We all know MrBeast very well; he’s a popular YouTuber who loves making people laugh with his engaging and humorous content. His videos are never disappointing; from editing, effects, and fonts, everything is just perfect. Which makes many of his fans wonder what font Mr. Beast uses.

MrBeast’s fans have always noticed what a beautiful and amazing font he uses in his videos. Whether it’s a subtitle or a thumbnail, every text is so eye-catching that it’s hard to ignore it. These amazing fonts have made MrBeast really successful, and that’s why many people want to know about them so that they can produce engaging content as well.

Are you one of them? If yes, then keep reading this article till the end, since here we will tell you everything you need to know about the MrBeast font. The answer will be surprising, so do not miss anything at all!

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MrBeast Font

MrBeast uses different fonts for his thumbnails and subtitles, which means he uses more than one font. Below, we have mentioned all the fonts used by him, so keep reading!

MrBeast Thumbnail Font

mrbeast font

Wondering what font Mr. Beast uses for his thumbnails? The short answer is Obelix Pro!

Yes, you read that right—the eye-catching font used in those popular videos with millions of views is Obelix Pro, which looks really simple but still manages to attract an audience that doesn’t even know MrBeast. 

Looking forward to learning more about Obelix Pro? No problem here’s some info: Obelix Pro is a fancy, high-quality display font designed by Valentin Antonov. Its boldness gives it amazing readability, which makes it a good choice for branding, packaging, and logo design purposes.

You can even use this font for your thumbnails, just like Mr. Beast. Furthermore, both upper- and lower-case characters are available in Obelix Pro, and lastly, this font is free to use. So do not worry about licensing and start designing beautiful artwork.

Make sure you always make the font outline thicker since the original font’s outline is really thin, which interferes with the readability.

Obelix Pro is a comic-style font designed by Valentin Antonov. It’s a free font that comes with a personal use license. Mr Beast uses this font in his thumbnails and video subtitles.

Add a 2px stroke in either Photoshop or Premiere Pro to achieve the exact effect.

  • File Type: TTF
  • File Size: 22 KB
  • Font Type: Comic
  • Free For Personal Use
  • Designer: Valentin Antonov

MrBeast Subtitles font

mrbeast font

At first, you may think it doesn’t look like the subtitles, but if you look closely, the fonts will look really similar. And just like Obelix Pro, do not forget to increase the volume of outline text; otherwise, your subtitles won’t look good at all.

MrBeast’s subtitle font is Komika Axis.

Furthermore, Komika Axis is a comic-style font designed by Apostrophic Laboratories. It’s a cheerful and minimal font that can easily deliver your message to your audience. Most often, this font is used for kid’s videos, cartoons, or books, but it also works well for other purposes like logo design and branding.

About MrBeast

mrbeast font

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as “Mr. Beast,” is a famous YouTuber, YouTuber, businessman, and millionaire who has been working on his YouTube channel since the age of 13. At first, he used to upload gaming videos, and later he started making videos on how much money YouTubers earn, which led him to huge success. He is also known as the richest YouTuber because of his high net worth. Currently, Donaldson has 117 million subscribers on his channel who enjoy watching his videos every day.

Aside from that, he dropped out of college to pursue his YouTube career as a part-time job. Today, he creates videos on various challenges, which are interesting and fun to watch.

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