Howdy designer! Are you here looking forward to finding some of the best Western fonts? If yes, then you are in the right place! Fortunately,  today we are going to share the 10 best Western fonts on Canva!

These country fonts never tend to get out of the trend no matter what styles compete against them, which is why even today, movie posters, flyers, packaging, and more design projects haven’t stopped using them!

Also, do not forget that these Cowboy Canva Fonts are excellent at evoking nostalgia, giving off some decent wild West vibes, and making designs look rugged, which explains why they are so perfect at their job. Furthermore, western fonts are pretty versatile, so feel free to use them wherever you feel like!

The places where they would fit the most are cowboy-themed events, country music concerts, farms, country-themed weddings, or just some simple logos. They are completely free, thanks to Canva, which makes them even more worthwhile!

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10 Rugged Country Canva Fonts

Ready to get a taste of some cowboy fonts? If so, then giddy up immediately and check out each font mentioned here!


Let’s start with Sancreek, a Western font on Canva based mainly on 19th-century designs, which includes Western ones as well! This font was designed by Vernon Adams and was designed especially to be a web font, so you can already say it’s a good choice for your website designs and game logos! Moreover, its design takes inspiration from wooden board signs, which were pretty common in the West.

If you like it, consider designing some movie posters, YouTube thumbnails, or document headings with it!

Was Cwayboy NP

Looking for something more related to cowboys? If yes, then here’s Was Cwayboy NP, a Country Canva font based on Rodeo posters from the past. If you are someone who misses the essence and style of cowboys in this modern world, then this font is something you must try out and let others know how great it is.

It’s pretty versatile as well, and thanks to its good design and readable letter design, you can easily implement it in posters, letters, t-shirts, and even movie posters to benefit.

Klose Slab

Klose Slab is a cool slab font by Studio Sun, which is really fun to use because it focuses on disco and bar designs from the West along with cowboy designs at the same time.

This makes Klose Slab a much more versatile and useful font, as it can easily work for multiple project choices! This font is mostly used for display designs, but it isn’t a bad option for headings either. So, design some advertisements, flyers, or logos to spread the Western vibe!


Rye by Nicole Fally is a web font that was designed especially for advertisements. Thanks to its eye-catching and bold design, it looks unique among the rest, making it an amazing choice for display purposes.

At first, this font was designed only to be a web font, but now it works well for printing and internet use at the same time. It’s almost impossible to ignore something designed with this typeface, so if you want to get famous quickly, check it out soon.

Inlander Texture

So far, we have only clean Cowboy Canva fonts, so now let’s meet Inlander Texture! It’s a rough and rugged font mainly based on the Wild West; you can say this font is actually the real taste of country typefaces because of its looks. But if that’s not enough, then consider checking out its other versions, which include regular, smooth, rough, and texture! Each version has a unique personality and vibe, which just makes this font more attractive than before!

Pirata One

Next up, we have Pirata One, which adds a little touch of modern design to the classic cowboy style! This font was designed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida and takes inspiration from the Gothic style, which helps it maintain its past and present design at the same time.

It’s thick and good at displaying your designs even from huge distances, making it the ultimate cowboy font for modern designs. Feel free to use it for company designs, business document headings, or some hotel designs; it works just about everywhere!

TS Country NP

Maybe you didn’t like the modern country designs a lot, so let’s go to the past with TS Country NP! It’s a retro-looking Western font on Canva with similar designs to Sancreek and Was Cwayboy NP, which might even mean these fonts can work as each other’s alternatives. TS Country NP is excellent at evoking country and cowboy vibes; therefore, consider designing some event posters, t-shirts, or letters with them for the best results!

ZUUME Rough Bold

Zuume Rough Bold is up next, which doesn’t look like a Western or country font at first, but as you gaze at it, you can easily notice the rugged and dusty marks on it. These designs can easily remind anyone of cowboys’ rugged clothes, their messy lifestyle, and the dangerous side of the wild West.

It also depicts the masculinity of cowboys, which is why, despite a modern look, ZUUME Rough Bold easily fits with other Country Canva fonts. So, just like its expressive personality, use it for designs that need attention!

Vast Shadow

Here comes Vast Shadow, a cowboy canva font different from every other typeface on the list! It’s designed by Nicole Fally and is based on the shop, bar, and building logos from the Old West!

These were the most minimal and simple-looking designs then, so you would see them often. They aren’t in use anymore; however, you can bring them back to give nostalgia, get customers, and increase popularity rapidly. They are only good for display, so remember to be careful while using them.


In the end, we present you with Ultra by Astigmatic! It’s an extra-bold and thick typeface used for display purposes and heading purposes in a variety of projects. However, unlike other cowboy fonts, Ultra kept being in use until the 1990s, which may mean it’s better than the others. Its bold and expressive design easily allows it to showcase your design, so try it for some good business logos or even fashion projects based on country designs; you will never regret it at all!


Western fonts are probably some of the most perfect fonts on the internet, and their great nostalgia and expressive designs about cowboys and the West make them more interesting. That’s why you should feel free to pick your favorite ones from the ones listed above!