Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s an excellent chance to express your love towards your partner or finally make your move to tell them about your feelings for them. Whether it be through letters, cards, or an online design, you will surely need some lovely and cute-looking typefaces, right? 

Of course, you can’t use bold or scary fonts on this occasion, since your typefaces must match the loving theme of Valentine’s Day. So, what’s your plan? If it’s nothing so far, then you have landed in the right place, as today we are here to help you out with some of the best Canva Valentine fonts!

Why trust us? Well, it’s because there isn’t much time left for Valentine, and looking for them at the moment can be frustrating. This is why it’s a good idea to take a look at all these handpicked fonts that will make your special day even better! Each of them has a great design and a lovely approach, making them the best thing to help you express your love!

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10 Best Valentine Fonts On Canva

Always remember, that all of these fonts are available on Canva, so you don’t need to visit various websites to use them!


Let’s start with Malibu by ToniStudio. This cursive typeface looks like it has been written by a girl in love, which means it’s easily one of the best fonts for this occasion. And despite such a fancy design, its readability remains as clear as ever, which just makes it an even better choice.

If you want to create some fun projects with it, then try social media posts, love letters, event decorations, or photo overlays. So, get started already, as the beautiful swashes are waiting to make your partner happy!


Not a fan of cursive fonts and need something that displays your design well? If yes, then here’s Genty by Ilham Herry. This thick display font is designed for logos, but thanks to its lovely design, it does very well with love-related designs! Maybe you want to change your website’s or brand’s look for Valentine’s Day, so why not design your logo with it? Genty works well for projects like Valentine’s Day t-shirts and decorations as well, so do not forget it!

Sweet Apricot

Sweet Apricot by Angelina Kovel is here in case you want something minimal! This cute font is good at displaying and expressing a design, which means it’s a perfect choice for anyone who liked the previous two typefaces. However, it’s much more simplified, making it versatile enough for almost any type of design, whether it’s a letter, wall art, or a beautiful email. You are good to go with it as long as you fill it with love!


Next is Alegreya by Juan Pablo del Peral; this font was mainly designed for literary purposes and adds freshness to pages and designs when used. It’s inspired by calligraphy as well and has a pretty design that can make anyone happy on Valentine’s Day. It’s better to use this font, especially for people who enjoy reading or writing, so some beautiful pieces like a customized diary or book cover can be good design ideas.

Hello January

January is when everyone starts preparing for Valentine’s Day, so how can we forget Hello January by andikastudio. It’s a sweet and simple typeface ready to help you out with many beautiful designs you may create on your special day. It’s simple yet unique, so use it however you want, as it can be used for both headlines and subtitles! Feel free to design some matching mugs, wall art, hoodies, or just some simple letters with it.

The Seasons

In a list related to Canva Valentine fonts, how can we forget The Seasons by MyCreativeland. This beautiful typeface is filled with elegance and sophistication, which makes it a decent choice for every type of design. Using this font is an even better choice if your partner isn’t a fan of fancy designs and prefers something simple but elegant. So feel free to design some lovely letters or just some simple social media posts to celebrate your love!


Moon Time by Supfonts is filled with whimsical and romantic energy, allowing it to create some of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts you can ever get! Not to mention, it’s cursive and aesthetic, which is something popular in this modern era, so it doesn’t matter whether the design is for your brand or your partner; you will surely receive love in return! Outside of Valentine’s Day projects, Moon Time works well for feminine brands, so maybe you should give it a try there too!

Dancing Script

Did you like the previous cursive and flowing fonts on this list? If so, then it’s time you take a look at Dancing by Impallari Type as well. This beautiful font looks like it has come straight out of a romance book, ready to help you write your own. Using it too much can make your design look complicated, so why not use it for display purposes?

Despite a complicated design, it has an amazingly readable look. Use it for website elements or banners, and you will see the results eventually!

Feeling Passionate

Just like this font’s name suggests, make sure to stay passionate on Valentine’s Day if you want to be with the person you love. Feeling Passionate is designed by Din Studio and looks like a marker font with a beautiful cursive style, which makes it pretty eye-catching. Anyone witnessing such designs will be filled with feelings of warmth and love just by seeing this typeface, so what are you waiting for? Create a couple of t-shirts, or change your brand’s logo a little bit.


Last but not least, we have Perandory, a classic retro font. Of course, it’s not only young couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day, as many old couples still celebrate this day to express their love, and if they want to enjoy it like their old days, then picking Perandory can be an amazing idea. Furthermore, don’t feel sad if you are a modern person but prefer vintage designs; you can still have fun with them and celebrate Valentine’s Day to the fullest!


Whether you are a normal person celebrating Valentine’s Day or a brand looking forward to joining the trend, every best Valentine’s Day font on Canva is ready to work with you! Make sure you pick your favorite ones from the list, create some amazing gifts from them, and enjoy this Valentine’s Day like you never did before!