Christmas is the most favorite part of many people’s year. You get to spend time with your family, enjoy holidays, focus on your hobbies in your free time, and enjoy tasty meals, which makes these special occasions more fun than they could be! However, all this fun can turn into a complete disaster if you are a designer who isn’t ready for Christmas designs!

Just like every year, you will have lots of clients looking forward to their Christmas projects being done, and if you aren’t ready for them with some of the most beautiful Christmas fonts, then you can get in trouble.

That’s why there’s nothing wrong with preparing even before Christmas arrives. Therefore, if you agree with this fact, then consider taking a look at our Google Christmas fonts. Filled with the love and excitement of Christmas, we have made a list of fonts that can make your vacations even more special.

Always remember that these are some of the highest-quality fonts, which means using them can help you create the best projects of your life. That’s why you should not hesitate to try them out and consider reading till the very end!

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10 Merry Christmas Season Fonts 

Whether you need bold, thin, or script fonts, we have a variety of Christmas Google fonts in this article, so let’s check them out!

Mountains of Christmas

Let’s start off with Mountains of Christmas by Tart Workshop, which is a casual serif Christmas font ready to be used in your projects. It’s based on many popular Christmas font designs, which makes it easily recognizable and eye-catching! It also has a bit of a retro vibe, so if you miss the Christmas days of the 90s, then this font can be a great choice for you.

It can be used in a lot of ways, so try it for movie posters, subtitles, headings, website designs, gift packaging, greeting cards, and more. With its catchy design and good readability, there’s no way you will be ignored!

Bigelow Rules

Based on the almost same design as Mountains of Christmas, Bigelow Rules is another fun Christmas Google font you need to try out. It’s designed by Astigmatic and features a really fun and vintage-looking design that can’t be ignored at all. Its readability may not be the best, so consider trying it out only when readability isn’t necessary.

You can even use this font as a background font to increase the Christmas vibe, but if you think it’s good for the main text, then do not hesitate to try it out.


Griffy is another iconic Christmas season font, as from its first impression, it can easily remind you of Christmas. This font is designed by Neapolitan and has a rounded design at the end of the letters, which gives off a good Christmas vibe.

However, when used with darker colors, it may start looking spooky and can remind you of Halloween, which comes before Christmas. So it will be a great idea to give Griffy a chance, as it can help you out with both holidays!

Mystery Quest

Mystery Quest looks like it came straight out of a cartoon Christmas movie because of its rounded and cute looks. It’s designed by Sideshow and also has a rounded design on the ends of most letters, but unlike Griffy, it doesn’t look spooky at all because it was made especially for Christmas.

Kids will surely love this design, so why not use it for their Christmas gifts? It can be great for school decorations, Christmas stickers, and website design too, so why not give it a try?

Princess Sofia

Just like its name suggests, Princess Sofia by Tart Workshop is a pretty feminine Christmas font designed especially for those who want to use beautiful decorations. This is perfect for teenage girls or adult women celebrating Christmas since they are no longer kids and prefer beautiful designs now.

You can easily use this font for all fretting cards, Christmas gifts, and Christmas decorations! But if you want to use it for business purposes, then it can work well for your Christmas-themed logo. This means, that as long as you want your Christmas to be feminine and beautiful, you can use Princess Sofia without hesitation.

Rum Raisin

Till now, we have focused only on thin Christmas Google fonts, so here’s Rum Raisin by Astigmatic. If you are a fan of bold display fonts, then Rum Raisin is probably for you, because despite having a simple design, it still fits really well with Christmas vibes, which can allow you to create some beautiful Christmas logos, headings, and signs.

Thanks to the simple design, Rum Raisin has no readability issues; you can easily read it from long distances, and even during snowy nights, your designs won’t get ignored, which makes Rum Raisin really great at attracting customers.

Spicy Rice

Spicy Rice is another bold display Christmas season font on the list, designed by Astigmatic. Fortunately, it’s bolder than Rum Raisin, so if you were thinking Rum Raisin may not be able to attract customers, then you can easily switch to Spicy Rice!

Its bold and clear design always helps it become the center of attention, which is really good for you and your business. And since its design is pretty friendly, people will keep cooking for you! Therefore, if you liked this font, then consider cooking some spicy rice for Christmas too!


Unkempt is a funny font with imperfect lines, which makes it look like it’s written by a kid. This font was designed by Sideshow, and it works perfectly for many kid- and child-related designs. Maybe your kids want to have a Christmas party at your home this year, or maybe they want to do it at their school, so for such situations, Unkempt can come in handy.

It has a bolder version too, in case you didn’t like the original version. It gives more readability, making your designs much easier to read, so do not forget to check it out.


Introducing Atma by Black Foundry. This font was made especially for informal designs and personal projects, so what better time than Christmas to try it out? You can use it for a wide variety of projects; for example, you can do some nice Christmas decoration, design matching t-shirts for your family, design a Christmas cake, and many other kinds of gifts too.

But if that’s not enough, then you can go for greeting and invitation cards too; they will look pretty, and your friends will like your font selection.


Last but not least, Festive by Robert Leuschke! By its name, you must have already understood its purpose, which is to be the perfect font for festivals and holidays. So, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the New Year, someone’s birthday, or even a sports event, you are allowed to use festive as long as you are celebrating and having fun.

Its design is pretty eye-catching, so it will work well for professional purposes too. Maybe you can decorate your wedding with it too!


Christmas is full of surprises, but don’t make your font selection a surprise, as it will greatly affect your work. Check out some of the best Christmas Google fonts we have mentioned here and save them for your next Christmas right now!