Since 2016, K-pop has been increasingly gaining popularity all over the world, thanks to BTS. Their introduction of Korean songs in the West helped K-pop become really popular worldwide in just a short amount of time. Today, K-pop is one of the most popular music genres and never fails to appear in the top music charts. Whether you listen to them or not, you will always notice their craze among fans due to the incredible music they create.

However, it’s not only the songs that made K-pop popular, since their logos have contributed to its success as well. Their unique and aesthetic designs easily express the artist or group’s character and identity, while charming and dazzling color schemes attract people’s attention with ease. which is why K-pop has gained this much popularity, and it doesn’t seem like this growth will stop soon.

So, if you want to know more about them, then keep reading this article. Since today we are going to introduce you to some of the most famous K-pop logos!

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12 Most Popular K-pop Logos With Names

There are many popular K-pop groups and artists with many amazing logos, and in this list, we will include the best ones, so make sure to read this post till the very end!

1.  EXO 

EXO had many unique and appealing logos throughout its career, and a common thing each logo shared was the hexagonal shape. On the left side of this logo, there’s a horizontal line that makes many people wonder what it’s for.

However, if you look closely, you can see the word “EXO” in this design, which is this group’s name. With their creative imagination, they added their name to the logo, which looks really beautiful in this design. Furthermore, if you pay more attention, you will be able to see the same word in every logo, which is a creative way to represent any music group. 

2.  Red Velvet

Their seventh mini album, The ReVe Festival: Day 2, featured this logo.

Red Velvet debuted in 2014, and just like EXO, they changed their logo and symbols multiple times; however, each design was different from the others, which is why fans are always excited about their new albums and comebacks. 

The “red” in their name represents funk, hip-hop, and electronic music, while the “velvet” represents R&B, ballads, and jazz music. Their logos may be different, but the designs and colors are so aesthetic and soothing, which is why standing out from the crowd is just a piece of cake for Red Velvet. 

3.  BTS

BTS is the main reason why K-pop is so popular in the West, so not adding them to this list was just impossible. During their debut, BTS had a logo design of a bulletproof jacket, which would protect them from all the difficulties they would face at the start of their career. 

Once this group became successful and popular, it changed its logo. The new logo had two trapezoids facing each other; this design is used to represent the youth and BTS’s support for them. The trapezoids also look like doors that will lead the youth generation to success. 

4.  Infinite

2011 logo

Maybe you didn’t notice this before, but if you look closely, you can easily see a horizontal eight in each logo of Infinite. The number eight just keeps going and never ends, so representing a group’s name with it is a good and creative idea, which is why they have designed all their logos like this. 

Furthermore, an interesting fact about Infinite’s logo is that they use the same eight designs for every comeback and album with a new style because this is the only logo that can represent them well. 

5.  Seventeen

Although really small, even today, Seventeen’s logo is considered the prettiest K-pop logo ever because of its charming and lovely design. It’s so cute and appealing that it never fails to steal people’s attention. 

This design includes a pinkish-blue diamond sliced into three different pieces, and if you pay some attention to the first and last piece of diamond, then you will notice they look like the number seventeen. What a clever way to represent the group’s name with a beautiful logo! 

6.  Blackpink 

Blackpink is the most popular girl k-pop group that became really famous right after the release of their first album. Today they have many fans, and another reason for their success is their name and logo. 

The black in their name stands for masculinity, while pink stands for femininity. They chose this name because they wanted to tell the world that they are not only feminine but strong and talented as well. 

Blackpink’s logo is a modern design with black and pink colors, which easily gives identity to the group. 

7.  Monsta X

Monsta X is well-known for its iconic songs, and another great thing about them is its amazing logo. It’s a sharp and geometrical design with an X in the middle and two vertical lines on the left and right sides of it. 

If combined with the X, these two lines create “M,” which starts for the “Monsta,” and the X is already visible, which completes the group’s name. The logo is really smooth and stands for the professional side of the group, which is really great for their success. 

8.  SHINee

SHINee is another K-pop group that should not be forgotten in such a list; their amazing songs have easily made them stand out, which is why even today we didn’t stop listening to them. Furthermore, their group’s name is SHINee because they always want to shine out of the crowd and become the best of all. 

When compared to other k-pop groups, SHINee’s logo is way minimal and simple, but still manages to get noticed because of its eye-catching look! 

9.  Treasure

Treasure’s logo is way more straightforward than that of other groups. This group has 12 members, and that’s why they have added 12 stars to their logo because, for the fans and company, those 12 members are their stars. 

This team’s name is Treasure because the members of the group are real treasures to their fans, which is why they decided to go with this name and logo design.

10. Twice

It doesn’t matter what album Twice releases; they always keep the same logo design. However, they make sure to change the colors since every album is like a fresh start. Twice’s logo includes a stylish “T” connected to a “W,” which is an abbreviation of their group’s name. 

If you are wondering why this group’s name is “Twice,” then it’s because these girls touch the audience’s heart twice: once with their beauty and then again with their singing. 

11. iKon

iKon has a simple yet stylish logo in which some letters have missing spaces that make it look futuristic. 

Although this logo is really minimal, it still looks really attractive because of its smooth and sharp look. Then there’s red, to represent their aggressive music and confident style. Lastly, the white outline shows the patience of all the members of the group. 

12. Astro

Let’s not forget Astro before this list ends. Astro has one of the cutest logos in k-pop history since they have a six-pointed star that looks like an “A.” 

This A represents the first letter of their group’s name, and if you are wondering why this group’s name is “Astro,” then it’s because, in Spanish, Astro means a star. All the members of this group are stars, and that’s why they named themselves the Astros! 

How important is branding in the K-pop industry?

In the k-pop industry, branding is one of the most important things when a music company decides to release an artist or a group. The music company spends a lot of effort and money on the training of new artists so that in the future they can become popular. 

Once the artists are released, the company has to make sure they do proper branding, otherwise, the artist and company’s efforts will go to waste. 

Which is the reason K-pop logos are so beautiful and detailed. They never fail to represent the meaning because, for them, branding is crucial. 


K-pop is becoming popular worldwide day by day, thanks to popular groups like BTS, Twice, Blackpink, and Infinite. Just like these groups, their logos are outstanding as well, and with their aesthetic and eye-catching looks, they never fail to make them stand out. which is why today we are able to listen to many beautiful songs by these K-pop stars.

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