During a wedding’s preparation, there are many important things that need to be done as soon as possible, and one of them is designing wedding invitations. Often they are underestimated and designed in a hurry, which results in ugly-looking invitations.

It’s because many people still don’t know invitations are one of the most important parts of a marriage, as they allow your friends and relatives to become a part of your special day.

If a wedding invitation looks unpleasant, then people won’t be interested in reading it and may not even visit you if they can’t understand what you have mentioned!

which is the reason it’s so important to pick good fonts for wedding invitations. Therefore, if you have been picking the wrong fonts for every wedding invitation you have designed, do not feel bad since you can still fix this mistake by reading this article to the end.

Because today we are going to present you with the best wedding script fonts available on the internet! This list includes many outstanding typefaces that will help you create fascinating wedding invitations, so do not skip them at all!

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Why Script Fonts?

Script fonts are minimal, beautiful, and not really stylish, which completely suits the peaceful environment of a wedding. These fonts look graceful and elegant too, which will tell your guests you are a sophisticated person. 

And their easy-to-read letters are just like a cherry on top, as they will help your guests understand your message extremely well. Lastly, no matter how much you use these fonts, they never look boring, which saves you from a long search for decent fonts as well as for wedding decorations.

10 Handwritten Wedding Fonts For Wedding Invitations 

Your search for the best wedding script fonts has ended, since below we have mentioned every font you will ever need, so make sure to keep reading.

1. Alex Brush

As a starter, we are introducing you to Alex Brush, a beautiful flowing brush font made especially for charming works like wedding invitations. It’s designed by Robert Leuschke and is known for its elegant looks that will make anyone fall in love with your designs. 

Alex Brush supports Latin letters, which makes it even more versatile for various types of projects. Lastly, don’t worry about the flowing design, because even with that, it’s really readable.

2. Geraldine

If you want your invitation cards to look stylish and eye-catching, then consider trying Geraldine out! It’s a vintage script font designed by Billy Argel for projects that need an elegant touch. 

The best thing about this font is that it will leave a flower design on the first letter of each word, which will make your designs look beautiful and unique at the same time. Therefore, start designing your wedding invitations right now, as Geraldine is free!

3. Sebastian Bobby

Sebastian Bobby is an authentic script font inspired by handwritten signatures and designed by Set Sail Studios. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a professional or signature look in their invitations. 

Although not an ideal pick for the description, it can make the bride and groom’s names look more eye-catching; even the title designed with Sebastian Bobby will look simply amazing. But that’s not all; Sebastian Bobby supports tons of different languages, which helps it become a part of any kind of invitation card!

4. Wild Love

Wild Love by Angele Kamp is an extremely impressive font anyone could ask for because it’s a script font with beautiful-looking letters ready to make your wedding invitations look better than ever. 

But that’s not all; it has one more version, known as “Wild Love Regular,” that comes in simple-looking letters that can be a great option for descriptions and important information. Lastly, it has love symbols that will help you add more aesthetics to the wedding invitation.

5. ALS Script 

ALS script is a stylish and feminine script font that is often used by fashion and cosmetic brands. Its girly designs look just adorable, which easily helps them stand out, so it doesn’t matter whether you are designing a logo or just a wedding invitation; you will always receive results that blow your mind. It may look a bit stylish, but don’t worry; its readability is still good, and even in small choices, it’s readable.

6. Gathering

Calligraphy fonts look extremely beautiful on wedding designs—that’s why here’s Gathering! It’s a script font inspired by modern calligraphy that lends you some sophisticated letters. Each letter in this font is well-detailed, which makes using it even more fun.  

You can use Gathering for your wedding invitation’s title or heading because it’s a display font as well, so it’s better to use it for single words otherwise it won’t get shine well.

7. Great Vibes

Introducing Great Vibes, a clean script font well-known for its beautiful curves! Great Vibes, designed by TypeSETit, is quite simple; it’s neither too stylish nor too boring, making it a good pick for people who prefer minimal designs

Just like its name, the font itself gives off great vibes that will make you feel happy whenever you see it. When combined with bright colors, Great Vibes can make iconic designs, so use the right color for the background.

8. BeyondSweet

Did you like the calligraphy fonts we mentioned above? If yes, then don’t go without giving Beyond Sweet a try! It’s a calligraphy script font by Mila Garret made especially for wedding decorations, menus, and invitations. 

This means you are allowed to make this font the main typeface of your wedding. From text to display, Beyond Sweet is good for each position, so feel free to start now.

9. A Amazing Mother

If you are a daughter who is getting married soon and wants to thank your mother one last time, then Amazing Mother can help you do it with ease.  

Amazing Mother is a cute font that is a popular choice for Mother’s Day projects like cards and decorations. But since it’s so beautiful, you can use it even for your wedding invitation and thank your mother, who raised you.

10. Snallie Soul

Snallie Soul is a fresh new calligraphy font often used for greeting cards, branding, and business cards because it’s good for such works. which means designing your wedding invitation with this font is something you aren’t going to regret at all. 

Although it’s a calligraphy font, it can work great as a display too, so if there are more wedding decorations that require good fonts, then Snallie Soul is a way to go!


There are no fonts that can beat script fonts when it comes to wedding invitations! Are you looking for some decent scripts for such work too? If yes, then we have mentioned the best-handwritten wedding fonts above in the article. Make sure to check each as all are beautiful and some are even free!

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