We know Bauhaus is an excellent font. But, if you are just starting out or do not want to spend money on buying it, we got you covered! There are plenty of options available that are completely free.

We have made an excellent guide of fonts similar to the Bauhaus for you. You can choose the one that fits your aesthetic needs perfectly without spending any money.

It is best when you try out different fonts and see how they look in your designs before finalizing anything.

These alternatives are flexible and can be paired with other fonts beautifully. Although their typeface is comparably identical to the Bauhaus, they have some qualities that make them unique.

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What is Bauhaus?

Based on Herbert Bayer’s experimental typeface, this font is a unique mixture of geometric and sans serif letterforms. It is very popularly used since it conveys the message of the design clearly and sophisticatedly.

It is an abstract-styled font that does not reflect any emotion, making it suitable for various projects.

It is mainly used by architects, designers, and artists. Historically, it was made for industrial purposes but then too, it was used for signs, publications, and book covers by the Bauhaus school.

This font is used in bright colors and it has a well-balanced layout.

Bauhaus Similar Fonts

Here is a list of very cool fonts which are similar to the Bauhaus font. You can find these through the links provided down below.

1. Baumans

Widely known as baumans, it is said to be inspired by the original Bauhaus font. From the first look itself, it appears very identical to the original font.

It is based on a geometric typeface and used for legible and clear headlines. Some letters have sharp corners whereas some have curves. This is a fantastic alternative to the original font.

2. Xpressive

This font has 230 characters which are beautifully designed. The letters of this font appear slightly geometric and have intricate curves. The uppercase and lowercase, both seem similar to the Bauhaus font.

If you want to convey a serious message or something that is important, choose this.

3. Electromagnetic Lungs

Free to use, this font is a good substitute for the Bauhaus. It looks very similar to the Bauhaus due to its curves and geometric forms. This font is famously found in posters and graphic-based textographies. It makes the overall design look very neat.

4. Corporea

Just like the Bauhaus, the letters of Corporea font are a blend of geometric cursive elements, but the characters of Corporea are slightly thicker. It has fewer curves in the characters, making them suitable for serious projects.

It makes them very useful for headings and places where reader attention has to be drawn. It features traditional typography.

5. NeoGothis ADF Std Font

This font has a lot more curves than any of these mentioned above. Although it is very similar to the Bauhaus, the letters are more rounded and give a neat finish.

This font is good for artistic needs and can be used for casual as well as serious messages on your designs.

Have You Found a Bauhaus Alternative?

Now that you know about all these fonts that are similar to the Bauhaus font, it is time to go check them out and try them! From Baumans, which is exactly like the original font to NeoGothis ADF std font which seems like a different version of the Bauhaus, we have provided the best alternatives available.

You can choose Corpera which is slightly thicker or the Electromagnetic Lungs which make the entire design look neat and clean.

You should not go on buying fonts if you need them, definitely not when we have some amazing look-alikes available. Start with using some free fonts and see how they look in your projects.

You can put in as many free fonts as you like and compare them to find out the best fit. Preferably, you should try at least three fonts before choosing anyone for your design.

If your project has other fonts, it is better to pair these fonts with them and see which one goes better, all the other elements of your project should blend in with the fonts you use.

We recommend using a good pair of two to three different types of fonts in one design. Going by the same pair in the entire project will make it seem attractive.

The best part is, that these fonts look similar to the Bauhaus and they will not cost you a dime, so you can try and experiment just as much as you like. Hurry up, go check them out!