Wedding invitations are an essential part of any wedding, as they set the tone for your big day and give a glimpse of what your guests can expect. However, with thousands of choices available on the internet, picking the perfect font for your wedding invitation can be a daunting task.

Not every font is good enough to be a part of a wedding invitation, since some fonts may look amazing to you, but if they aren’t readable to your guests, then no one will be interested in reading your invitations. which is why choosing the right font for a wedding invitation has become such a frustrating task nowadays.

Google Fonts has a huge collection of wedding Google Fonts that can easily help you pick the best typeface for your wedding invitation. Therefore, put an end to your search right now and consider reading this post till the end, because here you will find some Google fonts for weddings that will make your big day more memorable than ever!

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Why Google Fonts?

Are you wondering why you should use Google fonts? Well, that’s because Google Fonts is probably one of the best font libraries available on the internet. It has many benefits that even premium libraries can’t provide, which include:

1. Wide Selection

When it comes to selection, there’s nothing that can beat Google Fonts, as they can provide you with 1400+ fonts. But that’s not all; they have every type of font.

2. Free Fonts

Google Fonts are completely free; when you download them, you don’t need to spend even a single dollar to use them. Which allows you to spend your money on some more important parts of your wedding!

3. Quality and legibility

Google fonts are designed by professionals, and that’s why they always come in such good quality and have an easy-to-read design. Which makes Google Fonts your go-to website when it comes to picking quality typefaces.

Google Fonts For Weddings

Your wait for wedding Google Fonts ends here, so make sure you try out every typeface listed below, as all of them can be a perfect match for you!

Alex Brush

Starting with Alex Brush, a beautifully designed flowing brush font by Robert Leuschke. If you are a fan of cursive or script fonts, then you should probably go for them, because even with a flowing design, they’re easily readable.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are using Alex Brush for the headlines or text of your invitation; it will always leave an elegant touch, which will make everyone more excited about your wedding!

Great Vibes

Great Vibes is yet another flowing brush font designed by Robert Leuschke. However, unlike Alex Brush, Great Vibes has curves, which help it stand out and add elegance to designs with ease! This font is also great for both headlines and text, so feel free to use it however you want.

Lastly, Great Vibes has decent support for many languages, so maybe you can design invitation cards in your own language with these wedding Google Fonts.

Pinyon Script

Since weddings are all about love, it will be a great idea to use Pinyon Script by Nicole Fally for your invitations. Pinyon Script is a cursive font filled with romantic and friendly vibes, which makes it an ideal pick for any sort of wedding decoration, which means you won’t regret designing your wedding invitations with it.

Also, this font has gorgeous swashes and strokes that make it a good heading. Therefore, make sure to use it for larger sizes.

Monsieur La Doulaise

Need a classic or vintage look for your marriage? Try out Monsieur La Doulaise! A retro script font was designed by Sudtipos and inspired by calligraphy used in New York during World War II. The don’t is quite stylish and will add a decent classic look to your invitation. Just make sure you use this font only for larger sizes, as it may not look readable for smaller texts.


After so many cursive fonts, let’s take a look at some minimal typefaces too. Starting with Parisienne, a classical script font designed by Astigmatic for happy occasions like weddings! Unlike other typefaces on this list, Parisienne has amazing readability along with a beautiful design, which instantly makes it an ideal pick for wedding invitations!

Dancing Script

Looking for lively Google fonts for weddings? If so, then try out Dancing Script by Impallari Type. It’s a casual font known for its bouncing letters that look extremely cute and give you a good reason to try this font.

It’s inspired by 50s script fonts and can be an ideal choice when you are in need of something friendly, informal, and fun. This all easily proves why using Dancing Script will be the most perfect font for your wedding invitations.


Hand-written fonts go really well with wedding invitations, so why not give Sacramento a try? It’s actually a script font inspired by hand-lettering fonts and designed by Astigmatic. Its letters may be thin, but still, it has an amazing design that helps it stand out and become the center of attention. This is one reason people prefer using this font only in large sizes. So, get ready and design some sweet invitations with it.


Allura by Robert Leuschke is a fun, readable, and beautiful font known for its clean looks. It’s yet another script font, but it focuses on a different type of style and design, which makes it really unique.

If you are a fan of modern typefaces and need a bit of techno design for your wedding invitation, then it’s time you try out Allura. With its perfect design, readability, and language support, this font can help you design some of the most iconic wedding invitations.

Petit Formal Script

Although it’s called Petit Formal Script, this Google font works for every type of design, including wedding invitations! Petit Formal Script by Impallari Type was intended for formal uses; however, soon after its release, websites started using it, and since then, this font has become good for almost every type of project.

It includes a simple design, which works perfectly for wedding invitations anyway because sometimes being simple is just better.


Is your wedding a bit formal? If yes, then consider giving Rochester by Sideshow a try! Inspired by calligraphy and early Art Deco, Rochester is one more script typeface ready to help you craft some decent invitation cards.

Its design is quite romantic and fits well with lovely occasions like marriage. It also comes with amazing readability, which allows it to be a perfect pick for both the headings and texts of your invitation cards!


There are thousands of fonts, which can make it difficult for you to pick the best one. In such a situation, it’s a good idea to take a look at the fonts we have listed above! From classical to modern, we have mentioned every font that will help you create the most elegant wedding invitation card ever!

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