The world is full of beautiful, attractive, and fancy fonts! Of course, these fonts perform well, but unfortunately, even with their eye-catching looks, they can’t beat rounded fonts. Just like their names, these fonts have rounded letters that often resemble circles. They are known to have pretty versatile and attractive looks, which helps them stand out from the rest of the fonts with ease.

What’s surprising is that even businesses and big companies use these fonts because they look professional despite having cute looks, which is why they are considered one of the best fonts to ever exist!

So do you think you might want to try them out soon for your project? If so, then we have good news for you since today we are going to list out the best-rounded Canva fonts!

Whether you just heard about them or were desperately looking for them, make sure to check out each font, as they are totally worth your time!

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12 Amazing Rounded Fonts On Canva

All the listed fonts here are available on Canva, so if you want to try them out, make sure to check out Canva, as it’s completely free!

One LittleFontt

Just like its name suggests, One Little Font is a small and cute doodle font! It looks pretty adorable and is likely to remind you of the doodles a cute person would draw!

Of course, this isn’t a rounded Canva font that can be used for professional purposes because it’s just too childish, but that’s what makes it good for cute designs like school projects, T-shirt designs, birthday decorations, and greeting cards. Its cute lettering is also easy to read, so feel free to enjoy some wholesome designs with it.

Bobby Jones Soft

If you are looking for a curved font on Canva that can be used anywhere, then Bobby Jones Soft by Tom Chalky is something you must try out! It’s a minimal-looking rounded font with a pretty bold body that’s extremely easy to notice and reason, making it extremely eye-catching.

This font can be great for advertisements or designs that need to get your audience’s attention. But it can be used for personal uses too, which makes it more versatile than it looks!

Varela Round

Many round fonts are famous only because they are used for display; however, it’s not the same for text displays, and to change that, we have Varela Round by Joe Prince. It’s a cute rounded text font designed for digital uses like website texts, documents, or presentations.

This font gets rid of the old and boring text with its cute and rounded letters that make your texts look more attractive and fun. Its readability is as good as any text font, so do not hesitate to pick it up.


Borsok is up next, which is not only a round font, but it’s extra thick as well! Its letters are as round as a circle, making them extremely loveable! All this makes Borsok a perfect fit for display designs, as it can easily display your design with great readability, making it visible much more than it ever could be. Borsok should be mostly used for logos, headlines, t-shirts, or any other display design that needs to gather a good amount of attention.


Wedges is the same as Borsok, but it’s not as rounded, which makes it pretty unique. This font is designed by Dm Letter Studio and is also a pretty nice choice if you need a bold font to design your logos, advertisements, and headings.

But what makes it better than Borsok is that it has much more personality, thanks to its imperfect design, which makes it more lively. However, the choice is yours; you can use both fonts as each other’s alternatives.

Genty Sans

Genty Sans has always been an amazing choice when it comes to curved fonts in Canva because of its popularity and amazing design. It’s created by Flavortype, and unlike other rounded fonts, it doesn’t have its entire letter design rounded; some parts are normal while others are rounded, which adds another layer of attractiveness to its design. It’s true that many people have used this font, but you can still give it a try since people love seeing good fonts often.


Just like Genty Sans, Sniglet is a popular rounded Canva font because of its continuous use! This font was designed by Haley Fiege and can be considered one of the most versatile fonts because of its unique design that adapts to the way you want to use it.

If you are using the regular version, Sniglet is pretty slim and works for headings, while the bold version looks like a cute balloon design, ready for some display designs.

Fredoka One

Miss rounded text fonts? Well, here’s another one known as Fredoka One by Milena Brando! It’s just like every other rounded text font on Canva, featuring rounded ends and a cute letter style that has way more personality than many traditional text fonts. But what makes it unique is its bold version, which looks almost like a display font! This allows you to use Fredoka One for both display and text, making it much more useful and versatile.


Nunito is an underrated font because not many people use it despite its really great design. It was designed by Vernon Adams and is known for its long, sleek design with rounded ends, which is often used for headlines or subtitles. It’s bolder version is just a much thicker version of itself with visible rounded ends that look pretty cute. If you want a good-rounded font with not too much thickness, then give Nunito a try!


Chewy has something no other rounded font has, which is being sweet! Designed by Sideshow, Chewy is a pretty sweet font because of its cute and rounded design that can remind you of candies! This makes Chewy a good choice for kid designs, Christmas projects, school designs, and even Halloween decorations. As long as your project has something related to sweets, do not miss the chance to use Chewy to increase the sweetness!


Shiba inu are cute and round dogs, and inspired by them, we have the Shiba font by Umkatype. It’s as round and fluffy as a real Shiba with cuteness added, which makes it a perfect choice for designs that need some attention! While Shiba is based on a dug, you can still use this font for many designs that aren’t related to dogs, including business companies too, so check it out soon as well!

TT Milks Casual

In the end, we have TT Milks Casual, probably the most balanced font on the list! This font isn’t as slim as some heading fonts and isn’t as thick as many round fonts, which makes it an extremely balanced round font. Anyone can use it for a variety of design projects because it easily fits anywhere. You don’t even need to worry about its readability, since it’s pretty clear and clean!


Rounded Canva fonts always dominate the world, and they will continue to do so! That’s why it’s better to consider using fonts like Shiba, Sniglet, and Genty Sans for some quality project results! All these fonts are available on Canva, so check them out soon.