Holidays are always fun; it doesn’t matter whether they are summer holidays or Christmas ones. During these days, we get a lot of free time that allows us to take a break from our daily lives and relax for a bit, but did you know there’s something that makes holidays even better? 

Those are some beautiful holiday fonts on Canva! Why? Imagine visiting a good beach during your holiday, and when you reach there, the place is designed with ugly or boring-looking fonts, which can ruin your mood and make your holidays boring and not as fun as they could be.

However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, since typeface designers work hard the entire year to create the best holiday fonts, and we are here to show you some of them!

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are the one decorating your place for the next holiday, organizing a holiday event, or are a designer looking forward to creating some good holiday designs; feel free to try out these typefaces!

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10 Refreshing Holiday Fonts On Canva 

Since you have made up your mind, you will be happy to know that all these fonts are from Canva and they are completely free, which solves many problems at once and makes them extremely worth it!


Introducing Brittany by Creatype Studio, a popular and elegant-looking script font! Just like every other script font, it has an attractive and eye-catching design that makes the design look more fun and interesting!

If you are aiming to find a font for summer designs, then Brittany can be a great choice because of its sleek and elegant design that fits well with the carefree vibe of summer holidays! You can pair it with other fonts for better results, but even without that, it’s good, so have fun!

Permanent Marker

As the name suggests, Permanent Marker is based on a marker, which gives it an eye-catching and bold design! It’s designed by Font Diner and has much more personality than most of the fonts available on the internet because of its cool looks. It may be pretty minimal-looking, but it still works well because no matter how many times you use it, it doesn’t get boring at all! Of course, when it comes to displaying, it doesn’t face any readability issues, which makes it even better!


During holidays, all you want to do is relax and enjoy your free time, but complicated and overly designed fonts can make it difficult. This is why we have Gaegu by JIKJI Soft! It’s a simple and cute-looking font that will relax your mind and help you enjoy your vacation. Gaegu is based on kid-like writing that doesn’t look overly designed and can remind you of good and simple things with its peaceful look. So, create some cute-looking texts with it and enjoy.

TC October

TC October is heavily inspired by the vibes of October and Halloween, and if you try it out, you can make your Halloween holidays better! As you may have guessed already, TC October is a display font designed especially for projects like logos, headings, and posters.

Halloween shops, costume shops, or even your home can greatly benefit from this sweet typeface, which makes it a must-have choice for holidays like Halloween! So try it now and enjoy creating some spooky designs.

Stadio Now

Stadio Now by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini is our next font, and it’s known for its geometric, minimal design that can easily catch your attention. It’s true that it looks more professional than most of the fonts on the list, but it’s like this because you can use this font for luxury and expensive hotels and resorts that always use designs like this. They can use it for their website, as it looks pretty modern, or maybe they can use it for their logo!


If there’s someone in this world who can enjoy holidays to the fullest, then it’s kids! They have no worries, which means it is easier for them to enjoy than adults, and if you want them to have more fun, then try out Barrio. It’s a display font by Omnibus-Type that works well for kids because of its cute yet simple design.

It’s easily readable, so maybe you can decorate your home with it, use it for their t-shirts, or do craft activities with this font. It can help them have great memories, so do not forget to give it a try!


Brightwall by Din Studio is a lot like Brittany, since it’s also a stylish script font, but it’s much simpler! If you think Brittany is too overly designed to fit holiday designs, then you can replace it with Brightwall because it’s easier to read and offers a much more minimal design that works for summer projects too. But that’s not all, since you can even use it for holiday invitations, t-shirts, and more, which makes it equally worth it!

Fredoka One

If you still haven’t found the best holiday fonts on Canva, then why not try out Fredoka One? It’s designed by Milena Brandão and is considered one of the most versatile fonts because of its unique and amazing design.

It looks clean and minimal, which makes it good for a variety of designs, even those that aren’t related to holidays. On regular vision, it acts as a heading font, but on bolder versions, it turns into a display font ready to grab a ton of attention!

Gliker Expanded

It’s true that no holiday can be as good as a childhood one, but at least you can feel nostalgia and remember your childhood with Gliker Expanded! It’s designed by Studio Sun and is based on many retro designs from the ’90s, which might remind you of your childhood and the fun holidays you enjoyed!

It’s a decent display design, so creating a T-shirt with it or having a holiday party decorated with Gliker Expanded will provide you with so much fun!


Last but not least, it’s Bangers by Vernon Adams, in case you need more vintage fonts for holiday designs! Bangers is highly based on comic book fonts, especially the ones from the 80s and 90s, which means using this font can fill you with great nostalgia and remind you of the holidays you spent reading some fun comics. You can do the same again, but this time you will have Bangers with you, which can make your holiday even more memorable!


Whether you are designing holiday projects for others or for yourself, the holiday fonts on Canva mentioned here are going to help you in every way they can. With their relaxing designs and chill style, they will give you the best holiday ever, so make sure to try them out soon!