From nostalgic school designs to creating business presentations, chalk fonts easily stand out in every place they are used. It’s because they are certainly unique, visually interesting, and versatile, which are some qualities every type of font needs to become useful.

Not to mention, although they are not intended to give off nostalgic vibes, they can still add a decent retro look to your projects because of the fact that their dusty designs will remind your audience of the times they were kids. which all proves why you should think about using the chalk handwriting font for your upcoming projects.

However, just like always, not every chalkboard font is good enough to become a part of your precious projects, so rather than wasting hours looking for a good font that looks like chalkboard writing, consider going through the list of our chalk handwriting fonts.

We scoured the web to find these beautiful chalk fonts, and it’s guaranteed you are a lot more likely to gain attention after using them. So, make sure to stick to this till the end so that you can know more about them and start designing right away!

What is a Chalk Font? 

A chalk font is inspired by the writing and design of actual chalk. These fonts often have a dusty look so that they can give a realistic effect. From cursive to bold, they come in different styles, which makes them unique and interesting. Furthermore, they are a lot more likely to give you “old school” vibes because we all studied and played with chalk in our school days.

Advertisements, creative business presentations, school projects, and kid-themed designs are some places where these types of fonts are used most often.

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10 Best Free Chalkboard Fonts

For any kind of creative project, chalk fonts are necessary, and below we have listed some of the best Chalkboard fonts for free! So make sure to check each one out.

1. Coal Hand Luke

As mentioned before, chalk fonts come in a variety of styles, and here’s one as a cursive font, known as Coal Hand Luke! It’s designed with JOEBOB graphics and has really elegant-looking letters you will fall in love with! 

An interesting fact about this font is that it was designed on a piece of coal but can still be considered a chalk font because both writings look identical. Coal Hand Luke is an ideal choice for every type of design, including descriptions, headlines, and even subtitles!

2. Colored Crayons 

Looking for a font that can give you old-school vibes? Pick Colored Crayons! It’s a chalk font designed by Jonathan S. Harris and inspired by crayon writing. The design of this chalk font looks adorable as it is based on the writing of kids who use crayons to write, which gives good school feelings when used in projects.

Since everything about this font is just childish, it will be a great idea to start using it for your kid-themed or school projects.

3. Chalktastic

Let’s say no to hybrid chalk fonts for now and move on to actual chalk fonts. Starting with Chalktastic, a bold display chalk font inspired by the writing of thick or wet chalk, which is hard to ignore for the human eye, Chalktastic is designed by Darrell Flood and has a fantastic, childish design, which makes it a good choice for your school’s advertisements.

Chalktastic comes with an italic version too, which gives it a cooler look and makes it viable even for professional uses.

4. Eraser

Eraser is yet another promising chalk font ready to work on your creative projects. This font was designed by David Rakowski and is often used by schools because of its design, which almost looks like real chalk writing. This font is quite bold too, so it has a good readability and helps in designing some cool headlines and titles too.

Eraser has another version known as Eraser Dust, which looks equally pleasing and can also help you create some lovely designs, so do not miss out.

5. Chalkboy 

Chalkboy is a popular chalk font, so without it, this list would be just incomplete! It’s designed by Typefactory and is based on chalk drawings artists often make, which is why the letters on this font are so well-detailed and look insanely beautiful. Bold letters give this font amazing visibility and readability, so consider it a good choice for professional designs like logos and advertisements.

6. Morgan Chalk

One cursive font isn’t enough to complete this list, which is why Morgan Chalk is here! Designed by cove703, Morgan Chalk is one font that will remind you of your teacher’s writing because that’s what this font is based on. 

Although the typeface has quite a rugged and dusty design, it still looks quite beautiful and can work in many sorts of projects, so if you are in search of a reliable chalk font then Morgan Chalk can be an amazing pick.

7. Black Crayon

Don’t you like the blurred effect left on drawings by crayons? Fortunately, you can experience those fun feelings again with Black Crayon! Its designer is Jonathan S. Harris, and unlike our previous crayon effect font, Black Crayon is a bold chalk font, which helps it easily become the center of attention. You can say it can become a good pick for your crayon brand’s logo or even work well as a subtitle.

8. Sandbox Melodrama

Who doesn’t love it when kids write with chalk? They are really adorable and can attract anyone easily. This is why we are introducing you to Sandbox Melodrama

It’s designed by Brittney Murphy and can remind you of the time you used to write with chalk. Since this font has really large letters, it’s safe to say it can be a good choice for displaying works like logos and titles.

9. Sheila Crayon

We had cursive fonts, bold fonts, and even minimal ones, but not stylish fonts! So, let’s take a look at Sheila Crayon, designed by cove703. Although this font is a crayon font, it’s quite stylish, which is not common and makes it a unique choice. If you are bored of using chalk fonts that look childish and minimal, then it’s time for you to pick up Sheila Crayon and get stylish.

10. Rudiment

In the end, we would like to introduce you to Rudiment, which is based on writings from walls written with chalk. People write like this on walls when they are bored or have no idea what to design, so they often just write whatever they want. 

The font may not be too appealing for school designs or business, but it can fit well in street arts and punk music album designs, so be careful while using Rudiment.


Chalk fonts give off many types of vibes, have unique designs, and come in various styles, which helps them easily stand out from the crowd. If you also want to stand out along with them, then consider using the chalkboard font free that we have mentioned above in this article. Their amazing styles and designs will surely help you do better than ever.