has its own style, which can help you craft unique Victorian designs.