Readability is an important factor when it comes to picking the right font. You may pick the prettiest font for your design, but if it’s not readable enough, it’s useless. However, many people do not know this, especially if they are new to typography. They usually go with the most attractive font and ignore readability, which can lead to unsuccessful designs, which is why no matter what, readability is important!

Even if you look at retro typefaces, like blackletter fonts, you will notice that despite their designs, they have amazing readability, which is a sign of a good font choice. Fortunately, you don’t need to use blackletter fonts every time for your designs anymore, with so many good choices available on the internet.

But still, those attractive but unreadable fonts may distract you. That’s why you should consider taking a look at our list of the best legitimate fonts on Canva! It includes some of the most readable fonts you can ever find on the internet, which is great, especially for beginners! Lastly, they have amazing designs too, so you can easily get popular!

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Best Readable Canva Fonts

Before starting, keep in mind that most of the fonts available here are from Canva, so the majority of them are free! Check them out and try them whenever you want.


At this point, everyone knows Arial, as this popular sans-serif font is available just everywhere! It’s designed by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders and is probably one of the most minimal designs in the typography world.

When it comes to readability, this font is extremely legible; with no extra or excessive designs making it look fancy, it’s so easy to read. Arial is beginner-friendly as well, so consider trying it out for your practices or projects that require a clear and minimal typeface!


Montserrat is another clear font, but it’s a great choice for modern designs! It was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and is known for its amazing, readable design that can’t be ignored even from a distance.

Other modern fonts, like Montserrat, also share similar simple designs, since people have started to realize readability is much more important than fancy designs! Montserrat is often used for website designs, logo designs, and even personal projects, so feel free to take advantage of its legibility.


The robot was designed by Christian Robertson and is known for its dual nature, which provides a mechanical skeleton and geometric design at the same time.

which already explains how useful this font can be in a variety of design projects! This font can be a good choice for you if you think the previous readable fonts were too simple since its mechanical look can add more personality to your designs. Lastly, even in bigger and bolder sizes, Roboto has amazing readability, which makes it a must-have font!


You must have heard about Helvetica before; it’s the most popular display font out there after all! It’s designed by Linotype, and since it’s made only to represent your message, this font has no design!

Yes, you read that right; it has no emotions or ornaments; it’s just a clear presentation of information. This may sound boring, but it’s not the truth when you use Helvetica for professional designs, headings, and documents; it works extremely well in such places and gives everyone clear information!

Open Sans

Open Sans is next, and it may look just the same as the previous fonts; however, it has some spaces between each letter, which makes every single word look clearer and more readable. Open Sans was designed by Steve Matteson and is intended to be a clean and legible font, which explains its unique design. This font is good for a variety of designs, including documents, books, and even a variety of personal projects. So, if you are a fan of minimalism, grab it right away!

DM Sans

Introducing DM Sans, a low-contrast geometric sans-serif font by Colophon Foundry. DM Sans is intended to be used for small sizes, which most of the time include texts, and yes, readability matters even for texts since you often need to write descriptions and subtitles.

Without a clear font, no one will understand your messages, which can cause a lot of problems for customers and may even make your designs less attractive. So, consider picking DM Sans for some good-looking descriptions.

Canva Sans

Since we are talking about easy-to-read fonts on Canva, why not take their own font as a good example? Introducing Canva Sans by Canva itself; this font is the primary typeface used within the platform.

Canva Sans is designed especially for digital uses, so whether you are working on logos or website design, Best Readable Canva Fonts is ready to help you out. Lastly, it’s pretty clean and modern as well, so create some amazing and legible projects with it for your clients!

Clear Sans

As its name suggests, Clear Sans is one of the most legible fonts on Canva, thanks to its minimal yet sharp-looking designs. It’s designed by Intel and has multiple versions of it, which makes it more versatile and useful in a variety of designs while keeping its clarity. Furthermore, Clear Sans can work for both texts and headings, so feel free to use it however you want; it will surely look good and make your designs more meaningful.


Bold fonts are perfect for display designs, but we had only a few of them in this list, so here’s one known as Kollenktif by Dogu Kaya. Unlike the other typefaces on this list, Kollektif is pretty dark and bold, but that doesn’t keep it from having decent readability; instead, with the bolder design, it looks much more beautiful and clear. You can easily design some professional logos, T-shirt designs, website themes, and more with this thick yet readable Canva font.

Red Hat Display

Red Hat Display is a fresh take on the geometric sans genre, as it takes a lot of inspiration from American sans serif fonts, which is also the reason why it looks so clean. It’s designed by MCKL and has a text version.

If you like the display, then consider checking that version for some clear-looking texts too. Overall, Red Hat Display is an amazing choice whenever you need a decent display font with good readability, making it much better than fancy fonts available on the internet.


Beginners aren’t aware of how important readability can be, which is okay since you finally have this list of easy-to-read fonts on Canva by your side! These fonts not only come with clear readability but also provide decent designs, which helps in the creation of quality projects.

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