Summer is the favorite season of many, as it brings a lot of fun and enjoyment with its energetic sunlight. There are many fun activities you can enjoy during the summer, such as going to the beach, swimming, enjoying ice cream, and designing some summer designs with Summer Google Fonts!

If you are a designer, then summer can be an amazing opportunity to become popular and reach new heights, as people really tend to love any design related to summer, whether it’s a new product logo, an ice cream design, or just some summer quotes!

So, why not do some homework for the next summer and look for some decent summer fonts on Google Docs already?

This way, you won’t have to spend a huge amount of time looking for fonts, which can help you stay way ahead of other designers. Even working with clients will be easier, which is why you should consider trying out some of the beautiful summer Google Fonts we have mentioned here today!

There are a variety of choices available since each font mentioned here features a unique design and purpose. What makes them even more worthwhile is that they are from Google Fonts, which means they are completely free to use, so give them a try soon!

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10 Warming Summer Fonts on Google Docs

Finally, here’s the list of the best summer fonts available on the internet; if you feel they match your style, then feel free to use them!


For starters, we have Atma by Black Foundry, which is a pretty playful and cartoony font! It’s well-known for its friendly and simplistic design, which helps it fit perfectly into personal or any fun-related design with ease.

This font is beginner-friendly as well, so if you are just starting out as a designer, then trying out some design with Atma can help you out. Though thinner versions are beautiful, this font gets just better and better once you start looking at older versions.


Boogaloo is up next; it’s designed by John Vargas Beltrán and is a good display font for some decent projects like headlines and logos. If you think bolder fonts are the better choice for summer design, then Boogaloo is probably your go-to font since it has everything, including a nice design and good readability.

The friendly design can be quite approachable, so if you want to gain some more audience this summer, then feel free to create some eye-catching designs with Boogaloo!


Our next font is Combo, and do you know why it’s called Combo? Well, it’s basically because this font is a combination of spring and summer designs! This font was developed by Eduardo Tunni and features the pretty and refreshing look of spring while keeping the energetic and approaching look of summer, which makes it the ultimate font for both seasons!

Looking for a sweet font for Halloween? Try Combo! Need a good beach design? The combo is ready! As long as the project topic is related to summer or spring, do not hesitate to design it with a combo.


Do you like retro summer fonts? The answer must be obvious since who doesn’t like them? The classical summers were really fun and enjoyable! And that’s why, based on those moments, we have a font called Allan by Anton Koovit.

It’s an amazing font with a pretty beautiful and attractive design, thanks to the classical website and slightly tilted letters. You can easily use Allan for a lot of display designs such as posters, billboards, party decorations, and greeting cards, so don’t hesitate to try it out as it’s good for nostalgia.

Original Surfer

This font name already explains why it’s on the list, so let’s get to know it a little bit. Original Surfer is a display font designed by Astigmatic with a pretty creative letter design that features some bold and some thin styles.

This design can even remind you of beautiful art styles from the art industry, which makes this summer Google Fonts perfect for your upcoming projects. Original Surfer looks good and feels good to use, so why not give it a try soon? It’s got a bit of vintage design too, so add a bit of a 90s style to your designs.


Pacifico is probably one of the most popular summer fonts, and why should it not be? It has everything you can expect from a summer font on Google Docs! It’s designed by Vernon Adams and features a carefree, flowing design along with a summer theme, which perfectly suits your project’s topic, so why not try it out?

Many summer or vacation-related businesses already use Pacifico for their logos, and they have gained a lot of success, so what’s stopping you? Get Pacifico now and start designing some cheerful summer projects.


Caveat looks like it’s based on simple handwriting, which can easily remind you of the peacefulness of summer. It’s designed by Impallari Type and even looks like it’s based on a signature font, which allows you to use this font in two different ways.

While Caveat may not be the best font for your brand’s or business’s design, it can do amazing things on personal projects like a summer-inspired T-shirt, coffee mug, and many more attractive DIY projects like quotes as well.

Just Another Hand

Just Another Hand will remind you of your teenage days, or at least about the summer diaries teenage girls write, because it’s inspired by the same handwriting! This font is designed by Astigmatic and has a pretty simple design yet manages to catch a huge amount of attention because, honestly, it’s easy to be attracted by such a cute design.

If your business wants to look friendlier this season, then perhaps Just Another Hand can be a good start. You can use it for headlines and titles because of its good legibility and attractive design, so feel free to use it for logos.


What makes summer even more fun? Of course, sweet dishes! Which is why Gluten by Tyler Finck is here! This font is filled with sweetness and is very well-known for its rounded design, which can even remind you of sweet donuts.

Unfortunately, this font isn’t a really good choice for smaller sizes, but as you go towards the bolder ones, it just becomes round and cuter, which makes it more useful in a variety of summer designs. You’d want to use this font for display designs, so consider designing your donut shop, ice cream shop, or brand logo with it.

Shantell Sans

We have reached the end, so let’s finish with Shantell Sans, which is another simple yet relaxing summer Google font! It’s designed by Shantell Martin and is another font based on minimal and cute handwriting because summer is all about having fun and doing things you love. So why not try out this carefree font as well?

It’s great to use, especially when you don’t want to make your design too fancy and want to keep it minimal yet eye-catching. Shantell Sans works for both displays and texts, but mostly for texts.


Summer fonts on Google Docs are probably the best typefaces you can find on the internet for this amazing season, so check out our list of the best summer Google Fonts. Each typeface is unique and shares a great design, which makes all of them worthwhile options.