The problem with finding fonts for your work is that there are thousands of choices available, some of which are good while others are terrible. This can confuse anyone, whether you are a professional designer or a newbie looking for fonts for your practice. 

Unfortunately, all of this just becomes even harder when you are looking for display fonts, as these typefaces are the identity of your brand, so picking the wrong typeface can cause a huge loss. But that’s where our Tall Canva Fonts come in!

Thin, Tall fonts have always been great picks for all kinds of display designs; whether you are designing website headings or some other kind of typography art, they won’t disappoint you at all. So why not try them out soon? Normally, you would have to look for them all by yourself, but fortunately, here we have gathered some of the best Tall Canva Fonts already!

So, if you are working on a pending project that needs a decent font for display, then make sure to check each font we have listed here, as they are completely free to use!

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10 Attractive Tall Canva Fonts

Tall fonts, also known as condensed fonts, are pretty useful in a variety of places, and here we have mentioned the best ones on Canva, so check out each!

Six Caps

Starting with Six Caps by Vernon Adams, which is a highly condensed display font with a pretty thin yet elegant letter style, Its modernized design helps it become a part of many projects, such as vogue magazine headings or product logos. Its modern design also helps with projects like professional works such as business logos and more.

This easily explains how beneficial it is to have Six caps in this modern world. It’s free, has a modern design, and fits in any place you would want to use it, so check it out soon!


If you liked Six Caps, then you should try out Tall as well! Since both fonts share similar designs, they can be each other’s perfect alternatives. However, Talk is slightly thinner and has a few curved letters, which are great for its design as they would help you make even more interesting projects.

Therefore, if you ever need a modern-looking font with some decent curves, Tall can be a great option. You can either use it as an alternative or along with Six Caps for an amazing look as well.

Tek Tall Arabic

Are you a fan of Arabic fonts? Or want to design something for an Arabic business? If yes, then here’s Tek Tall Arabic! It’s a condensed Arabic font with a pretty beautiful design, which can help you gain lots of attention.

Its design is based on futuristic fonts, which makes it a good choice for modern designs too, so consider trying it out real soon. As it can be the perfect choice for many Arabic projects like product logos and website designs.

Bebas Neue

Next up, we have Bebas Neue, which is probably the most popular font available on this list. It’s designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and used by millions, yet it’s still an iconic choice for any display project. Compared to the previous fonts, Bebas Neue isn’t too long and offers a thicker and bolder letter style, which makes it much more readable.

So, if you need a font with a tall design and clear readability, then Bebas Neue can be a perfect choice!

Segment A Narrow

Looking for something retro? Well, here’s Segment A Narrow by Kobuzan, which is a bold condensed sans serif font inspired by aggressive industrial graphic design of the 1960s and 1970s.

Thin, Tall fonts weren’t popular in the old days; that’s why such typefaces couldn’t shine often, but since now we are in this modern world, feel free to use Segment A Narrow as much as you want. Its vintage design can be great for products with a classical theme or posters of movies based on the past.

League Gothic

Introducing League Gothic by Tyler Finck, which is yet another classical tall font to add to the list. However, unlike the other typefaces, League Gothic isn’t that tall and provides a bolder letter style, which still looks amazing and is perfect for a variety of design works.

It can be good for personal branding, posters, signage, and much more. Plus, since it’s a classic font, you can try it out for retro and vintage designs too; it should work pretty well!


Norwester may not exactly look like a condensed font, but when you pay some attention to it, you will easily understand why it’s considered a good tall font on Canva! Designed by Jamie Wilso, Northwester has amazing readability thanks to its bold design.

You can easily create an amazing display project without caring about the theme. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to advertise a restaurant’s new dish or are looking forward to creating a show brand logo.


Oswald by Vernon Adams is a reworking of a classical typeface with some improvements. It has both retro and modern looks, which makes it a good pick as it’s extremely versatile and fun to use.

Feel free to switch between its extra light and bold versions, as both perfectly serve the purpose of a thin, tall font. Furthermore, Oswald is good for your background fonts too, which explains how useful this font can be once you start adding it to your projects. That’s why, without further ado, get it right now.

Brice bold Condensed

How about one more retro Canva font? Because it doesn’t matter what time it is, classic fonts always manage to shine! That’s why here’s Brice bold condensed, which is a vintage condensed font ready to enter the modern world.

It takes inspiration from traditional display fonts too, which is why it’s a bit bolder than the rest of the fonts here, so you should try it for vintage shop logos or classical website designs.

Gill Sans Condensed 

In the end, we have Gill Sans Condensed, a geometric tall font by Stilfehler. This font has sharp and pointed edges, which give it a metallic and techno feel, so maybe it’s a good pick among the many futuristic designs.

It can even work well for metal products and movie posters, thanks to its confident look. However, if you think this font isn’t special on its own, you can try combining it with others for satisfying results!


Tall fonts are always an elegant choice for display works, so next time you need some good typefaces for such projects, do not forget the fonts we have mentioned above. They are free, versatile, and display your message perfectly!