Are you someone who always prefers adding attractive and stylish designs to their projects? If so, then you should probably check out some feminine fonts. Why? Well, it’s because they are considered some of the most appealing and eye-catching typefaces in the typography world.

They have been in this world since the start of typography, yet people aren’t bored of them; instead, they become more and more lovable, which explains why using them can be a great idea.

As their name suggests, these fonts are most often used for girly or feminine design, but they express peace, love, and harmony as well, so as long as you want your projects to look friendly and welcoming, you can add them to your designs without hesitation.

Fortunately, today we are sharing this list of the 11 best feminine fonts on Canva with you. So, if you were looking for some typefaces that can make your designs look more attractive than before, then feel free to try them out!

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11 Feminine Girly Canva Fonts

These feminine fonts have various styles and can be used for a variety of projects, so consider trying out each as all of them are free!


Starting with Twister by Creatype Studio, a cursive font that isn’t as twisted as its name suggests. Twister looks like it has been written by a pretty girl because of its cursive design, which can easily attract a large audience. Normally cursive fonts aren’t considered a good choice, but compared to others, Twister looks much simpler, making it a great choice for letters, wedding decorations, greeting cards, t-shirts, and many more projects that need a peaceful look!


Did Twister seem too complicated? Well, no problem, since here’s Lazy Dog by Paul Neave. It’s a pretty minimal and adorable font designed especially for people who prefer simple designs but still want girly vibes from their work.

Lazy Dog is used for personal projects most of the time because of its simplicity, so consider it a great choice for projects like t-shirts, letters, coffee cup designs, or wall arts. Lazy Dog is a decent choice for digital uses too; maybe you can design your YouTube thumbnails or website designs too!

Better Saturday

Better Saturday by Din Studio is here, and with its amazing design, it can make any brand popular in no time! It’s another cursive font on the list but with much more legible letters and a great design. Thanks to its sharp and bold look, Better Saturday is considered a good choice for professional works like brand logos, product logos, or advertisements.

However, always remember that this font works best only with feminine industries, so fashion and cosmetic brands are the only ones that can bring out its real potential!

Bukhari Script

Do you like retro typefaces? If so, then why not combine them with feminine style and try out Bukhari script by Mikrojihad Typography? This vintage girly font is pretty round and cute, just like Sweet Past. But what makes it even more special are its three other versions, which are stylistic alternate, stylistic set, and combination. All of which can work for a variety of projects and provide you with some nostalgic results!

The Bigmarker

Miss the cursive girly fonts already? No worries, as The Big Marker by Din Studio is here! However, this time the cursive design will look like it’s written by a marker, which makes the design look fresh and unique. Since the Bigmarker font is so attractive, you can use it for display purposes, such as logos or fashion product designs. But it can be used for signatures as well; thanks to its marker design, you can design a beautiful autograph with it to use for your art projects!


Like The Bigmarker? If yes, then here’s Gistesy by Creatype Studio! Gistesy is basically The Bigmarker but much more fun and written by a pen, which makes it yet another unique Girly Canva Font.

Fortunately, Gistesy is pretty versatile, so it doesn’t matter whether you need it for personal or professional work; it’s always going to do well. So, have fun designing some product logos, flyers, branding designs, or just some fun stickers. Despite being cursive, Gistesy has amazing readability too, which makes it even easier to use!

Tenor Sans

Looking for something modern and professional? Normally, such traits do not fit with feminine designs, but with Tenor sans, it’s possible! It’s designed by Denis Masharov and is a minimal modern typeface with a pretty feminine look.

Many feminine brands use such typefaces because they know they must be professional and express their feminine style at the same time for greater success. And now it’s your time, so design your product or business logo with it to get popular in no time.

Boston Angel

When it comes to feminine or girly fonts, there’s no lack of cursive fonts, but how about trying something new?

Introducing Boston Angel, a feminine display typeface ready to showcase your projects to the world in a better way! Just like every other display font, Boston Angel is perfect at displaying your design and comes with clear readability, which is something missing in cursive fonts most of the time. So, if you still haven’t picked anything, Boston Angel can be a great choice.

TAN Mon Cheri

TAN Mon Cheri by TAN Type is next, and this elegant is one of its own. It’s known for its unique design, which fits neither cursive nor display styles, which makes it much more attractive than many choices. Furthermore, since it’s good at giving a touch of elegance, you can easily use it for luxury hotel and restaurant designs. This also means it can do extremely well in the fashion and beauty industries, so pick it up and start before it’s too late!


Nickainley by Seniors Studio is our next feminine girly canva font, and if you think previous designs were too complicated, then you should consider trying it out. It has a pretty simple design, which can be good for many projects, whether it be school decorations, Valentine’s Day gifts, Christmas invitation cards, or some product advertisement. Lastly, despite a cursive design, Nikainley is pretty readable, making it an all-rounder font, which is something every designer needs.

More Sugar

For the end, we present More Sugar by Slidehack, which is a cute display font for casual projects! It has a chubby and sweet-looking design that can melt anyone’s heart in seconds, so why not design cute, girly-looking t-shirts with it? Most of the time, it’s used only for casual projects, but if you want, you can keep it for professional purposes too. And design some adorable product designs!


Feminine designs are always the center of attention because of their elegance and attractive looks, so if you also want your projects to get good attention, consider trying our Feminine Fonts on Canva! They are free and can help you create some of the most attractive projects!