Typewriter fonts are often underestimated because they are inspired by the letter styles of the old typewriters. People tend to think these fonts don’t look good and end up not using them forever. But that’s where they go wrong, because if you observe typewriter fonts properly, then you will realize they are one of the best types of fonts, especially when it comes to vintage and retro designs.

Yes, you read that correctly. Because typewriter fonts are based on typewriter letters, they hold a lot of classical and vintage vibes inside them, which can help you design some iconic retro projects! Therefore, if you are feeling interested in typewriter fonts now, consider reading this article to the end.

Because here we are going to list out some of the best typewriter fonts on Canva! Canva has a massive collection of some of the best typewriter fonts that can beat typewriter fonts available in any other font library. Therefore, let’s get started right now so that you can get your Canva typewriter fonts right away!

What is a Typewriter Font?


Typewriter font is inspired by the bold letters of classical typewriters. These fonts often look grungy and distressed, which makes them a good choice for some vintage projects. From text to headlines to titles, there are typewriter fonts for every kind of purpose. 

Not to mention, these fonts look like they were written with real ink, which means you can often notice printed looks in their designs, which adds a good classical look too. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a mystery movie poster or a vintage-looking logo; these typefaces will help you create projects that will take your audience back to the past.

Best Canva Typewriter Fonts For Vintage Looks! 

Although we live in a modern world, old typefaces and designs are gaining popularity daily, which gives you another reason to use these typewriter fonts on Canva. So, make sure to check out each of them.

1. True Typewriter

True Typewriter is a normal typewriter font with cool slab serif looks. But that wasn’t enough, so the designer added spray paint details to make this font even more usable and attractive. All these unique features give it a decently rugged and distressed look, which will surely fit well with any kind of classical project.

Normally, True Typewriter is a good choice for texts, as its letters are short and thin, so feel free to write your old-styled descriptions and subtitles with it.

2. Special Elite

Special Elite, designed by Astigmatic, is a popular typewriter font everyone knows about. This font has good old-school vibes along with printed looks, which makes it a good pick for your retro projects. Although Special Elite has a printed design, it still looks really clear, which helps it become part of important designs like main texts.

Special Elite will be a good choice for all kinds of typography projects as long as you need a vintage touch, so enjoy decorating your websites with it.

3. 29LT Makina

29LT Makina is an Arabic typewriter font that mimics the rough prints of actual typewriters. The font has quite a modern look, which helps it fit in both futuristic and retro projects at the same time. Because it’s an Arabic font, you will receive Arabic characters too, which can be helpful in many types of creative designs.

29LT Makina can be a great choice for historical projects too, as it’s already a classic font and has printed looks too, which will fit past-based projects well.

4. TLWG Typewriter

Unlike the other fonts on this list, TLWG Typewriter is a font that doesn’t have a printed look, which makes its design extremely clean and clear. Yes, you read that correctly, so if you are a person who hates printed or rugged design fonts, then you should probably go for TLWG Typewriter. 

It’s a great pick for professional designs, texts, and important subtitles. Being clean also makes this font decently readable, which means no matter how long the paragraphs you write with it are, they will always be easy to read.

5. Lumios Typewriter

Are you bored with simple typewriter fonts? If so, then check out Lumios Typewriter! Designed by Elena Genova, Lumios is a stylish typewriter font, which can be a good option for displaying design. Normally, typewriter fonts aren’t used for logos or advertisements, but Lumios has an amazing design that allows it to gather attention and become the center of attention with ease.

Not to mention, TLWG typewriter, Lumios is quite clear and readable too, and this helps it stand out even more and attract more traffic than its competitors. However, one important thing you need to know about it is that it’s accessible only through a Canva Pro subscription, so purchase it soon!

6. Courier Prime

Designed by Lan Dague-Greene, Courier Prime is yet another clean typewriter font you should try out soon because its versatility is just impressive. From bold logos to normal paragraphs, this font’s unique design allows it to fit in just about every type of project. 

And all this is possible only because of its styles: the thinner ones act perfectly as texts, paragraphs, or any project that requires small text, while the bolder ones look clean and strong, which can help you create some promising canva logos.

7. Anca Coder 

As the name suggests, Anca Coder is a typewriter font inspired by letters used in computers or any kind of coding. So, if you are a coder or want to design something about it, it’s guaranteed that you will love this typeface. Although this font doesn’t emit retro vibes, it’s still good for futuristic projects as it’s based on modern writing.

You can use it in normal works too; however, since it’s based on coding, it’s better to use it for techno or modern design as that’s what it’s made for.

8. Anonymous Pro

Anonymous Pro is one more typewriter font inspired by coding style, but what makes it interesting is that it’s an upgraded version of a 90s typewriter font named Anonymous 9. which already tells you that this font has both modern and retro styles at the same time, making it your go-to font for any of your upcoming projects. 

When looking at its letters, you really realize this font is quite thin, and this tells you Anonymous Pro can easily fulfill its duty as a header or any displaying text very well.


Typewriter fonts can either be good texts or logos; it all depends on their designs, which makes them really versatile for various types of projects. If you want to try them out, then we have listed the Best Typewriter Fonts on Canva above. The list is quite long, so feel free to try out all of them and pick the one that works best for you.

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