Memes are a great source of humor and laughter available on the internet, and although they gained popularity only a few decades ago, they have gained a lot of popularity to the point that even they require the right fonts!

It’s true; it may sound weird since memes are made only for fun and aren’t something serious, but do you really want the comment section to be full of complaints about your font choice? 

If your font isn’t readable enough, then people will just ignore it and you won’t get any attention, or using the wrong font will turn you into meme material itself, which is something no one wants.

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, we have listed out the best meme Canva fonts! This list is full of some popular fonts used for memes because they have pretty simple and readable designs that keep memes funny and readable at the same time!

So next time you want to make some memes or advertise yourself through memes, do not forget to try out these typefaces at all!

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10 Iconic Meme Fonts On Canva 

Remember, the meme should be funny because of the joke, not because of your font selection, so check out the fonts mentioned here and pick the best ones!


To start, we have Impact, which is probably the most popular font ever used for memes! It was designed by Geoffrey Lee and was intended for headlines and display texts, as it has a big, bold letter design with a pretty straightforward style that’s extremely clear and easy to read.

It may not be the prettiest font, but it doesn’t matter since its only work is delivering the message. Which is why it’s used pretty often for memes, especially the ones with funny captions.

Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin by Impallari Type is next, which, unlike Impact, isn’t a bold font at all. Instead, it’s a thin headline font with a standard and slender look, which may even make it look like a text font.

In memes, it’s often used for headlines, especially those in which you put text first and then a picture, for example, or a reaction. This font works best with a white background, so get it now and make some people laugh.

Canva Sans

Want your memes to look a bit different than others? If yes, then try out Canva Sans, which looks a bit more creative than the other meme fonts on Canva! Of course, most of the time simple and normal fonts are used for memes, but at the same time, many people use their own unique fonts that look good and are unique, and Canva Sans is one of them!

It has an amazing design and a still-readable look that will not only make people laugh but will also let them know the meme was made by you, even if it gets stolen.

Comic Sans

Designed by Vincent Connare, Comic Sans is a popular font not because it’s good but because it’s a meme itself, which makes it one of the best meme Canva fonts. People on the internet just hate this font because it’s too simple; however, it’s still used for manga and comics because there’s no other font that can beat it. Comic Sans can be used for both headings and subtitles, so create some memes about annoying people with Comic Sans soon!


Arial should be an obvious choice for this list too, since it’s pretty popular and is available in many software programs! This font was designed by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders, and it shares the same condition as Libre Franklin because it’s a simple-looking text-like font that has gained a lot of use for memes because of its versatility. 

It’s true there are many fonts like Arial, but not all of them can work well, as they may have some shape differences or some may not give off the same vibe, which may not be good for your meme, which is why Arial is the ultimate choice!


Helvetica is a popular font when it comes to any type of design, doesn’t matter whether it’s about memes or professional work, which is why having it is essential! This font was designed by Linotype, and it’s known for its sleek and amazing letter design, which feels great to use. Thankfully, Helvetica can be used for any kind of meme, but it requires Canva Pro, so do not forget to get it!


Anton is another font that comes from the list of popular fonts, and fortunately, this popularity has allowed it to be a good meme Canva font too! It’s designed by Vernon Adams, and unlike the other typefaces, it’s pretty thick and bold, which is why normally it’s used only for display purposes. In the meme community, this font is used on top of funny pictures for texts, which makes them look even more funny and full of humor.


Aileron is up next, which is probably the most versatile font available on the list, designed by Sora Sagano 佐賀野宇宙. This font in its normal style looks like a bold and clean font, ready for professional-looking designs, but as you discover it’s got more styles, you will realize this font is good for all different types of memes since it has styles that fit the subtitles and even the headlines. All of which makes Aileron a perfect choice for memes.


Here comes another iconic font known as Montserrat, which is used often nowadays thanks to its modern looks. This font is designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and is normally used for website headlines, but since we are talking about meme Canva fonts, consider trying out Montserrat for memes that have text first and then images.

It looks extremely well with a white background too, since you can easily see its clean design and read it effortlessly, which can make your meme look more iconic!


Of course, not all memes have to make sense since they are made only for fun, so using some funny and silly-looking fonts like Tall isn’t a bad idea! This font is highly condensed and looks pretty silly because of its long design, which can work extremely well when you want your memes to look goofy.

Remember, this font is used mostly for fun purposes, so its readability doesn’t matter. That’s why you should only use it when you want something silly.


It doesn’t look like people will ever get bored of memes, so it’s better to get some meme fonts on Canva so that you can continue creating some quality pieces. Typefaces like Impact, Tall, Arial, and Anton are popular choices, so do not forget to try them out!