Branding always matters no matter which industry. because it allows people to know who you are and what you are going to offer them. And just like everywhere else, branding is such a difficult task, even in the music industry. From a DJ to a singer to a songwriter, everyone struggles to catch people’s attention. 

However, DJs experience slightly more difficult than the other two categories because they produce only music, which is hard to love if it doesn’t come with decent lyrics. This is the reason branding has made it hard for DJs to become popular and show off their talent!

Are you also one of those DJs? If yes, then do not worry, since sometimes the problem isn’t in your music it might be in your branding style. Maybe you are using fonts that don’t fit well with your work’s personality or that aren’t attractive enough to grab attention. So it’s better to look for some good DJ logo fonts! 

Fortunately, we have already compiled a list of some of the best DJ band fonts that will make you stand out even from the largest crowds!

So what are you waiting for? Read this article till the end and get some DJ logo fonts that can actually make you popular!

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10 DJ Logo Fonts For Eye-Catching Designs

Here’s a list of some of the best DJ fonts that will make your branding easier, so make sure to design some logos, advertisements, posters, and album covers with them.

Not to mention, make sure to check each font’s license before you use it.

1. Divine Razier

Let’s start with Divine Razier, a rough brush font inspired by a street style that would make perfect designs for your DJ posters. Its letters look like they were designed with scratches, and at the same time, this font has futuristic look too, which will fit perfectly with your DJ theme. 

This font is bold and has good readability, making it a good choice for display purposes like posters, logos, and headlines.

Furthermore, the futuristic style of this font will keep attracting people towards you, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on advertisements since Divine Razier is all you will need.

2. Granite

Divine Raizer was cool, but have you heard about Granite? It’s an amazing DJ font you must have in your collection because its design is just too striking to ignore. Designed by Creatype Studio, Granite is a modern display font known for its brush-styled designs. 

If you use it, you will notice the font leaves droplets of paint that add a cool punk and street style, which will surely add more personality to any DJ design and make them more popular. Granite is good for signatures, logos, digital purposes, or any other kind of design as long as it’s related to music or a DJ.

3. Moonhouse

Introducing Moonhouse, an actual techno font designed by NimaType for all kinds of outstanding DJ projects. Moomhouse is categorized as a futuristic display font, which means you must use it for album covers, branding, packaging, or any project that should bring an audience to you, as its cool looks will surely attract people to you.

Not to mention, the letters of this font have some missing parts, which gives off good modern vibes. Therefore, if you want your projects to look like a piece of the future, then it’s recommended to use Moonhouse! Lastly, this font is free to use, so get started right away!

4. Banuk

We have looked at many futuristic fonts until now, so let’s focus a little on the past too! Introducing Banuk, a vintage techno font, especially for those who miss the punk and DJ music of earlier times. Its design is also based on music logos from the past so that it can give off as many classical vibes as possible.

Although it’s designed with quite stylish looks, this font has decent readability thanks to its bold looks. This means no matter how far away your audience is, once they notice your design, they will understand your message, which can help you become popular.

5. Dune Rise

Dune Rise is a futuristic display font inspired by the logo of a modern movie called “Dune.” This typeface has amazing letter designs since all of them look like clean parts of a robot, which adds an impressive scientific feel to any project designed with it.

Feel free to use Dune Rise for your movie posters, DJ album covers, and logos if they are based on the future. Lastly, Dune Rise is a free font for both personal and commercial uses, so get it right away.

6. Planet Kosmos

Vintage techno fonts are something we should not ignore, especially when going through a list of fonts for DJ projects, and that’s why here’s Planet Kosmos. It’s a retro display font intended to be used for any design that requires a good scientific touch. 

Its letters are extremely bold, and sometimes it’s hard to understand them, so it’s better you use this font in designs that don’t require readability. Planet Kosmos looks extremely attractive too, which helps it easily gather a good crowd. Lastly, this font is also free, so do not hesitate to use it.

7. Technos

As its name suggests, Technos is a futuristic font based on the digital typography of the future. The design looks like it’s inspired by a cyberpunk theme as well, which is not seen often and is unique, so designing your own projects with Technos can help you easily stand out and become a popular DJ.

You are allowed to create posters, logos, advertisements, pamphlets, and titles with Technos as long as your project is about something futuristic.

8. Pannic

Unlike other fonts on this list, Pannic is just a modern font, which means its design is based on the current era and is not too futuristic or too retro. Pannic is a minimal display font and can work best for those DJs who prefer creating soft music.

Standing out with this font is extremely easy because it might be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not attractive. Its eye-catching qualities allow it to become the center of attention with ease, so feel free to try it out soon.

9. Paladins

You can call Paladins “one font with many faces” because it’s a single DJ logo font with so many unique styles! Paladins is designed by Iconian Fonts and has 10 unique styles, and the best thing about them is that all of them look completely different from each other.

This means if you use this typeface, you can get 10 different fonts at once. It’s a great choice for those people who don’t like looking for new fonts again and again, and if you are one of them, don’t waste time and get Paladins as it’s completely free.

10. Techno Cowboy

As the last pick, we have Techno Cowboy! Its name may make you think it’s another retro techno font, but that’s not the truth, as it’s a completely new concept! It’s a modern display font designed with joined dots that actually looks really awesome. 

If you are bored of the same old display font, then it’s time you should give it a try to Techno Cowboy, as it’s a new concept never seen before, which will help you become more and more popular as a DJ.


Branding is extremely hard, especially for a DJ, but thankfully many good fonts for DJ logos are available to help you make your presence. Above, we have mentioned the best DJ logo fonts ever; they are perfect for your DJ logos, posters, advertisements, and products, so do not hesitate to use them soon!

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