There are a variety of fonts available on the internet, from bold, handwritten, to script fonts; each type seems overused and a bit boring nowadays. Do you think the same? If yes, then maybe you should try out Outline Canva fonts!

They are a type of font that uses geometric outlines for letters, symbols, and characters. These fonts look really professional and impactful because of their unique style, which is why they have gained popularity recently.

Also, this unique style helps them work almost everywhere. Whether you want to design your website, business logo, newspaper heading, or movie poster, their versatile design and style help them fit almost everywhere.

So, after learning this much about them, you want to try them out, right? If that’s the case, then instead of spending hours on the internet looking for good outline fonts, consider reading this article.

Today, we will introduce you to the best and most free outline text in Canva. If you think you need a new start in the typography world, then outline fonts will be your best friends, so don’t miss them out!

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10 Best Outline Hollow Canva Fonts

Hollow Fonts on Canva can be challenging to choose from as there are many choices available, but here we have mentioned only the best ones. So check them out!

Horizon Outline

Starting with Horizon Outline, which is actually a combination of bold and outline fonts! It’s a display font, which means its work represents your design to as many people as possible. And since it’s a combination of the two best styles in the typography world, there’s no way you will be ignored. 

Its bold part will display your design as perfectly as it can, while the outline part will show off professionalism, which can attract a lot of attention. So, consider it an excellent pick for business logos, headings, and flyers.

Celandine Outline

Next up, we have Celandine Outline by Emyself Design. It’s a black letter font that is often known for its elegant and vintage designs. A surprising fact about Celandine Outline is that it’s actually a bold display font, but since it has an outline style, it has made it to this list.

Both styles are perfect and work well with a variety of designs. So, take advantage of its elegant looks and design some beauty and fashion projects for the best results!

ITC Magnifico

Retro fonts are always great, so how about a retro outline Canva font? Here’s ITC Magnifico, a vintage outline font designed by ITC, and surprisingly, this typeface also has two styles, which are ITC Magnifico daytime and ITC Magnifico nighttime. 

The daytime version is a complete outline as its letters are empty, while the nighttime version is more of a display font as its letters are filled but the shadow is empty. But it doesn’t matter which one you pick, as both can help you craft some remarkable vintage designs.


After all these vintage hollow fonts on Canva, let’s check out a modern one too. Here’s Metropolis. It’s designed by Chris Simpson and has a really beautiful techno design that will surely be loved by everyone who likes future stuff.

So, why not use it for some good display work, like logos and headings for tech companies or websites? It will surely fit there and increase the amount of traffic towards you by a lot. Also, since it has a clean and unique design, your projects will surely look authentic and better than everyone else’s.

Greenth Outline

Since we are talking about modern fonts, here’s Greenth Outline, which is also a modern outline font with a really professional look. It’s developed by Creative Shop and can be a good choice for a variety of projects, especially masculine ones, as its bold and impactful looks can easily make such projects stand out. Whether you want to advertise a perfume or a T-shirt, don’t forget to design it with Greenth Outline, or you may miss a good chance to be successful.

SK Cuber Outline

Still, need more modern outline text in Canva? Well, here’s SK Cuber Outline, an extremely futuristic font that has traveled time to help you out. It’s designed by Shriftovik, and it focuses on a pixel-like techno design that can be a good fit for tech websites, games, and YouTube channels.

Even tech or electric companies can benefit from this font, as it fits everything related to the modern world. Lastly, it has a bold version too; try to combine both for surprising results.

Lovelo Line 

As its name suggests, Lovelo Line is a lovely outline font with a really unique design, which can be a good choice for many professional works. Furthermore, this font has a really minimal design, so if you are someone who doesn’t like retro or modern designs, then you should surely check out this simple outlined font on Canva!

The Lovelo line is good for branding, T-shirt design, DIY crafts, and even professional work like logo design. So, feel free to use it wherever you feel like!

Wide Outline

Do you like minimal outline fonts? If yes, then here’s another one, which is known as wide Outline! If you dislike too-stylish fonts, then consider using them because it has a simple design that will soothe your mind instantly.

Additionally, it’s a wide font as well, which is good for displaying work most of the time. Maybe you want to advertise your new product or want to make your start-up popular, and if that’s the case, then Wide Outline can easily help you out!

Blueberry Outline

Blueberry Outline by Martin Holm is a sweet and adorable outline font that can help you out with many informal designs. Because you can easily design some adorable candy logos, feminine designs, DIY crafts, neon designs, and even school projects. It’s so cute that it can easily fit into every field that requires childish designs.

Lastly, unlike many other sweet fonts, Blueberry Outline has great legibility, so take advantage of this and create some of the most adorable outline designs!

Marykate Outline

Last but not least, let’s not forget Marykate Outline! It’s also as sweet as Blueberry, but it prefers to focus more on a fun design, which makes it a good font for party decorations.

It may even remind you of kid’s drawings and doodles because of its childish and creative design, so consider using it for school projects or craft projects; it will surely fit perfectly there. But if that’s not enough, then DIY t-shirts are also a good match for this font.


Outline Canva fonts are simply amazing, especially when you are choosing from choices like Metropolis, Blueberry, or Lovelo Line! Each of the Hollow fonts on Canva has its own style and benefits, but in the end, all of them are perfect for your project, so give them a try soon!

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