Just like every other industry, sports websites, gyms, and media also need their own fonts to represent themselves and have fonts that match their style, which is why sports fonts are always in huge demand!

Fortunately, Google Fonts holds a huge collection of many fun and interesting-looking sports fonts that can easily help you make your designs stand out! In this article, we will be going through the best choices available on Google Fonts! So, whether you are a sports enthusiast or just love the designs of Google fonts for sports, take a seat right now, as you will never find such amazing fonts again!

They are just the perfect choice for a variety of sports design ideas like team jerseys, logos, stickers, website designs, headings, sports product designs, and many more! Which is why missing them out wouldn’t be a great idea.

That’s why if you are interested in using these strong and confident sports Google fonts, consider sticking with us till the end because all these fonts are completely free to use as well!

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10 Powerful Google Fonts For Sports

Finally, your wait for those blocky and confident fonts ends here, as here’s the list you needed! Always remember that all of them are free, so do not worry about licenses at all.

Racing Sans One

sports google fonts

This font’s name must have told you what it’s based on! And if you guessed car racing, then you are right, as Racing Sans One by Impallari Type is based on popular car races like Formula 1.

This font fits well for such a role because it has a speedy design, which helps it look strong and fast, just like a real racing car. Although it’s based on a speedy design, Racing Sans One has amazing readability, which is good for both you and your audience. That’s why feel free to use it for car websites, car designs, or your racing competition.


sports google fonts

As mentioned before, bold and confident fonts are the best choice for any sports design, so say hello to Poppins by Indian Type Foundry! Despite being a pretty thin font, Poppins fits well into this list, thanks to its extra-bold version, which is extremely thick, clean, and easy to read! All these elements are perfect for a sports font, which is why it’s on the list.
You can use this typeface when you don’t want any fancy designs and want to keep a minimal yet effective font as your identity.


sports google fonts

Epilogue has the same case as Poppins; it was not a sports font on Google Fonts originally, but its extra-bold version is what has helped it reach this list. Epilogue is designed by Tyler Finck and shares the same clean and bold design as Poppins in its bold version, which also gives it amazing readability.

But what sets it apart is its italic version, which makes it look like a speedy and racing font. So feel free to use it if you are having a bike or car racing tournament, want some cool designs on your favorite bike, or want to make a banner to support your favorite racer.


sports google fonts

Sometimes non-sport fonts can also be good choices for Google fonts for sports, and that’s the same case with Lato as well! It’s designed by Łukasz Dziedzic and isn’t actually a sports font, just like the previous two, but it’s also blessed by its extra-bold version, which helps it stand out from the crowd.

Just like the previous typefaces, Lato also has a confident-looking design, which makes it an amazing choice for gym designs, motivational posters, and even gym websites. Design your logo or headlines with it; they will surely look stunning and sporty.

Bebas Neue

sports google fonts

Fortunately, you don’t have to use the bolder version of our next font, as it’s already a bold and clear font known as Bebas Neue. It was designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, and Bebas Neue has been a popular typeface since the beginning because of its great design.

It’s versatile enough to fill any project need, which is even for sports designs. It’s clear and bold, so readability wouldn’t be an issue at all! That’s why you should consider using it for team logos, website logos, jersey numbers, and advertisements to catch some attention.


sports google fonts

Finally, here’s a font with a classically sporty design known as the Graduate! It’s designed by Eduardo Tunni and is based on the fonts used in schools and colleges for football tournaments, team designs, and number jerseys.

That’s why you should feel free to use it for the same ideas, but if you have any new creative thoughts, then give them a try too. This font is also bold, just like every other sports Google font, so do not worry about readability and design your projects the way you want.

Alumni Sans Collegiate One

sports google fonts

Traditional sports fonts are amazing because they are made especially for this task, just like Alumni Sand Collegiate One by Robert Leuschke. This font is also based on the traditional sporty design, which is used in real football, basketball, and school and college tournaments too!

This design instantly lets people know that you are doing something related to sports once they see it. They will instantly get attracted to you, especially if they are sports fans, so do not forget about trying it out soon.


sports google fonts

Most Google fonts for sports listed here are used only for modern designs, but how about diving back into the past and getting a look at a retro sports font? Bevan by Vernon Adams is a vintage sports font that was often used in the past for many sports designs like jerseys, websites, posters, crafts, and many more fun projects.

It’s bold and has a good, confident look in its designs, so do not hesitate to design your gym’s or basketball court’s logo with it! Its readability is amazing and can even give some good nostalgia too, which is great for both you and your audience.


sports google fonts

Missing the non-sport font that works well for sporty designs? If yes, then here’s the last one, which is Outfit by Smartsheet Inc. Just like previous additions, this font isn’t a good choice on its own, but when upgraded to the extra thick version, it instantly becomes the center of attention, and is ready to tackle every single sports project on its way!

Perhaps it’s your sports website that needs a new and refreshing look. If yes, then there’s no better chance than this to use Outfit!


As our last sports Google font, we have Exo by Natanael Gama, which is a blocky sports font! Its blocky design gives it amazing and much-needed readability to stand out in the crowd. Although it’s a sports font, it has its thin versions that are not suitable for sports designs. That’s why you should always consider picking the bolder ones, as they have much better readability and represent designs extremely well!


A sports font can be any typeface with a playful and confident look, just like some of the fonts mentioned in this list. So make sure to check them out soon, and use the rest of the typefaces too, since they are something that can easily help you stand out!