Are you looking for some pretty and cute fonts that will make your designs even more charming? If so, then picking the best ones can be a quite hard task since there are thousands of dazzling typefaces that can attract audiences really easily. which makes this search even harder!

Therefore, if you are stuck in such a situation, we have great news for you, since in this article we have enlisted the best kawaii fonts for cute designs.

They are a perfect choice for all your designs, and that’s why it doesn’t matter whether you are creating a logo, a poster, or a marketing sign, as long as you use these kawaii fonts, it will be hard for your audience to ignore you.

Furthermore, another great thing about these typefaces is that they are loved by the majority of people. Kids, adults, and even teenagers are in love with their style, which makes them a must-have option for your upcoming projects!

That’s why if you are interested in using them, keep reading till the end so that you don’t miss anything!

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What is a Kawaii Font?

These fonts mostly focus on their beauty, and they are inspired by Japanese and Korean culture since those countries have many cute things. These typefaces can work really well as display fonts because of their shiny, glittery style. 

Kawaii is a Japanese term that is often used to refer to cute things. You can say “kawaii” is a Japanese word for “cute,” which means any cute, pretty, or aesthetic typeface can be considered a “kawaii” font.

Not to mention, they have large-sized letters too, which provides them with good readability as well. So designing some logos, brand designs, or even quotes can be really fun.

Lastly, Twitch streams, digital notes, and lo-fi designs are some more places where Kawaii fonts are used, since these types of designs need a lot of attractiveness to become noticed.

10 Kawaii Fonts To Make Your Designs Cuter Than Ever

Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful kawaii fonts available on the internet. Their aesthetic style is enough to attract anyone towards them, so make sure you use them for your upcoming designs and become popular with ease:

1. Oh, My Notes!

kawaii fonts

Introducing, Oh My Notes! a sweet and simple handwritten font that was designed by Maria Feliz Fonts. Actually, this font was designed especially for digital notes, but then its beauty attracted many people, and now it’s used for many other purposes like quotes, t-shirts, and social media prints as well.

Oh, My Notes has a really small and thin letter style, which easily makes it a good choice for text purposes; however, it will work as a great display font too if you increase its size. Lastly, it’s a paid typeface, so make sure to purchase it before you try it.


Fonts that are designed especially for kids are undoubtedly kawaii, and that’s the reason we are presenting the Preschool Teacher font to you! It’s a really beautiful and innocent font with a really cute look that will be loved by both kids and adults for sure.

Preschool Teacher Font is designed by Himoki, and she recommends using this typeface for kids’ bags, books, gifts, and greeting cards. However, since adults are in love with these cute kawaii fonts too, it’s fine to create some logos and branding designs with them as well.

3. Timothy font

Cartoon-styled fonts are surely kawaii, and that’s the reason Timothy is present in this list. It’s yet another kawaii typeface that won’t fail to melt your and your audience’s hearts, no matter how much you use it. With its unique lettering style, you can create many masterpieces and become popular with ease.

The Timothy font has all the letters, numbers, punctuation, and important characters, which makes it a highly versatile typeface.

One last thing you should know about this font is that it’s free to use, so whenever you need it, download it and start designing it right away.

4. Kawaii Bubble

It’s impossible for a font to have “kawaii” in its name and not be cute, introducing the Kawaii Bubble, an aesthetic and heart-melting typeface to make your designs even sweeter than before.

As the name suggests, Kawaii Bubble is a bubbly font that is often used for kids’ designs or display purposes. They are really cute and always come with amazing readability, which makes them a perfect choice for logo designers.

Even Twitch and YouTube streams use this font because it makes their show even more engaging.

5. Gaegu

Gaegu is a Korean and Latin typeface that is inspired by dazzling fairytales. This font has an amazing letter style that contains many small and lovely letters. If you are bored with the same old text fonts in your documents, then add some cuteness to them with Gaegu.

Designing quotes, mailers, branding designs, and marketing logos is also an easy and fun task with Gaegu. Since this font is a Google typeface, it’s free to use, so make sure you add it to your computer soon.

6. Sticky Note Font

Sticky Notes is another kawaii handmade font designed by TheCreativeBix. If you love handwritten fonts, then it’s guaranteed that you will surely love this typeface, since it has a charming and unique look that attracts people easily.

With its thin and tall letters, this font becomes a good option for various types of designs. Whether you want some fancy texts or aesthetic logos, you will get all you need if you try Sticky Note Font soon.

7. A Alley Garden

Do you love plants and gardens? If yes, then it’s time you download Ally Garden, a magnificent typeface that can make your design career bloom! This font is inspired by flowers, gardens, and plants, which is why it’s so beautiful.

Ally Garden works really well as a display font; it has a charming letter style with some cute design on both sides that easily makes it the center of attention. If some of your designs lack kawaii style, then it’s time to recreate them with Ally Garden!

8. Quotes and Texts Font

kawaii font

This list is full of kawaii fonts, and here’s another charming typeface that was designed especially for quotes and text purposes.

Quotes and Texts is a handmade font designed by Pixelcolours, and as the name suggests, this is a perfect option for any text design like greeting and invitation cards.

9. Milky Honey

In this list, we have mentioned many kawaii fonts, but now it’s time to end it with Milky Honey. Designed by Khurasan, Milky Honey is a type of font you will surely need in your collection because of its gorgeous looks.

The fun and quirky style of Milky Honey easily makes it stand out of the crowd, so if you need a typeface that will eventually make you popular, make sure to try out Milky Honey. It’s a cute kawaii font that will add a magical feel to your designs and make them even more iconic.

10. Cutee

goodnotes font

Cutee is a cozy handwritten font designed for note-taking and digital planning. It’s perfect for Notability, Goodnotes, or any other note-taking application. This font comes with commercial use.

  • Commercial License
  • Comes in a Zip file
  • Easy Installation
  • OTF & TTF


There’s nothing that can beat Kawaii fonts in cuteness; they easily stand out and make a place in everyone’s heart really fast, which is why giving them a try is a must.

Above, we have mentioned some of the best kawaii fonts available on the internet; if you loved them, then do not hesitate to use them in your upcoming projects!