Autumn is coming soon, which means leaves will start changing colors, temperatures will get cooler, and animals will start preparing for long months, which makes everything so beautiful!

So, why not apply this beauty to your typography designs? Fall fonts are probably one of the best types of fonts to ever exist, and since fall is coming soon, you won’t find a better chance to use them!

However, if you are wondering why fall fonts are so special, then it’s because they are completely based on autumn; they feature beautiful designs inspired by nature, such as leaves, pumpkins, and acorns, which makes them look really attractive and eye-catching.

If you design your fall-related projects with them, then you will surely get a huge amount of attention with ease.

That’s why make sure you stay with us till the end, because in this article we are going to introduce you to the best Fall Canva Fonts. They are free and can help you with some of the most beautiful fall projects, so do not miss them!

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11 Beautiful Autumn Canva Fonts

Whether you are celebrating the arrival of fall or are working on some autumn projects, every Fall Canva Font we have mentioned below can help you out pretty well, so check out each!

Feeling Passionate

Introducing Feeling Passionate by Din Studio! It’s a stylish brush font that was fused with the joyful energy of autumn! If you are someone who enjoys using brush or aesthetic fonts, then this typeface is especially for you, as it has both features.

Also, its flowing designs fit really well with the cool winds of autumn. Therefore, feel free to use it for greeting cards, party decorations, shop logos, or autumn-related product designs. It can work well in many DIY projects, such as T-shirts, too, so try it out there and have lots of fun!


Apricots is a friendly, elegant handwritten script typeface made especially for those who want a decent handwritten touch in their design. It was designed by KA Designs, and it has a pretty feminine design that works perfectly with the beautiful vibe of autumn.

Although we are talking about fall, this font can still be a good choice for feminine beauty and clothing brands. But if you want to use it only for autumn projects, then consider using it for logos or DIY projects like sign boards.


Both of the previous fonts were pretty elegant and stylish, but what if we introduced something even better to you? Here’s Andasia by Din Studio, which is a handwritten cursive font that can provide you with an extremely beautiful and stylish design, which would work mostly for luxury designs.

For example, it can be good for hotels or fashion brands that want to adapt to the autumn theme. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for normal work, as it would look amazing with a variety of decorations.


Unfortunately, not everyone prefers stylish and too-attractive fonts, and that’s why here’s Fraunces for everyone who loves a minimal lifestyle. Fraunces is designed by Undercase Type and is inspired by some 20s designs, which makes it a good retro font.

Its most common use is as a display font; thanks to its readable and minimal design, you and your customers can never fail to read whatever you design. So, use it for product designs, letters, logos, and DIY projects so that it can easily spread a good fall vibe!


Let’s make this Fall even more fun with some Greek design fonts like Akaktoria! This font is designed by Mindaugas Strockis and is inspired by the modern version of Grecs du Roi. If you like simple fonts with a little bit of style, then this Autumn Canva font may be an amazing choice for you. It’s great for body texts and subheadings, so in case you need to write autumn letters or want to update your website with a fall theme, Akaktoria can easily help you out!

Angella White

Angella White is a popular Fall Canva font that looks a lot like Andasia, but it’s more like a signature font, which sets it a bit apart. It’s designed by Din Studio and has a pretty elegant look that can attract a lot of attention and sooth everyone’s eyes with its autumn vibe.

Just like Andasia, it’s good for stylish and feminine brands, so consider using it there for some awesome fall vibes. It’s also good for signature purposes, so feel free to use it as your signature on your projects!

Berkshire Swash

Need something sweet and nice, like autumn? Well, here’s Berkshire by Astigmatic; it’s a charming display font with nice autumn vibes that makes its viewers feel instantly replaced. This font is an amazing pick for many display projects, such as logos, headings, and website headers.

Need a logo for a sweet shop? Berkshire Swash is ready for help! Want to give your website a good autumn look? Berkshire Swash has got your back! So check it out real quick.

The Seasons

A list of the best Autumn Canva fonts is not complete without The Seasons. The Seasons is designed by MyCreativeLand and is known as a classy, fresh serif font.

If you are someone who loves using elegant and classy fonts, then The Seasons is a perfect match for you! This font may be thin, but it’s a good choice for display work. Thanks to its elegant design, it can easily fit many autumnal as well as beautiful brand designs.

Clicker Script

There’s no lack of elegant fonts when it comes to autumn typefaces, which is why here’s Clicker Script. It’s designed by Astigmatic and is known as a bouncy, elegant font with a pretty cute design.

Sometimes It may even remind you of cursive letters, while other times it will give you a good classic look. No matter how much you use it, the font will remain fun, which makes it a great addition to your fall font collection. It’s mostly used for body texts, so write some good greeting cards with it.

Eyesome Script

We already had two signature fonts on this list, so here’s another one, known as Eyesome Script! It’s designed by VP Creative Shop and has a pretty decent look for an autumn font. Normally, this font is used for beauty and jewelry brands because of its feminine and slim look, but since we are talking about autumn designs, it’s probably a good font for greeting cards and display designs.

Sweet Apricot

In the end, we would like to introduce Sweet Apricot by Angelina Kovel. It’s a sweet handwritten font with an adorable design that’s guaranteed to remind you of Fall, no matter what. Fortunately, it’s not too stylish or too simple; it’s somewhere in between, which opens many opportunities for it.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for display or body text; it can easily shine anywhere. Just make sure you give it the best colors; after that, nothing can stop you!


The best part about Fall Canva Fonts is that all of them are really good, but some tend to be better than others, and fortunately, we have listed all of them in this list! Autumn will come soon, so get these fonts, design some fun, adorable designs, and have an enjoyable season!