Vtubers, also known as “virtual YouTubers,” are content creators who use a digital or animated avatar in their videos and streams rather than showing their true selves. Since the debut of Kizuna Ai in 2016, Vtubers are taking over content creation by storm.

They are just like normal YouTubers who talk about movies, plays games, or review products, but since they use cute and attractive characters instead of their real faces, their content becomes more engaging, which is one reason they have gained so much popularity in the past few years.

However, just like every business and company, there’s one issue that keeps disturbing Vtubers, which is logo design. A logo helps you represent yourself well and let your audience know who you are, and because looks play an important role in a Vtuber’s career, they must have a good logo in order to become successful!

Therefore, are you also looking forward to becoming a Vtuber? If so, then consider reading this article till the end because today we are going to share the best Vtuber fonts for logos. Using these fonts for your logo will help you become popular and successful, so make sure to give them a try!

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What are VTuber Fonts?

Vtuber fonts are typefaces that can help any Vtuber design logos, titles, or text for their streams, videos, and thumbnails. These fonts look really cute and sweet since their purpose is to become the center of attention and grab everyone’s attention. 

Not to mention only display or script fonts can be Vtuber typefaces, because when it comes to attracting an audience, these types of fonts can get the job done easily because of their eye-pleasing looks and amazing readability.

10 Dazzling VTuber Logo Fonts

Below, we have listed some of the best fonts for Vtuber logos. Make sure to check each font’s license before using it, since the logo you design with it will be an important part of your identity.

1. Jumping Unicorn

Previously, we mentioned that Vtuber fonts are always cute, and Jumping Unicorn is here to prove this! Jumping Unicorn is a charming display font by Subectype Studio, often used for headlines and logos thanks to its captivating style and looks.

Furthermore, its design is really friendly and natural, which suits projects like Vtuber’s logo. If you are just starting out as a Vtuber then Jumping Unicorn can be a great choice for your starter logo since its unique design easily gets a lot of attention.

2. Sunny Spells

Debuting as a Vtuber can be hard, especially because you don’t know many things and are afraid of not getting viewers. If that’s the case, then it’s time you start playing with Sunny Spells, a quirky display font that will surely bring you a crowd of viewers. 

Its design is inspired by sweet food that looks pretty engaging, which means designing your headlines and thumbnails with Sunny Spells will greatly help you boost your Vtuber carrier.

3. Sweet & Silly

Like Sunny Spells? If yes, then give a try to Sweet & Silly by Denise Chandler. It’s also a quirky yet adorable display font designed especially for large texts like headlines and logos. 

If you already have a Vtuber logo but want to change it, then Sweet & Silly can help you create some appealing logos to become even more popular. Moreover, Sweet & Silly has modern looks that perfectly fit the current era, so it doesn’t matter whether your audience is an adult or a kid; they will surely enjoy your content.

4. Scholarly Ambition

Are you a Vtuber who covers feminine stuff like beauty products? If yes, then Scholarly Ambition is totally for you! It’s a girly display font designed especially to grab as much attention as possible. 

You may use it for thumbnails or logos; it’s just great for every design that needs some attention. Lastly, the best thing about Scholarly Ambition is that it’s a free font, so try it out right now!

5. Wobbly Bobbly

vtuber logo fonts

As its name suggests, Wobbly Bobbly is yet another delightful typeface on this list to help you design some of the cutest Vtuber logos. It was designed by Carole Chevalier and is a handwritten font with really lovely letters. 

Although it’s used for display purposes, it doesn’t have large characters, but it still works excellently, which is why it’s on this list, so giving it a try wouldn’t be a bad idea.


KAKE & KAKE italic is a unique display font known for its 3D letters. 3D typefaces are new to this world, and they are really unique, so adding them to your design can help you create some iconic projects that will always be remembered. 

Not to mention, since it’s a brand new idea, it’s much more likely to get noticed, which makes KAKE & KAKE italic a good Vtiber logo font.

7. Motley Forces

Here comes a beautiful bold font: Motely Forces! It’s designed by Niskala Huruf and leaves dazzling charm on any project designed by it. The bold letters this font provides easily attract people and turn strangers into viewers, which greatly benefits Vtubers.

Although Motley Forces have a really minimal design, you can still bring traffic to your channel because it doesn’t look boring at all, which is a really important factor for Vtuber font.

8. Pumpkin Story

Pumpkin Story is usually used on Halloween because it’s related to pumpkins and works well as a Halloween font. 

However, since its looks are really adorable and sweet, it can be used for a Vtuber logo as well. Its legibility is just amazing and helps many complicated designs look clear and beautiful.

If Halloween is coming soon, then changing your logo to “Pumpkin Story” will be a great idea as it helps you fit in with the trend and lets others know you are an active Vtuber. That’s why you should give it a try soon since this font is also free to use.

9. Jouzu

vtuber logo fonts

Jouzu is yet another friendly font, and its designer is Galaxybomb. It’s a display font made especially for those Vtubers who want easy-to-read and approachable logos. 

Its friendly look helps you attract more and more people to your videos and streams, and good readability increases your chances of being noticed by an audience. 

Jouzu is just the perfect font for Vtuber logos, so giving it a try is a worthwhile idea. That’s why you should make sure to give it a try now.

10. Alba

As the last font on this list, we have Alba, a rounded display font designed especially to create some remarkable logos. Its rounded shape gives it a good readability that keeps this font noticeable even in crowds. 

This means no matter how many competitors you have, you will always outshine them and become really popular.


Logos are really important for Vtubers because that’s what represents them the most. Above, we have listed the best Vtuber fonts available on the internet, so make sure to give them a try. Do not forget to add personal touches, vibrant colors, and cute effects for even more success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are VTuber logos and why are they important?

A VTuber logo is an icon or symbol used to represent a virtual YouTuber. A VTuber’s logo is crucial for branding and making its audience more recognizable.

What makes a font suitable for a VTuber logo?

It is important to choose fonts for VTuber logos that are unique, legible, and visually appealing. The VTuber can leave a lasting impression with a font that is easy to read and has a distinct personality.