Did you know that Europe is the home of many popular automobile companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and AUDI? Well, it’s because Europe is rich in modern automobile technology, which makes their cars better than every other car brand in the world. It doesn’t matter what automobile brand appears on the market; as long as European cars are alive, no one can compete with them because of better technology.

Apart from their cutting-edge technology, these European automobiles also have one more thing in common: stunning logos! When it comes to emblems, automobile brands make sure they design a logo that speaks for their brand and gives it an identity, which is why today most people know about many famous car-making companies like BMW.

And that’s the reason why in this article we are going to discuss some of the most famous European car logos. so that you get to know about their history, meaning, and design very well. So keep reading till the end and don’t miss anything important!

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12 Popular European Car Emblems Ever 

Every European car has an amazing logo design and a story behind it; let’s take a look at them and see why and how they are created!

1. BMW

BMW, founded in 1916, is a popular automobile brand that has always used the same logo throughout its history. But they make sure to add minor changes to look more modern and fit with the trend. At the start, many people were confused by the circular blue and red logo of BMW. They thought it looked like this because BMW was paying tribute to its aircraft engineering history. 

However, it wasn’t the truth at all, since the BMW logo is completely dedicated to Bavaria, a state in Germany.

The blue and white colors in the BMW colors represent the colors of Bavaria, and the circular shape represents a wheel because they are an automobile company.


The world-famous four-ring logo of AUDI was invented in 1932 when four successful automobile companies merged together to create the Auto Union. These four companies were Audi, Horch, Wanderer, and DKW.

Surprisingly, this logo gave an amazing boost to Audi’s career and made it more popular than ever. Even today, Audi uses the same logo since it’s the only design that can represent them well. However, they always try to improve it while they can, with modern and shining styles.

3. Ferrari

At first, Ferrari created cars only for racing, but later they started making cars for road use as well, which was one of the best decisions they ever made. However, there’s one more thing that Ferrari never regretted, which is its iconic logo. 

It includes a pacing horse, which represents their fast and speedy cars and reliability. while the shield stands for their strong personalities, and lastly “SF,” which brings questions to everyone’s mind.

This SF is an abbreviation of “Scuderia Ferrari,” which is the name of a stable where racing horses were kept. It was the favorite place of the Ferrari owner, and that’s why he wanted to give it a good tribute in the design.

4. Mercedes-Benz

The three-pointed star logo of Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular logos in history. Almost every person knows about it because of its amazing look, and an interesting fact about this design is that its history isn’t so complicated.

This logo has three points because it represents air, water, and land. The three places where Mercedes engines work really well Daimler is the previous name of Mercedes-Benz, and they went with this logo because it’s the only design that represents them well.

5. Jaguar

Jaguar is one of the most popular European car brands, with a really straightforward yet effective design that has kept them out of the crowd. The famous Jaguar design they have in their logo represents speed, elegance, grace, performance, and power, just like a real Jaguar.

While the metal color on this logo represents sturdiness, confidence, and a strong personality, It may be one of the most simple logos ever, but it still manages to make the brand popular since it easily defines Jaguar’s purpose and personality at once.

6. Mini

Although it is not as popular as other companies like Audi and BMW, Mini is still a famous car company that has made a lot of progress over the years and turned out to be an excellent brand. Their logo is also really iconic; it has a circle in the middle and angels on both sides of it. 

This design represents freedom and speed, which are the two most important things in this modern world. You can’t do anything without them, and Mini wanted to say this with their logo!

7. Rolls-Royce 

Rolls-Royce is known as one of the most luxurious European car brands in the world. It was founded in 1904, and since then they have invented many amazing cars that run on the roads even today.

The company’s name was made after Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, who combined their last names and created a single name, which was Rolls-Royce. Which is the reason their logo contains two R next to each other. This “RR” is used to represent the friendship between the two owners of the company.

8. Lamborghini

In a list of European cars, it’s impossible to not add Lamborghini, which is also a famous car brand around the world. Its logo has a Taurus or a ball, which represents the obsession of Lamborghini’s creator with bullfighting. 

This bull also represents the sturdy and strong personality of the brand. while the black and gold color stands for rich tradition and elegance.

9. Porsche

An interesting fact about the Porsche logo is that it looks a lot like Ferrari’s horse logo but is fully dedicated to its birthplace, just like BMW. Porsche’s creator wanted to represent his home town Stuttgart with his brand logo, just like BMW, which is why today’s logo looks like that.

While the shield represents Brand’s confidence, there’s a black horse because it’s used to represent the power and the seal of Stuttgart. 

10. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the greatest car companies ever, and a great thing about them is that they never needed to use a highly attractive logo to stand out. Their logo is really simple; it just includes a “VW,” which is an abbreviation of their name. 

The blue color represents class and excellence, while the white color stands for charm and purity.

It’s just a simple logo, but it easily stands for the brand, which perfectly proves how a logo doesn’t need to be attractive to represent something.

11. Volvo

Volvo is one logo with multiple meanings; firstly, it represents the symbol of iron from alchemy. because many cars are made with metals like iron. Secondly, the Volvo logo represents a brand symbol, and they chose to go with it because it stands for safety, responsibility, and strength.

Everyone knows Volvo makes the safest cars, which is why going with this design was the best choice for them!

12. Bentley 

Bentley’s logo is sort of like Mini’s, with a large B in the middle and two angel wings on both sides. The B is designed there to pay homage to the company’s owner, while the wings are present for speed and power, as every car should. These wings also represent Bentley’s owner’s passion for work and how he continuously works for his brand.


Because of their amazing technology, Europe surely has some of the most iconic car brands ever, and something that makes them even more excellent is their logos. 

They always have unique designs, beautiful colors, and a story about why they were designed that way. This is why even today their cars are running everywhere.

Which logo and car brand were your favorites? And what do you think about them after knowing their story?

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