Did you know, that despite going outside, extroverts can be designers too? They may not spend too much time online, but yes, there are some people like them, and the best thing they have ever done is provide us with outdoor fonts!

These fonts are based on the vibe of outside life and the adventurous moments every extrovert has experienced. Which is why they are filled with energy, easily grab attention, and are often used for display purposes.

If you are an outgoing person, then you should really get this font since it can help you be more active and become more and more popular among others! So, if you are convinced, would you like to take a look at the list of outdoor Canva fonts we made especially for you? 

If yes, then consider reading and sticking to the end, because many of the fonts mentioned here must be new to you! So, checking them out slowly can help you know more about them and understand their proper use!

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10 Exciting Adventure Fonts On Canva

The good news is that every font mentioned here is from Canva, which means they are completely free to use! Therefore, do not waste time and start trying them out right now.


Introducing Norwester, an all-purpose condensed font designed by Jamie Wilson! This font is extremely versatile and fits not only for outdoor designs but for a variety of projects, such as retro designs and masculine projects as well, thanks to its unique style.

Norwester is bold and has decent readability because its design is simple and straightforward, which can easily make it the main text of many adventure and travel designs such as guide boards, guide book covers, or travel YouTube video thumbnails! 


Just like Norwester, Montserrat is another minimal and versatile font designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. However, the difference with Montserrat is that it’s way thinner than Norwester, which makes it a good font for subtitles and headlines.

Fortunately, it’s not as simple as Norwester and has a little bit of attractive design, which easily helps in display designs. Remember we advised you to use Norwester or another font to make it look more interesting? Maybe you should try it with Montserrat; both fonts are unique but a bit similar too, so maybe they can work together and craft some adventurous-looking projects.


Looking for something interesting? If so, then here’s Lovelo! A unique and eye-catching outdoor Canva font is ready to take over your projects! Lovelo is a modern outdoor font, perhaps a futuristic outdoor world, which is why it looks so unique and mechanical.

This font is fantastic on display because, despite not having a bold design, its separate parts create the illusion of boldness, which gives it decent readability as well. Lovelo can be a great option for advanced tourism places, hotels in the travel industry, their logos, or even modern-looking travel or sports websites.

Inlander Texture

Miss the vintage era? If yes, then here’s Inlander Texture, a popular font for good nostalgia and a vintage look! This font is based on designs of stamps, which perfectly fit the theme of the outdoor world as they can bring back memories of the old days!

Furthermore, Inlander Texture has three different stamp styles, which can help you craft even more unique designs! Maybe you can use this font for signboards, t-shirts, classical blog thumbnails, or stamp designs! It has good readability, and with four different styles, there’s a lot you can create with it.

Zuume Rough Bold

Liked the Inlander texture? If yes, then you should consider trying out Zuume Rough Bold! It’s also a bold display font with a good design, but instead of the past, this font focuses on a modern look!

Perhaps you want to represent the rough and rugged side of the outdoor world, so in such a case, Zuume Rough Bold can be an amazing choice because of its unique look. Feel free to try it out for mountain guide designs, pollution designs, gym logos, or wildlife projects!

Hertical Texture

Next up, we have Hertical Texture by Edignwn Type! If you like our retro fonts so far, then you should check out this one as well, because, just like its name suggests, it’s based on geometric designs, which makes it a perfect outdoor font.

This font is used most often for display designs, so feel free to try out some cool outdoor and ancient-looking projects with these Adventure fonts on Canva! It has a serif and a serif too, so since you have more choices, let your creativity kick in and start designing!

Lava Pro Rough

Lava Pro Rough is just an updated version of Lava Pro, which is a bold display font with a pretty simple look. But when it becomes the Lava Pro Rough, it unleashes its wild side and turns into a perfect adventure font on Canva!

As it’s the original version, it’s still good for display projects, and even with the new look, it has amazing readability. You should use it in wildlife documentaries, action movie posters, and travel designs because its rough look can easily fit many of these topics pretty well.


We are talking about adventure and outdoor fonts, so having some wild-looking typefaces is important. That’s why here’s Abys! It’s designed by Ioanajalfa, and just like its name suggests, this font has an abyssal and adventurous look that looks extremely fun to use!

Therefore, just like Lava Pro, this font will be good for a variety of wildlife designs, but that’s not all; it can even be a great choice for product and company logos because of its fierce look, so there are many amazing ideas you can easily try out with it!


Comics bring adventures, so why not have a font inspired by them? Introducing Gagalin, which is a font inspired by retro fonts used in old comics. Using this font can evoke a good amount of nostalgia if you were a big fan of comics and read them with your friends back then. This font is still usable, especially if you want to give a taste of the past to your readers or just want to try the retro look. Lastly, there are many non-comic places that can use this amazing font, so keep trying!

AC Pathetic

We talked about wildlife and comics, but do you know what is more adventurous? City street! especially if you are doing graffiti art. Inspired by those thrilling experiences, we have AC Pathetic, which provides you with a beautiful graffiti or spray paint-like design. If you are a fan of such arts on the streets, then consider trying out AC pathetic; it will be great for a variety of designs and help the typography world get an outdoor look!


Going out is good, and so is trying out our outdoor Canva fonts! If you ever get a chance to work on such designs, then feel free to try them out, as they are always ready for you! So pick them up and start designing!