Picking a good magazine font is probably one of the hardest tasks as a designer since, for such designs, you need fonts that are extremely attractive, sleek, legible, and versatile as well. If they miss any of these qualities, it can be quite hard to put them in your magazine and gain attention, which is why magazines are always way different than normal typefaces.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this hassle anymore since we have already picked the magazine’s Canva fonts! Whether you are publishing your first or 1000th magazine, the typefaces available on Canvas are suitable for any magazine, so why not give them a try? 

From readability to an eye-catching look, they have everything a good magazine font requires, which already gives them many reasons to be used on your upcoming projects!

The best part is that all these magazine cutout fonts on Canva are completely free to use, so stop worrying about licenses and start working on your magazine design!

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10 Elegant Magazine Canva Fonts

Finally, here’s the list of the best magazine Canva fonts you have waited for! Make sure to check them out, as they are the key to making your magazines more popular than ever!

Noto Serif Display

Filled with Italian and elegant energy, Noto Serif Display is our first don’t on this list! It’s a display font, so it will be used for display purposes, such as the headline or title of your magazine. However, it can do wonders on small sizes as well as important texts.

At large sizes, Noto Serif Display has amazing readability, so along with a beautiful design, your readers won’t have a difficult reading experience either, which makes Noto Serif Display the ultimate font for magazine designs! It’s available in more languages, so feel free to check them out too.

Roxborough CF

Introducing Roxborough CF, which is a calligraphy font with an extremely beautiful look! What makes this font unique are its stylish and italic letters, which look elegant thanks to the calligraphy style. Unlike other italic fonts, Roxborough CF is bold, which gives it an advantage in readability, making it much easier to read.

Therefore, if you were looking for something with excellent legibility and great design at the same time, then Roxborough CF is something you should try out! It’s good for titles, subtitles, headings, and even logos, so it’s guaranteed you won’t regret trying it out.

Kudryashev Display Sans

Kudryasdev Display Sans by Paratype is one more charming font you must try out if you want your magazines to look professional and classy. Since it features a beautiful design that isn’t seen anymore in many fonts nowadays, this can easily help you stand out among the rest of the magazine and help you gain a larger audience.

Kudryashev is way sleeker and thinner than many magazine Canva fonts, so it’s best to keep it for display purposes like headlines! It’s pretty feminine, so always make sure you use this typeface for beauty topics!

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a popular font in this industry since it has been used for magazine designs multiple times! It’s designed by Claus Eggers Sorensen and has a much simpler design than the other magazine fonts on the list.

However, since people are more familiar with this design, you may easily gain their trust and attract them to your magazines instantly. Since this font is already used a lot for magazines, feel free to experiment with it anywhere you want, whether it’s headlines or subtitles.

Magazine cut-out letters

Magazine cut-out letters aren’t fonts since they are elements in Canva. However, you can still use them as fonts thanks to their creative and unique design. If you want to try them out, then just go to the element tab in Canva and search “magazine cut-out letters“! Once you find them, select a pack and have fun with them! This unique idea isn’t common these days, so trying it out can easily make your magazine stand out among the rest, consider giving it a try, as it’s free and takes almost no effort!


Just like Playfair Display, Anton has also been a popular pick for magazines for a long time, so why not try it out? It was designed by Vernon Adams and is well known for its bold design, which is extremely versatile.

It doesn’t matter whether your magazine is about food, business, news, or beauty; Anton easily fits everywhere because of its minimal yet useful design! So, if you are confused among all the fonts mentioned in this list, maybe you should try out and experiment with Anton first!


If you think bold fonts may not be ideal for magazines, then change your opinion since Giaza is here! This font is known for its bold and curvy design, along with an elegant look, and is ready to be used in many magazine projects. If you are wondering where this font could work best, then why not try it for fashion magazines?

This font was designed especially for beauty design, so fashion design will work amazingly with it! However, just make sure you use Giaza for headlines, as it may not work really well for other places in your magazines.

Perandory Condensed

Thinking about having a retro section in your magazines? If yes, then why not try Perandory Condensed? It’s designed by Kulture Type and provides an amazing vintage design with a long letter style, which will take you back into the 90s. As mentioned before, this typeface can be a big help if you are thinking about covering a classical topic because this magazine canva font has nostalgic energy to make your designs stand out of the crowd!


We had too many stylish typefaces that could help out fashion and beauty magazines, so here it is, Nourd! This font is pretty minimal and modern at the same time, which makes it a perfect choice for normal magazines or magazines that don’t require any fancy fonts to stand out. Nourd is pretty bold and clean, so it will be the header or title of your projects. However, if you need some bold text, it can work even there; just make sure you keep the sizes legible.


In the end, we introduce you to Voga! It’s one last elegant typeface you need to check because its design is something no one can ignore. Voga was designed especially to be used in projects that need to attract customers, whether it’s logos, advertisements, or even magazines. This easily explains why using Voga is likely to increase your chances of getting popular.


Picking a font for a magazine is way more complicated than normal fonts; fortunately, we have many beautiful magazine fonts on Canva, along with some magazine cutout fonts on Canva, which makes this task easier. If you are looking forward to starting to publish your magazines, then consider trying out these typefaces!