In a continuously growing world, farmhouse fonts often get ignored, but fortunately, they are never forgotten! Do you know why? Well, it’s because they are one of the best types of fonts ever made.

From simplicity to countryside vibes, they hold too many qualities in them, which makes them just unforgettable. Whenever they want, they make a comeback and remain great choices for a long time!

So, how about you give them a try? 

They are extremely versatile, provide comfort to your customer’s mind, and make them come back for more, which are some reasons why farmhouse fonts are worth trying. Therefore, since you have made up your mind, here’s a list of 10 farmhouse Canva fonts!

These fonts are specialized, making you love everything about a simplistic and rural lifestyle, which is great, especially if your targeted audience is looking for something like that, which makes these fonts a must-have choice!

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10 Heartwarming Farmhouse Canva Fonts

All these farmhouse fonts are available on Canva, so if you want access to them, make sure to check it out. The majority of these fonts are free, so it won’t be a bad idea either!

Inlander Texture

If you have ever used Inlander Texture before, then you must have noticed it has a pretty rugged and dusty design, which is a pretty common part of farmhouse fonts, and that’s the reason it’s here. This rugged design already gives it so much personality, while its letter design is based on retro display fonts used on shops and posters. Furthermore, despite the rugged and dusty look, Inlander’s readability is still amazing; instead, this will make your design more interesting!

Roboto Slab

Roboto slab by Christian Robertson has two sides; it’s either a geometrical font or a friendly curved font, both of which give it different uses and personalities. If you are someone who isn’t a big fan of old country-styled typefaces but still wants a farmhouse vibe, then Roboto Slab can easily work out for you as it’s directed towards modern designs!

Not to mention, Roboto Slab does a great job at displaying, which is why it’s used by brands and businesses looking for an aesthetic yet a modern design!

Bright Sunshine

Farmhouses aren’t filled with technology, so it’s obvious people have to do everything on their own, even writing, which is why handwritten fonts are popular among farmhouse design fans. And that’s the reason today we are introducing you to Bright Sunshine by Mindtype Co.

It’s a beautiful-looking handwritten font that might remind you of letters or greeting cards designed for farmhouses and countryside places! It easily melts anyone’s heart with its wholesomeness, so better use it for gifts and such personal projects!

Furius Title

Let’s dig deeper into the past to take a look at the Furius title, a black letter font based on medieval typefaces. Farmhouses aren’t limited to the countryside; they were available during the medieval period too, so if you want something related to that time, then the Furius title can be a great choice. It looks like the majority of blackletter fonts, but it has extra details, which makes it much more elegant!


Remember we mentioned the majority of Farmhouse Canva fonts are simple? Well, it’s time to prove that with Norwester by Jamie Wilson! Norwester is a condensed display font designed mainly to spread simplicity because not everything has to be fancy and special.

Just like the simple life of the countryside and farms, it may not be as comfortable as modern life, but it’s still good no matter how you look at it. Lastly, Nowester isn’t limited to farmhouse designs; use it however you want, as long as you want simplicity.


Next, we have Sunday, which looks nothing special at first glance, but as you spend more time with it, you can notice its rugged and uneven design. This font basically tells you about farmhouse life, like how it may look perfect at first, but still, it has its own flaws.

Sunday is good for a variety of designs but might work well for secondary or heading designs in projects like banners, blog headings, DIY websites, or farm-related websites. It’s readable and versatile as well, which makes it much more valuable.


Voga is here, in case you need a touch of both farmhouse and modern life at the same time! This font is as elegant as most typefaces taking over the internet nowadays and has the curves of good old farmhouse fonts, which can make it likable from both sides.

Voga is made for display designs and may work on more projects than you can think of. Consider trying it for magazines, brand logos, banners, product designs, or farmhouse events. Consider Voga a decent font for restaurants and hotels too, as its farmhouse vibes can make people feel at home.

Zilla Slab

Zilla Slab by Typotheque is next, and this font design is based on typewriter letters. Since such fonts are often associated with farmhouse and countryside design, it’s a good idea to introduce this font. Zilla is much clearer than typewriter prints, which is good because clarity is important in today’s design.

But its typewriter-styled design makes it look retro and vintage, which is great if you are aiming for projects like aesthetics that include agriculture, home décor, or country living designs.


Here comes Luthier by Adrià Gómez, which is another combination of farmhouse life and the modern world. This font is a display typeface and has a letter design that can remind you of many fashion designs in the current world, while its vibes will take you back to the countryside and their bar logos.

Both types of designs use an elegant design that connects them despite being so different. So why not try it out on your next project? It’s good for both formal and informal designs, which just shows how versatile it is.

CS Rocky Sans

Last but not least, we have CS Rockey Sans, a decent farmhouse Canva font filled with a good amount of retro and vintage vibe. This font is based on country-side logos, headlines, and most importantly, movie posters.

They were highly attractive and would easily grab anyone’s attention in an instant. Fortunately, they haven’t lost their magic even now; instead, it works better, especially if your audience is addicted to nostalgia and the past. So have fun designing some retro display projects with it.


It’s good to know farmhouse fonts are almost impossible to replace; however, they may become forgotten since they are pretty old. That’s why you should consider trying out the fonts we have mentioned here to bring back the good old farmhouse vibes!