Did you know that despite being highly informative and full of news, people won’t read your newspapers? Yes, you read that right, since it’s the truth! Good-looking fonts are a lot more likely to make your newspapers look interesting, while too-professional ones can give off boring vibes, which is why even for newspapers, fonts matter.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the texts of your articles, headlines, or the title of your newspaper; you must pick the right typeface for each section for an attractive and successful-looking newspaper.

At first, this task may seem extremely complicated, especially if you are new to the typeface world, but do not worry, since we have already done this work for you! Welcome to the list of the 10 most attractive Canva newspaper fonts!

Here we have gathered some decent newspaper fonts, like a variety of old English typefaces, which are any designer’s first choice for a newspaper’s title and headlines! That’s why make sure to stay till the end for the best old newspaper Canva font ever.

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10 Amazing Canva Newspaper Fonts

The best part about these fonts is that all of them are from Canva! Therefore, you don’t need to pay for licenses; start designing with them right away!


Let’s start from the beginning. Since every newspaper starts with its name and title, we are introducing you to UnifrakturMaguntia by J.’mach’ Wust. This font is based on popular old English fonts, which explains its heavy and attractive design.

Many popular newspapers, like The New York Times, use such fonts for their titles, so how about you try it out too? It’s extremely readable and gives off a professional look too, which can help you easily get popular, which increases the chances of your newspaper going into high sales!

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is next, and fortunately, it’s a popular face in the newspaper industry, so you shouldn’t hesitate to try it out!

It’s designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen and is known for its elegant-looking design, which easily makes newspapers stand out! Playfair Display should be used for headlines in most cases, as its thin design can help you grab a lot of attention for the best news and article titles. It’s readability; it’s the biggest plus point, and since it’s extremely clear, everyone will enjoy reading your newspaper!

Engravers in Old English

Engravers Old English is a popular choice when it comes to newspaper fonts, since The New York Times uses a similar font for their logo! This font is designed by OPTIFONT and is based on many vintage old English fonts from the past, so you can consider using it for the title of your newspaper in case you want to look traditional or retro! Consider trying it out for headlines too from time to time for special articles, as sometimes using the same font can make a newspaper look boring.

TAN Nimbus

TAN Nimbus is next, which looks nothing like the previous old English fonts, and that’s okay because modern newspapers have started using such fonts too! It’s a psychedelic-inspired typeface, which explains its wavy and flowing design.

It’s bold and thick as well, which explains why it can be such a great choice for your titles and logos. Though it has an unusual design, it’s still got great readability, so make sure to check it out.

True Typewriter

It’s true that no one uses a typewriter nowadays, but that doesn’t mean people don’t miss it! Introducing True Typewriter, a Canva newspaper font based on retro typewriter typefaces that are often used for text designs.

If you want your newspaper to have a vintage look so that your readers can feel nostalgic, True Typewriter can be an amazing choice. It exactly looks like a typewriter font and is extremely readable, which is great for both you and your newspaper.

Times New Roman

There’s no one in the world who doesn’t know about Times New Roman; it’s one of the most popular fonts ever and is even used by many newspapers worldwide. It’s designed by Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent and is extremely versatile, which means it’s possible to use this old newspaper canva font for both headings and texts! A lot of newspapers have used Times New Roman and achieved success, so it’s time for you to try it out too!


When it comes to elegance, Anaktoria is an amazing choice! Of course, it’s not retro and looks nothing like old English, but okay, since readers love modern and elegant typefaces too! Designed by George Douros, Anaktoria is a good choice for magazines too, since its modern and elegant look can easily fit in such a place. However, if you want to use it for newspapers, consider keeping it for headlines or logos; it will work efficiently!

DM Serif Display

The DM Serif Display font is yet another popular font in the newspaper industry due to its high usage! This font was designed by Colophon Foundry and is pretty useful despite having a minimal design.

If you want your newspaper to look simple, not too retro like old English fonts, and not too modern like Anaktoria, then DM serif will be an amazing choice. Fortunately, it can easily fit well for headlines and even newspaper titles, which means if you want, you can design your entire newspaper with just one font!

Droid Serif

In case you haven’t liked any text fonts so far, here’s Droid Serif by Google Android! It’s a minimal-looking serif typeface, which is why it doesn’t feature any special designs, but that’s what makes it the perfect text font! It works well for paragraphs, quotes, and even headlines sometimes, which is why you should consider trying it out. It has bolder versions too, in case you want to experiment and try it out for headlines and titles too!

Bodoni FLF

In the end, we introduce you to the Bodoni FLF! This font is an amazing example of the future of newspaper typefaces since many people have started using similar modern fonts for their newspapers. If you are someone who doesn’t like old English fonts or just isn’t interested in retro designs, then this font is perfect for you! You can easily use it for your headlines and titles, thanks to its sharp and modern-looking design, which automatically gives off professional vibes!


Canva Newspaper Fonts can be hard to find, but fortunately, with this list available here, it’s not the same case anymore! Feel free to pick from fonts like Playfair Display or Engravers Old English for headlines and Droid Serif or Anaktoria for the best texts ever; you will never regret it!