In the world of typography, certain fonts effortlessly capture the essence of elegance, tradition, and timeless style. And Preppy fonts are one of those; with their clean lines, refined serifs, and classic appeal, they have become the most sophisticated fonts to ever exist.

This easily explains why they are in such high demand lately! They are good for a variety of designs, especially display ones, thanks to their eye-catching and appealing designs, which means you need to get them soon if most of your projects are based on logos and headings.

However, now that they are getting popular, it will be hard to find the good ones, as people will surely make new preppy fonts that aren’t good enough. Which can make it difficult to work, but fortunately, before that happens, we have already collected the Preppy Canva fonts!

So, if you were looking forward to adding this style to your work and making your projects look even more preppy than ever, then do not hesitate to use them!

They are free on Canva, and you can design a variety of projects like invitations and advertisements with them too!

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10 Classy Preppy Canva Fonts

Are you ready to use preppy fonts? They look so adorable and are extremely fun to use, so make sure to check them out!


Introducing Sigher by Megflags Brand Co., which can be an amazing choice, especially if you are a fan of vintage or handmade fonts because fortunately, Sigher has both qualities, which make it an absolutely amazing choice for many projects.

Though it doesn’t have a really attractive style, it can still easily work well for many of your display projects, such as vintage cloth store logos or classical titles. Also, you can take advantage of its small design and utilize it in invitation cards and other small designs easily.


Just like its name suggests, Lazy Dog by Paul Neave is a cute, preppy Canva font with a pretty simplistic design. It’s also a handmade design, but it’s got a cleaner design, which helps it provide more readable projects. Therefore, if you are someone who prefers readability over fancy designs then Lazy Dog should be an amazing pick for you! It’s great for a variety of projects that need good display texts, such as sweet brand logos, T-shirt designs, advertisements, and flyers!

Le Petit Cochon

Need something even cuter? If so, then get ready to try out Le Petit Cochon, as this chubby font is probably the most adorable font available in this list. It has a chubby and bubbly design, both of which are considered extremely cute and are used to indicate cuteness. So, consider Le Petit Cochon the best font for birthday decorations, wedding decorations, or your personal website. So, feel free to try it out, as it’s extremely fun to use.


Genty is a popular preppy font by Ilham Herry, which easily makes it a good font for many of your upcoming projects already. Thanks to its unique and eye-catching design which has a bit of a bubbly style with a flowing design.

It’s an excellent choice for display design because it has a good readability and a preppy design at the same time, which can easily help it stand out even in the largest crowds. Genty can be a good choice for fashion brands, especially because of its elegant look.

Lucky Bones

Preppy fonts can provide us with a good variety of display typefaces, and one of them is Lucky Bones by Alfredo Macro Pradil! It’s just a decent preppy display font available on Canva with a really minimal design, which can easily help you craft some of the most beautiful logos.

And to make it even better, Lucky Bones has one more version that features an outline design. Both versions are pretty and can easily work for many different types of projects, so pick the one that works best for you.


Display fonts are good but they don’t seem too effective if they aren’t bold enough, so to solve this problem, we have Coiny! It’s designed by Marcelo Magalhães, and it’s a bold font that keeps its preppy style while remaining cute and attractive.

Coiny is good for modern designs because it’s based on wide fonts, which are preferred a lot for display designs nowadays. So, if you want a pretty-looking business logo, then try out Coiny, it will surely bring you lots of attention.

More Sugar

A preppy font can’t be considered cute if it’s not as sweet as sugar, and that’s the reason we need typefaces like More Sugar! It’s a bold and heavy font with the marker-like design which is both cute and fun to use!

You can easily make some standout designs with it, but since it’s good for personal use too, make sure to use it for crafts like t-shirts, coffee mugs, wall art, and quotes!


Liked More Sugar? If yes, then try out Jua by Woowahan Brothers as both fonts are pretty similar, but the main difference is that Jua is a text font while More Sugar is a display font. Jua also has a pretty adorable text design that can help you write some of the most interesting-looking texts, so feel free to use it for descriptions of products, websites, and games. The adorable design of this font is something no one can ignore!

Sweet Apricot

Handwritten fonts are really good when it comes to preppy designs, and that’s why we are introducing you to Sweet Apricot by Angelina Kovel. It’s a slim and simple Preppy font that can be good for tons of personal projects such as invitation cards, stickers, labels, or laptop decals.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for professional works, as it will work perfectly for logos, headlines, or even as subtitles on beauty projects. Lastly, if you own a health or fruit website, then maybe this font can work well for you too!


Just like Sweet Apricot, Nectarine is yet another fruity font to add to the list; however, it features a completely different style, so let’s know more about it! Nectarine is designed by Prioritype Co. and is based on a retro style of bubbly font that was often used in the Y2K era! And if you are someone who misses that time, then you must try it out to tell others how great it was back then. Nectarine is a perfect Preppy Canva font, so get ready to design some logos with it!


Preppy fonts are elegant, and beautiful, and have their own unique aesthetic, which makes them really fun to use. That’s why you should not forget to use the fonts we have mentioned above! From Lazy Dog to Jua, each typeface can help you in a variety of ways, so feel free to try them out.