A teacher’s life is not easy, as you need to teach hundreds of students for the entire day, spend time with your family after work, be prepared for responsibilities, and focus on other schoolwork too, which becomes even more difficult when your school is organizing an event and you are in charge of decorations.

In such a case, you will surely need some good school and teacher resources to get this work done as soon as possible. However, with so many responsibilities available and not enough time to look for fonts for teachers, this may seem like an impossible task!

Therefore, if you are stuck in such a situation, don’t worry at all since we have already gathered some of the best Teacher Canva Fonts! Whether you are a teacher looking for some decent fonts to be used in their classroom or a student looking forward to gifting their teacher, Canva has every font you will ever need!

That’s why you should take a breath of relief and continue reading this article till the end so that you get to see every useful school font on Canva!

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10 Teacher & School Canva Fonts

Finally, here’s the list of all the teacher fonts you will ever need, so check out each one as each of them is perfect and works for both text and display designs!

Dreaming Outloud

Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

As a starter, we’d love to introduce you to Dreaming Outloud, a beautiful handwritten font by My Creative Land. Dreaming Outloud is inspired by the simple handwriting of teachers, which can easily be used in your projects and decorations.

To make it even better, Dreaming Outloud has two versions: the regular one, which is pretty clean, and the scripted version, based on cursive writing. Surprisingly, both versions are perfect; you can either use them together or separately. Whether a display design or text, Dreaming Outland is ready for all your teacher-themed projects.

Bubbleboddy Neue

Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

Introducing Bubbleboddy Neue by Zetafonts, which is a family of six beautiful Canva Fonts for Teachers. It has a few thin versions and a few bold ones, which makes it versatile enough to be useful for almost any kind of design project you are working on.

But if that’s not enough, then try its outline version, which makes this family even more fun and useful. So, next time you are working on a school-related project or decoration, do not forget Bubbleboddy Neue, as it can be extremely helpful!


Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

A teacher must be professional and well-disciplined, which is why if you think the previous font doesn’t match teacher designs, then you should try out Norwester! It’s designed by Jamie Wilson and is a bold and strict-looking display font that can easily fit with your professional personality.

It’s a part of a condensed font as well, so consider using it for display designs like school banners, event logos, or school logos!


Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

Teachers get to be friendly with their students often, and for such situations, a sweet font like Chewy can be an excellent pick! It’s designed by Sideshow, and as a Teacher Canva Font, this typeface has a pretty adorable design.

It’s sweet, simple, and has a design that resembles bubbles, which makes it perfect for student-related designs such as graduation ceremonies or kids’ day decorations. If you are a kindergarten teacher, then this font can be your best friend since little kids really love such typefaces.

Fredoka One

Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

Fredoka One by Milena Brandão is a lot like the regular version of Bubbleboddy Neue’s regular version, as it also has a handwritten style. However, in reality, it’s just a normal display typeface with a rounded font with a pretty friendly and approaching look!

This is another great font when you want to celebrate something with your students, as its cheerful and friendly look expresses safety, which can easily help your students get along with you. So next time you are celebrating Kids Day, do not forget to use Fredoka One for some fun designs.


Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

Schoolbells are a relief to everyone, whether a student or teacher, as they indicate it’s time for lunch or to go home, and just like that, this font, Schoolbell, can be a relief to you if you still haven’t picked your ideal School Fonts on Canva!

This font is designed by Diner and offers a simple design that can easily remind you of your school! This font is mostly used for texts, so it will be great if you use it for notices or as a heading in documents and important papers.

Freckle Face

Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

Freckle Face by Astigmatic is up next, which looks really amazing thanks to its childish design. Perhaps it’s based on the fonts used in SpongeBob, an iconic cartoon loved by kids, which makes this font a perfect choice for kindergarten teachers. If your students are fans of SpongeBob, then they will surely enjoy learning in your class, so take advantage of this, design slide shows with Freckle Face, and add some decorations designed with this font to your classroom.


Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

All the recent fonts have a pretty sweet and childish look, so if you are a teacher of kindergarten or elementary school, then you are in luck, as Mansalva is also great for such designs.

It was designed by Carolina Short and features a simple yet friendly design that can express happy feelings toward your students, which is good for you and your relationship with them. So, make sure you use this font for display works like headings, banners, and slide shows!

Le Petit Cochon

Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

If there’s a fun event coming to your school or you just want to design some beautiful art for your class, then Le Petit Cochon can be an amazing pick!

It’s a display font with a bubbly style that looks so fun to use that it would be an excellent choice for event banners, notices, and even documents for kindergartens. It’s good enough to be used as a heading for advertisements and flyers too, So don’t miss it!

Bryndan Write

Best Teacher Fonts on Canva

In the end, we have Bryndam Write, which is a decent handwritten font by 123456! If you like fonts with chalk designs, then Bryndan White is for you, as it follows a similar design style, which easily helps it become an amazing School font on Canva!

You can use it for school advertisements, notifications, documents, and any other project that requires a clean yet eye-catching typeface!


Finding good fonts can be hard, especially as a teacher, but worry not, as here we have listed the best Canva Fonts for Teachers you will ever need! You can use them for displays or texts; they are friendly and can easily help you get along with your students while completing your school responsibilities!