If you want your designs to look more dynamic, badass, and impactful, then the only fonts you should trust are military fonts! Just like a real military soldier, these fonts are tough and strong, which sets them apart and helps them stand out of the crowd! This is why nowadays people have started adding them to their projects even if they aren’t related to the military or army!

However, the popularity of some good military fonts has led to the production of many low-quality and lackluster fonts, making it hard for you to find the best fonts if you are looking for them. This can be quite annoying, but we have already solved this problem by listing the best Army Canva font, and fortunately, in this article, we are sharing that list with you!

Most of these fonts have stencil-like designs too, which are often used in the military to represent strength and power, so if you ever want your projects to look more impactful and strong, then do not forget to try our stencil Canva fonts listed here!

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10 Powerful Army Canva Fonts

Before you start looking for these fonts, just remember that all of them are available on Canva! Some might be free and some not, so make sure to check them out soon.

Black Ops One

For starters, we have Black Ops One by James Grieshaber, which is a geometric, low-contrast stencil font often used for strong-looking designs! Its design is pretty sturdy, punchy, and full of strength, which looks even better when used on larger sizes because it helps the small cuts look even more visible and clear!

If you want your logos to look much more impactful and attractive, then trying out Black Ops One can be a great idea. It doesn’t have any downsides at all and provides a ton of benefits to your project!

Capture Smallz Clean

Capture Smallz Clean by Magique Fonts is up next, and just like its name suggests, it’s a pretty clean and professional-looking military font! This font has another version that looks rugged and old; perhaps these two fonts represent the looks of soldiers before and after they come from the wars.

Both versions are amazing, and their use depends on your project. If you need a clean and professional font, Capture Smallz Clean is amazing, and for other rugged-looking ones, you can try the normal version.

Allerta Stencil

Allerta Stencil by Matt McInerney is yet another Stencil Canva font, but unlike the previous ones, it’s not that bold and was designed especially for signage projects!

Its thin body allows it to be readable even from large distances, which is something bold fonts usually can’t do, making it an amazing choice for logos and headlines! The best part about Allerta Stencil is that it can help you even with those projects that don’t have a military theme, which often comes in handy!


Yes, you are right! After so many stencil fonts back to back, we have a font that is called stencil itself! This font was designed by Gerry Powell and can remind you of old typewriter fonts because of its retro look. Although this font is bold, its letters look pretty short, which can make it difficult for it to fit in many designs.

However, few projects that require a touch of good vintage fonts can easily get value out of Stencil!

Sirin Stencil

It’s true that military soldiers aren’t too advanced or stylish, but this font, Sirin Stencil, is just a try at it. It’s designed by Cyreal and is considered a humanist brush font. This font was originally designed for display or large designs, but it ended up fitting well for small designs like texts and subtitles too, especially since the gaps look great when they merge. Also, it is said that Sirin Stencil looks better with a colored background since it creates a 3D effect, so do not miss it out at all!

ITC Portago

ITC Portago is a good mixture of display and headline fonts since it comes with such a unique design. On top of that, it has a rugged design too, which may remind you of stamps or printed texts from older times. Despite this rugged look, ITC Portago looks pretty nice and is easily readable, making it an amazing choice for display designs. You can even use it for stamp-like effects on movie posters, project designs, and packaging too!

Saint George

Military Canva fonts always don’t have to look extremely strong or rough; they can be simple and still leave an impact, just like Saint George! It’s a pretty minimal font with a stencil design, which is often used for display projects because of its attractive looks! If you need a bit more simplistic military designs for your project, then Saint George might be the way to go; it’s easily readable, fits every type of theme, and can work for both modern and retro works.

Fontuna Stencil

Fontuna Stencil is up next, which is a stencil Canva font based on navy typefaces! We had a lot of normal army and military fonts, so there’s nothing wrong with one navy font, especially when it is well-designed and versatile!

Fontuna Stencil is strong as ship anchors and has an impactful impression that might even remind you of seas and sailors, which means it’s pretty useful for sea, beach, and summer projects. So, enjoy using it for signs, posters, shop logos, or tattoos.


Archicoco is a much simpler and more modern version of every font we have seen so far, so if you are someone who still hasn’t picked a font, this could be good luck for you!

Archicoco includes small and thick letter designs that can easily attract a large audience because of its unique and attractive look! It’s pretty readable as well; even from large distances, you can easily read it and understand the message, making it an amazing stencil canva font!


Last but not least, we have Broshk by Gluk, which is a bold and modern display font! Unlike all the other stencil fonts on the list, Broshk doesn’t have pretty big gaps in its letters; instead, they are extremely thin, and instead of one or two, there are multiple gaps, which might make it the most unique stencil font to exist. It’s an all-caps font, and its design works perfectly with the advanced military, so do not forget to try it out!


Just like soldiers, our military Canva fonts are full of strength and pride, which helps them stand out among any type of design! If you are a fan of such designs, consider checking them out, as they will make your work more impactful and impressive.