Winter has already arrived, and with its chilling temperature, it’s about to change the whole environment and feel, which will change everyone’s tastes and expectations from your designs too. It’s winter, and you can’t keep using your old summer fonts, as they won’t attract a new audience and will make you look like an outdated person. Which is why it’s important to stick with new trends and get some nice winter fonts!

which means you need to go and look for some decent winter fonts for your future projects. However, at this point, maybe it’s too late since Christmas is close and you must be busy with tons of projects already. Therefore, in that case, let’s take the short way by trying out our Winter Canva Fonts!

We knew this could happen, and that’s why we’ve already gathered some of the best winter fonts you can use for your designs! Whether you need help with Christmas projects or just some cold designs, these fonts will always be happy to work with you!

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10 Icy Canva Fonts For Chilling Designs 

From here, you will be introduced to some of the most icy Canva fonts that are ready to help create cold and freezing designs with ease. Also, all of them are from Canva, which makes them an even better choice!

TAN Mon Cheri

Winter is often associated with elegant and beautiful designs, so why not start this list with something like that? Here’s TAN Mon Cheri by TAN Type, an elegant sans-serif font known for its sleek and beautiful designs!

Most of the time, it’s used for display projects because of its attractive and luxurious looks, so feminine brands and gift shops can easily take advantage of it. It’s good for Christmas decorations, greeting cards, and invitations too, so have fun with it!


Did you like the combination of winter and elegance? If yes, then experience it one more time with Malibu by ToniStudio! Malibu is also a thoughtful and beautiful font, but unlike Tan Mon Cheri, its design is much more detailed and complicated, making it a good choice for display projects like logos or decorations.

You can easily create an attractive-looking gift tag, invitation letter, or advertisement with these Icy Canva Fonts and be successful in no time! So, what are you waiting for? Despite a complicated design, Malibu is extremely easy to read as well!


Brittany by Creatype Studio is next, and it’s a signature font because when using elegant fonts for main designs, you will surely need some elegant signature typefaces too!

Brittany is as cool as winter winds and shines like ice, which makes it fun to look at. Furthermore, feel free to use it for other designs such as displays, headings, t-shirts, and coffee cup designs since this font isn’t limited just to signatures! Just give it a chance; it won’t disappoint and will make your winter better!


In older times, handwritten invitation cards were commonly used to invite relatives and friends to Christmas parties, but now that everything has changed, it’s time to use handwritten fonts like Breathing instead!

It’s designed by Din Studio and has an adorable design that can easily steal anyone’s attention! Although it is considered a font for invitations, letters, and greeting cards, it works well even in professional settings, such as logos and other designs.

Dream Avenue

Looking for something modern? Something classy that makes this winter feel much more fun? If yes, then here’s Dream Avenue by Muntab_Art. This font is designed especially for modern display designs, and apparently, its unique design fits pretty well with winter, thanks to its cold-looking design!

It’s also modern, so you shouldn’t have a problem creating some attractive-looking posters and illustrations with it. Dream Avenue includes numerals and upper and lowercase letters, which makes it even more versatile!


Frozen blueberries are pretty common during the winter; that’s why let’s appreciate them with Blueberry by Din Studio. It’s a cute and chubby display font designed especially for the cold and chilly designs of winter.

Its big and blue letters allow it to display anything effectively, making it an excellent font for marketing and displaying during the cold days of winter. Or maybe you can just design your frozen blueberry’s logo with this typeface! Either way, it will lead you only to success and lots of fun!


As clear as snow and as smooth as ice, Versailles is here to help you create some chilly designs multiple times! This elegant font is known for its timeless look, which feels great to use just everywhere, especially in winter designs.

It’s sleek and elegant; just like the first fonts mentioned in this list, there’s just one difference: Versailles has more uses in professional work, including business and company designs. Lastly, it’s good at giving a winter look, so maybe you can update your website with a new design now!

Frunchy Sage

Similar to how the elegance of winter never fades, neither will our stunning winter fonts, which is why our next typeface is Frunchy Sage! It’s a modern and luxury display font mainly used for cosmetic and fashion brands because of its unique and sophisticated looks. And just like everyone else, such brands need a new look for the cold season as well, so why not use Frunchy Sage for it this time?

The Seasons

We are talking about winter, one of the main seasons of the year, so how can we forget a font like The Season by MyCreativeLand? It doesn’t matter what season it currently is; this unique font works whenever you want, as it’s designed that way.

Whether you want it to advertise you on sunny summer days or need it as a logo on freezing winter days, the season is just waiting for you! Most of the time, people prefer using it for display, but feel free to use it for other purposes such as headings and texts too!

Amsterdam Three

Last but not least, here’s Amsterdam Three, a sweet cursive font ready to make your winter designs look cuter than ever! During the winter, everyone prefers encountering cute and sweet-looking designs, especially during Christmas, which is why having Amsterdam Three is a must.

You can use it to write letters and create cute-looking advertisements, documents, t-shirts, and even wooden signs. There’s just a lot you can do with these Icy Canva Fonts, so do not hesitate and get them soon.

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Finding winter fonts isn’t easy, especially if you are looking for some elegant ones. Fortunately,  our list of Winter Canva Fonts includes everything you will ever need whether it be some sophisticated-looking frozen fonts or snow-like soft and chubby fonts.