A color palette is very helpful when you use a painting tool. Most applications provide default palettes. Yet, there are some digital art tools like Krita that let users create a custom palette. However, some users face issues while adding a new palette on Krita.

It happens when they don’t know which steps to follow. On the other hand, this issue can occur when the app is not updated. If you are a newbie, I will help you with how to save a color in Krita.

If you love digital painting, you might have heard about Krita. It’s an open-source platform that provides premium features for free. If you learn the basics, you can create magic designs by using this app.

By using custom colors, you can make more advanced designs. The good thing is you can create new colors by using a few options. On the other hand, you can add new colors to an image. To know more, you have to keep reading my guide. Let’s find out.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Save a Color in Krita

It’s not unknown that Krita has some outstanding features. Saving a custom color palette is one of them. However, I have seen many new users find it hard when it comes to saving the color palette. If you face the same issue, I will teach you how to save a color in Krita. Keep reading to understand each step:

Step 1: To start this process, first open the Krita app. Next, open a photo from your device by selecting the ‘Open Files’ option. 

Step 2: After opening the image file, you have to open the color palette from the Krita palette docker. To do this, go to the ‘Settings’ option on the top bar. 

Select and scroll down until you find the ‘Dockers’ option. Now, select ‘Palette’. You will see a color palette box appear on your screen. 

Step 3: If you are ready to create a custom palette, select the ‘Default’ box on the default color palette box. There will be several palette options available. Next, select the ‘+’ sign below to add your new palette.

Step 4: After selecting the option, a small dialog box will be opened. It will ask you to name the new palette. Choose a name as per preference. I made a new one called ‘Custom Palette’. 

Don’t forget to check the ‘Save Palette in the Current Document’ box. Next, click the ‘Save’ button.

Step 5: Now, there are two ways to add custom colors to your palette. First, you can use ‘Advanced Color Selector’ to get new colors. It’s very easy. Select the color and click on the small box in the new palette. 

Step 6: Alternatively, you can add new colors to the picture. To do this, go to the ‘Color Sampler Tool’ on the left sidebar of your screen. After doing this, hover your mouse pointer onto the picture. 

You can also remove a color from the palette. To do this, right-click on the color box and select the ‘Remove swatch or group’ option. It also has an edit option.

Step 7: There are some other options available. If you want to edit the palette, you will find the option below the palette. You can edit the swatch column size and storage location there.

It’s a permanent color palette. You can use this one as long as you want to use the Krita application. You don’t have to create a new palette every time. If you still face issues with the custom color palette, make sure you update the app. 


A good design needs a lot of dedication. And you can’t make a premium design by using limited colors. It’s a good move from Krita as they let you create a custom color palette. Plus, it’s super easy to add your favorite color palette on this app. A Krita custom color palette will also save a lot of time. 


How do you save colors in Krita?

To save colors in Krita, you have to open the palette box from settings. Then, add a new palette and choose colors as per preference from the advanced color selector. You can also add colors from an image by using the color sampler tool option. 

What is Krita palette docker?

Krita palette docker is an option under Settings. By selecting this, you can get access to several colors and layer features. To create a custom palette, you have to select this option. 

How To Open a Color Palette In Krita?

To open the color palette in Krita, first, go to the settings option. You will see the ‘docker’ option there. Then, choose the palette option and it will open the palette box. On the other hand, you have to choose the default box to create your custom color palette.

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