If a chocolate brand wants to become successful, they need to make sure they have an attractive and tasty logo! Why? Because no one is going to become your customer if you introduce your brand with a logo that looks completely unrelated to chocolate. That’s why many popular chocolate brands like KitKat and Cadbury have designed their logos in such amazing styles. You can look at them for the first time and easily tell that those brands sell some tasty chocolates.

And that’s the reason today’s topic is famous chocolate brand logos! We know these brands from our childhood, but we don’t know what their logos mean! These brands have many hidden secrets behind their designs, about which the majority of people still don’t know. Therefore, if you want to know everything about them, keep reading this article till the end!

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9 Popular Chocolate Logos You Should Know About 

There are many famous chocolate brands around the world, but they are not as famous as the companies listed below! So keep reading to learn more about them.

1. Snickers

Snickers is probably the most popular chocolate worldwide; it’s like a small snack that keeps hunger away, which is why it’s called Snickers. However, it was originally named Snickers because the owner of the company had a favorite horse named Snickers and he wanted to pay tribute to it; that’s why he named his brand like this.

The Snickers logo is quite simple compared to many popular chocolate brands, as it has blue uppercase letters surrounded by a red border. This red border used to be brown to indicate chocolatey brands, but it was later changed to red because it became popular.

2. Cadbury

Unlike other chocolate brands, Cadbury didn’t make their logo tasty to become popular since, when they designed their main logo, they were already famous. which is why their logo is just a signature of William Cadbury; they wanted to pay tribute to their family, so instead of professional design, they used a signature of their family.

Over the years, they kept improving this signature to remain in trend, and today they use the modern version of this design, which looks really attractive with the gold color.

3. M&M’s

M&M’s is another popular chocolate brand no one can forget about because of its delicious candies. They are named M&M’s because their owners, Forrest Mars Sr., and William Murrie, wanted to represent their last names in the brand’s logo.

Furthermore, their logo has always remained almost the same because of how perfect it was from the start. It’s always brown and has “M&M’s” written in small letters because it makes the logo look cute. The brown color represents the company’s chocolatey products and work.

4. Kit Kat

If you haven’t tried Kit Kat yet, you should, since it’s one of those chocolates that have made our childhood more exciting and enjoyable. 

This design is red because it’s an attractive color. They could have used brown to represent their candy work, but it wouldn’t look great, so they chose red instead.

5. Lindt

When it comes to Lindt, many people wonder why there’s a dragon. What is a dragon doing on a chocolate brand’s logo? Well, it’s present there because that dragon is the mascot of Lindt and it also represents control over everything. Lindt’s chocolates are so good, that sometimes people may lose control over themselves, and in such cases, the dragon will keep control of everything!

Lastly, their logo is quite stylish and colored in gold because they are a modern brand, so having stylish emblems allows them to stand out.

6. Hershey’s

Hershey’s has produced many popular products like Kit Kat, and even today they are one of the most popular food brands, yet their logo is often ignored. That’s why let’s take a look at it too! Throughout their history, Hershey’s has changed their logo so many times, but every logo has in common dark brown color, which represents their products made with cocoa.

Their current logo is bold brown text with a small cocoa bean on the right side, which also represents their cocoa products.

7. Mars

One thing everyone can agree on is that Mars has the best chocolates! But another great thing about them is their flawless logo, which can attract anyone with ease! It has the brand’s name written in the middle, colored in red to attract customers, and outlined in bold for an iconic color. Then it has a black background, which represents space since the company’s name is based on the planet Mars.

This logo has a cosmic theme, which makes it way too unique from its competitors, so it easily stands out.

8. Galaxy 

Your childhood is incomplete if you have never tasted Galaxy, as it’s a delicious chocolate that can make anyone happy instantly. It’s so tasty that even its logo looks super delicious; when you take a look at it, you can see the brand’s name is written with chocolate syrup, which can easily tell anyone this brand sells some chocolates ready to be eaten.

Cursive fonts are often used by Galaxy to look even more modern. Currently, they have removed the shine from their logo, but it still looks beautiful.

9. Godiva

Surprisingly, throughout their journey, Godiva has only changed their logo once, but still, it’s a beautiful design that easily stands out. This logo has Lady Godiva riding a horse, which represents the brand’s elegance and beautiful nature. Both logos had the same design but were designed by different artists, so their styles are different.

And just like other chocolate brands, Godiva has used brown as the brand’s and design’s color, so that they can represent their tasty work with ease!


It doesn’t matter whether you like chocolates or not; you can’t ignore the fact chocolate brands have the best logos in the world. With their delicious design and unique stories, they have crafted some logos that never fail to stand out and keep attracting hardcore chocolate fans. which is the reason even today people are in love with these tasty bars!

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